Okay the scale is movin and oh yeah Bought a new horse!

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I have not blogged for about a week and lots of things happening.  I finally got my off my behind and decided to get back to eating clean and quit wallowing in my pity.  Well it helped I can really start to see a light in the tunnel.   I went to look at a horse though was not sure if it was the right idea after losing my mare 5 weeks ago,  I fell in love with classy immediately and we really did click.  I think even more than sweetie, don’t get me wrong we had alot of wonderful memories but we had our turmoils too.  Any way I now am down almost 7 lbs.  I put a deposit on classy today and she will be coming home on july 12.  For horse people she is 7 and out of zips chocolate chip and is a dark red sorrel very sweet mare.  She really had me at hello.  As soon as I walked in the barn to see her and our eyes connected there was a glint in her eye.  Yea it probally was  the sun shining in her eyes but I took it as a sign.  Classy did great with the woman showing me, her owner went ahead to california to grad school and the trainer showed me how she worked.  My daughter rode her and she did the same.  I got on her and remember I have not been on a horse in a long time since I had a horse accident 5 years ago and you know at first she was very slow and would look back at me and say “are we okay. I know you are scared but I won’t hurt you”  A cowboy told me once that a good horse can tell the experience and nerves of a rider in less than 30 seconds of just sitting on them.  Once I calmed myself she started trotting and cantering.  She is a big girl(not fat )like me, well for right now I am fat but she is all big bones and muscle at 1200 pounds she easily could take 350lbs if needed but I am so not near that weight.  I got off and we untacked and she kissed my hands and nickered as I petted her.  Oh yeah we connected.  I can’t wait to bring her home.  I am losing weight to ride horses, but think this horse will help me get there.


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