Haven’t blogged for a while

Thought it was about time I updated my Blog.  Things are still going well.  I’m approaching my first stone lost which is a huge achievement.  I missed my September goal of 10lbs by half a pound!  Gutted!  BUT I’m still 9.5lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of September which is still a huge achievement.  I’ve set myself a target of another 10lbs off by the end of October.  I had thought about lowering the goal to 8lbs but figured I was being defeatist if I did that.  Aim for the moon and if you miss you’ll still land amoung the stars 🙂

So, I’ve got an active weekend ahead of me.  The boys have got their swimming lessons this morning and then I hope to head down to the allotment this afternoon and get some digging in!  I’d like to have my plot completely weed free by the end of today if I can.  Although Richard might be shattered as we’ve managed to obtain 56 paving slabs on freegle which he is going to have to lift and move into the car all by himself because I’ll be taking the boys swimming.  So I don’t know how much he’ll be able to help me at the allotment this afternoon.

I think I need to set myself an exercise goal for October as well, because although I’ve been good with my food I’m not being consistent with my exercise.  I haven’t done any classes in 3 weeks now which is awful, although I have done a lot of work down the allotment so I’ve not exactly been slack either.  So, my exercise goal will be at least 2 trips a week to the gym/exercise classes throughout October. 🙂

Right, better have some breakfast and get going on today 🙂

Busy few days…

…. so with Richard away this past 10days I’ve been super busy.  On top of all my normal things that I do i’ve had Governor training, on-calls, classroom helping and a course at work (on my day off).  But the highlight of my week has been, after 18months on the waiting list I finally got an allotment today 🙂

I picked up the keys this morning and this afternoon Joseph and I went and did a load of weeding while Alexander was at a birthday party.  I hope by tomorrow afternoon to have some spring cabbages planted out and maybe some onions and garlic too.  I’m so excited 🙂

On the weight front – well that’s also going really well too.  I’ve now lost a total of 11lbs since starting and out of my September 10lb challenge I’ve lost 7.5lbs 🙂

Feeling great 🙂

Feeling really low today :-(

Don’t know what is wrong with me today.  I’m feeling really tearful and could do with a really good cry 🙁  I’m missing Richard and work is getting me down too with this stupid project they expect us to do every six months.  Such a pointless exercise.  Especially since I’ll do loads of work on it and it will probably never get looked at again by anyone.  Not to mention that I am expected to do the same sized project as a full time member of staff but with a fraction of the time at work dedicated to putting it together.

On the weight front, that seems to have stalled for the past week although I was down 0.5lbs this morning so maybe it’s going to get going again now.  Although that means I’ve only lost 5lbs from my September challenge leaving me 11days to lose the other 5lbs.

What a whingy post!  Just feeling sorry for myself I guess!

Got everything done this weekend :-)

Well, as the title says I managed to get everything done this weekend that I had to.  Dad LOVED his cake and he was thrilled with his surprise party.  I decided to come off plan for lunch asthe only thing I could have eaten was some salad with no protein as all the protein was in sauces of some kind that weren’t low carb.  But I didn’t go overboard.  In the past I would have piled up my plate and then gone back for seconds but I just had a sensible amount with no return for further helpings.  I did have a slice of banoffee pie too and a slither of cake.  BUT this was just one meal.  I was back on plan in the evening and I have been again today too.  I’m supposed to be out for dinner tomorrow night (providing I don’t feel as bad as I do tonight with this wretched cough!) and I’ve been online, looked at the menu and chosen the salad I’m going to have.

So I went off plan? But in a controlled manner and for one meal only.  I’m not going to let this stop me reaching my next mini goal.  Oh, I reached my 7lbs mini goal by today (8lbs in fact!).  I’m also 4.5lbs in to my 10lb September goal with 18 Days left to get my final 5.5lbs off 🙂

I’m babbling now, so going to sign off 🙂

Feeling rubbish :-(

I’ve had a cough for a bout a week now but it looks like I’m getting a cold on top of it.  I’ve not slept very well the past couple of nights.  Just can’t seem to get comfortable and today I’ve woken up with a blocked nose and sore throat too.  Urgh!  Even so, I’ve been to the supermarket this morning and I’m having my breakfast now (a bit later than planned) and then we’re off to the pool for the boys’ swimming lessons.  Hoping I can pretty much see the England match before we go although I don’t think kick off is until 9.30 so I’ll miss half of the second half.  Come on boys!  You can do it!!! 😀

On the plus side today, i saw another pound off on the scales this morning.  That’s 8lbs off now in total and 4.5lbs since I started the MMD 10days ago 😀

I may well be feeling rubbish but I’ve got a busy day ahead today so that will take my mind off things.  Swimming this morning followed by lunch down the club (probably).  Then back home to cook and decorate my Dad’s birthday cake ready for his surprise party tomorrow.  Also, 1 banoffee pie to make for tomorrow but I may well do that in the morning before taking the boys off to another rugby taster session before heading up to Mum and Dad’s for the party.  I don’t actually have time to be ill!  The biggest thing will be staying on plan when I’d really just like to bow out and curl up on the settee with some comfort food but that’s not going to happen.  So, yes I’m feeling rubbish but I’m not going to let it beat me!!!!!

