Just a quickie

Weight: 160.6

I wasn’t sure if I was going to update today or not, but I figured what the heck, I’ll take a minute. I’ll try to get a better update in later, if I get the chance.

I’m hoping when I check in tomorrow, it’s with a 150-something!!! That may be hoping for too much, but a girl can dream! I’ve already shrunk out of all my cruise clothes. I’ve lost nearly 20 lbs since I got back!!

So my confession for yesterday is that I didn’t eat anything. At all. I didn’t mean to skip, it just happened. I started on a new med Friday and it has killed my appetite. I’m not nauseous, than goodness, but I just don’t fell like eating. And nothing really sounds or tastes that good. So, I’m going to struggle with this for a while. I’m more tired than usual, but not non-functioning. At least, not yet. Unfortunately, one of the less common side effects is a urinary tract infection and as of this morning, I’m pretty sure I’ve got one developing. I’ve had them before so I’m familiar with the less than pleasant symptoms. I’m going to stock up on cranberry juice. However, I have a feeling I’ll probably have to pay a visit to the doc sometime this week. BLEH! Not fun.

I didn’t workout yesterday cause I just wasn’t feelin’ it. And I opted to sleep in this morning too. But I’ll be hitting the elliptical when I get home from work tonite. And definitely first thing tomorrow morning. My oldest is flying to Utah tomorrow for a friend’s graduation. She hasn’t been back since we moved in 2006. It’ll be the first time she’s ever traveled anywhere alone. It’ll be good for her. She needs to get more confidence and independence. This will be a good start.

Well, gotta run. Good news is I ate today. Too many cashews at work. Damn, they’re addictive!

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