Mahi Mahi in Tomato Caribbean Sauce

This is the BistroMD Mahi Mahi in Tomato Caribbean Sauce.

(Click to enlarge.)
I’m pretty sure this is my favorite meal. (And, as I edit this post months after having first tried this dish, I still feel that way. That’s saying something!) I love, love, love it. It was the first meal I tried on BistroMD. And [...]

3rd Day on BistroMD

Definitely loving the food. Lots of it. Really yummy. Very fresh and good. The chicken is sometimes a wee bit “processed/pressed” tasting for me, but the sauces and veggies really do make that texture fall into the background of focus.
Today’s “winner” meal was Blackened Chicken Breast in Champagne Sauce. Yum! I swear, that Three Bean [...]