I wont say “failed”. Because it’s not over. I have knocked off somewhere between 40-45 pounds since August. Slow moving yes…but still there. Still accounted for. Yes, I am plateauing and most likely it is due to stress and finances and not having enough room to buy the foods I need. Oh yeah, not working out, too.

Soooo. No streaks, no this no that…eating right-ish? Sure, okay. But after this, it’s something new this time around. I cannot afford Medifast or Optifast and blah blah blah, but I can afford powdered milk. I can afford frozen fruit. I can afford vanilla extract and ice. I can also afford bags of chicken, shrimp, fish, beef,pork and turkey in one way or another. Frozen vegetables? Sure. I can afford to sit my ass down and make something useful. You know, a budget for what little money I make. I hear on these programs you can lose 2-5 pounds a week, and I want that. I need order and restriction and a plan.

Seems the general plan is 4-5 shakes a day or something similar, maybe pudding, Jell-O, soup, whatever and one Lean-Green meal with 4-5 ounces meat and veggies until you drop. Okay, I want THAT. I need to find out how to tailor a diet with recipes that mimic Medi/Optifast completely and go with it. Discipline.  I can afford not to let food rule me, and I am sick of this shit moving so slow. Until I can have this nice and planned, I’m going to keep at 1300-1500 calories a day with one or two liquid meals.

Most of all, I want my stomach to shrink along with my body. When the weight is gone and I am at maintainence? I wont tolerate it coming back. I have lived too long like this and I won’t do it again.

So, yeah. That’s my plan. I like my shakes. I’ll stick with ’em.

Fuck off, fat. We’re breaking up.