I did it!

I’ve met my first mini goal!

So, I originally set myself the goal of 7lbs off by the time my eldest went back to school.  Now that was Monday and I didn’t quite hit it.  So I moved the goal post to 7lbs off by my first governor’s meeting this coming Monday, giving myself an extra week to hit the target.  Well, I hit it this morning! 4 days early 🙂

I’m also already starting to notice differences in my body.  My uniform for work today wasn’t tight around my middle.  I’m doing my belt up a notch tighter.  My face is looking slimmer.  And even my Mum (my harshest critic but also my best friend) commented that I was looking slimmer already 🙂

So I’m now in the 2-teens which gives me a perfect new mini goal of getting below 210.  I’m aiming to do that by my friend and diet partner’s birthday on the 19th October which is more or less 6 weeks away. That’s 1.5lbs a week which is very achievable if I stay on track.

I also want to have some kind of exercise goal.  I think I’ll keep this one simple.  No time frames.  Just be consistent with 2-3x exercise each week.  Any more is a bonus.  I’d like to build up to 4-5 per week but 2-3 will work for me for now.

But for now, I’m off to do a happy dance that I’m 7lbs lighter 😀

I’ve had an absolute blast!!!!

Hula hoop aerobics was so much fun!  I was rubbish at it but even so I really enjoyed myself.  I was starting to get the hang of it towards the end of the lesson but I’ve still got a long way to go before I can do any kind of aerobics whilst hula hooping!  The teacher gave us a demo and once we are up and running I think it will be a very difficult but fun class.  I think I’ll feel it around my waist tomorrow.  Can’t wait to do it again next week 🙂

Looking forward to this afternoon!

I’m off to a hula hoop aerobics class 🙂 It’s the first one they are running at my gym and I’ll probably spend the whole class picking the hoop up from the floor but hey, who cares?  As long as I’m having fun 🙂 

I’ve had a really full on morning of meetings at my son’s school as I’m the chair of Governors at his school and I’ve got a load of work to prepare for a meeting at work tomorrow so I’m really looking forward to this class, letting my hair down and having a bit of fun.  One of my very good friends is doing it with me so it should be a real giggle.

I’ll try and post again later to report on how it went 🙂


I’m getting fitter!  II’ve just done an hour of Zumba and normally I start flagging after about 35mins and struggle to complete each song after that point.  Today’s class was extremely fast, more so than normal.  I completed every song and I still had energy left at the end of the class to do more 🙂  Now I know that MM gives you more energy but this was more than that.  My recovery time was faster and my breathing was better.  I FEEL GREAT!!!!!  I can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow night now 🙂

Well, my baby went back to school today…

and I miss him so much!  Being an August birthday he is the second youngest in his whole year.  It’s strange to think he is starting Year one when some of his best friends are only just starting reception because they are 4 weeks younger than him!  Crazy!

Anyway, my goal was to have lost 7lbs by today but somehow I’ve only lost 4lbs in total.  However, since starting the metabolism miracle diet last Tuesday I feel so much better.  I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, I’m not hungry all of the time and I’m still positive.  So do you know what?!  I don’t care that I didn’t hit 7lbs off by today because I feel a darn sight better than I did when I embarked on this which is such a huge NSV!!!!!

I’ll take my proper weekly weigh in tomorrow morning to see how much I’ve lost this week since starting the MM diet last Tuesday.  I’m off to Zumba tonight and if the rain will make up it’s mind and stay away I’m taking the boys off to the park after school today so a lovely active afternoon 🙂

So, back to my goals.  I’ll move the deadline on my 7lbs loss to my first Governors meeting of the year which is next Monday.  Taking my weight today that’s a 3lb loss by next monday which is achievable.

My slightly longer term goal is to lose 10lbs in September.  I’ve lost 0.5lbs since Sept 1st so 9.5lbs to go in the next 25days.  I can do this!!!  As long as I stay on plan and keep exercsing then again, that is achievable!!!

Anyway, off I go now to pick up my gorgeous boy <3