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Weekend yay!

So yesterday was very good- carbs were at LESS than 20% (yay). I didn’t work out but seriously I was all over the mall for three hours then went grocery shopping at two stores, and so on. Then I cleaned the house (a good scrubbing), I definitely burned a lot of calories yesterday! And by the time around 8:30 pm after everything was done I was pooped.

Yesterday I made this for dinner:

I bought these spinach/crab/cheese stuffed salmon filets and fried them up with a tiny bit of olive oil. Then I just made my quick cucumber/tomato/onion salad with sumac and lemon. I had of seconds of the salad ;) Soooo good :)

This morning I got up and put together a package for a phone I’m selling on ebay (my hubby’s old phone). Then I’m off to have some breakfast, go bike riding, come home, shower and go with my sister to see “It’s Complicated” and then probably have some lunch. It’s going to be a sister outing :) I love these times with my baby sister. Yesterday she asked if we could have a party for her graduation. I told her sure whatever she wanted. And she’s so silly lol- she wants a party at home with a pinata! lol. So it’s probably going to be something like this:

She loves princess stuff (still) so I think she’ll get a kick out of it. There is a pinata store nearby who sells ones just like these- and then we’ll fill it with Mexican candy, probably do catering with a small company like El Pollo Loco or somewhere where I can have some control with my diet :)

I’m off to make some breakfast than go bike riding :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy New Year!

Morning everyone! How was your NY? Hubby and I stayed up, watched Dexter, got dinner out (yes I stayed as low carb as possible :p) and then went to bed just after midnight :)

Today I’m off to buy a suit, run errands, clean the house, do laundry, the list goes on and on!

Still south beaching it THOUGH I am still craving some darn chex cereal for breakfast! lol.

I’m going to be making my own blog outside of 3fc this weekend- and will be updating a lot more often this way :)

Here’s today’s breakfast:

I literally have ZERO veggies in the house so I’ve got to get some so I can have a LARGE salad with protein for lunch :) I wanted to make an omelette but oh well :) The eggs were YUMMY anyways :D

I’m back from the store. I got a suit with some nice new shoes for $115. I also bought a new carry on case that was on clearance for $60. The suit is great- fits perfectly- the top is a black blazer, then I’ve just got a white button up shirt underneath and black pants with some new shoes. I actually got the shirt for $6! They were having crazy sales today- if I were thinner I’d have gone nuts- but I didn’t want to buy a lot of large clothes that I may not need.

We went to a little restaurant called “Corner Bakery” which is like Panera, but not as good IMO. I got this salad:

I gave the roll to my sister though cuz I didn’t want it couldn’t have it… Though it looked great and made that perfect bread “crunch” sound when she tore into it *sigh*

Today was interesting. I was talking to my sister and she actually suggested gastric bypass! I was really shocked. I was like um, no, I don’t want to have surgery. I can do this on my own. To which she replied “I know you can.” I don’t think she meant it in any way- I think she was trying to be helpful, but it still hurt a bit just the same. I know my sister- she definitely wasn’t saying it in THAT way.

I still have to clean house and go grocery shopping, but I’m taking a break now- we were at the mall THREE HOURS cuz we also bought other stuff we needed (cleaning supplies, shampoo, etc).

I’ll be back later to update with my dinner :)

Keep on keeping on :)

So yesterday was pretty good- carbs were higher than yesterday (40%) but they were all good carbs, like whole grain bread (1 slice), a bit of leftover brown rice (1 cup), and so on. I just wanted to use the stuff up rather than toss it out (I hate waste). Still haven’t weighed in… I took the challenge at 3fc to weigh in on Friday and update my ticker *yikes* hope I don’t cry when I step on that scale! lol.

And man- yesterday was a tough day to resist temptation- I was CRAVING fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce SOOOO bad- but I was like nope Bee- you CANNOT HAVE THAT. Dinner yesterday was cordon bleu’s (finally lol) that were surprisingly only 11 grams of carbs, then a buttload of iceberg lettuce and balsamic dressing (soo good). Oh I did also have some grilled beans, which added to my carb count- but I only had half a cup, and the rest was put away, hubby had corn and beans with his Cordon Bleu (I know a FUNNY combo but hey when your man “helps” cook you let him!).

I crocheted a LOT last night (felt good I needed to relax) and just watched Dexter with hubby- man that show is great! If you haven’t seen it- it’s about a blood stain pattern forensic scientist who is a serial killer and kills the bad guys who get away and avoid justice. I love it! It’s a showtime series- but the first three seasons are already out on DVD (another reason I LOVE Netflix).

He’s kind of cute isn’t he? ;)

Okay anyways- I’m so happy we have another three day weekend. From all the events the past week I’m EXHAUSTED. Yesterday literally got home, did a 20 minute workout (just a jog on the treadmill), made dinner, ate it, then watched TV and crocheted till 9:30 pm, then went to bed! The worst part is that I could not sleep all night UG. I woke up and tossed and turned the WHOLE time *sigh* I thought working out would help but nope- seemed to keep me up- but I probably just need to continue the workouts to get back into the routine…

Today I have two hard boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch is an open faced Tuna sandwich with mustard, and a spinach salad with balsamic dressing. :) Not much is planned for after work. I’m just going to go home and relax with hubby- make some dinner (not sure what at this point), work out, and watch TV and then just relax.

So since today is the 31st- I’m going to say that THIS YEAR will be the last time my New Year’s Resolution will be to LOSE WEIGHT. I will be at goal darnit. No more darn excuses- no more falling off the bandwagon, etc. I’m turning 27 on January 15th and I don’t want to be fat when I turn 28!

With that resolution I’m going to have specifics, cuz saying “I’m going to lose weight”… yeah… not exactly well though out IMO. So my goals are:
1- eat 20-40% carbs a day (recommend for women with PCOS for weightloss), and the carbs will come from GOOD carbs.
2- workout as often as possible
3- get back to the bike riding on weekends (we’ve missed it)
4- Continue to try not to snack at night
5- work on toning while losing cuz I feel like my arms are HUGE lately :(

That’s it- have a good New Year’s everyone! Good luck with your resolutions!

Thank you

Thank you all for your prayers- my FIL is doing very well. Honestly the nurses, the physical therapist, and the doctor were shocked- they said his recovery was miraculous. By the end of the night he was wanting out of there lol. When we first got to him he was a bit incoherent- was asking random questions (multiple times) and we’d answer everything like what he said wasn’t odd at all. He definitely looked weak but that’s normal. I warned hubby he may not like what he saw but by the end of the day the improvement was so dramatic. You know someone is going to be alright when they want a cheeseburger and a beer for dinner! He was moved from the ICU last night and they told him (though I think the nurses said this to make him happy) that he might be able to leave as soon as Thursday if he kept on this path. We are going today after work to see him.

Eating was CRAP yesterday- I did my best though. Breakfast was an egg and ham and cheese sandwhich with coffee- lunch was a large chicken salad from Rubios- and dinner was broccoli cheddar soup with turkey. I did my best but yeah who knows how much sodium I consumed. But today will be better. When we got home last night from the hospital basically I ate dinner then conked out. I slept 10 hours straight- but I needed it- hospitals are EXHAUSTING IMO.

Breakfast today is a whole wheat bagel with two laughing cow wedges. Snack is a babybel cheese round. Lunch (cuz I didn’t even get to go shopping I was so busy) is a salad minus dressing and two drumsticks from El Pollo Loco, and I’m not sure what dinner is but I remember I have some pre-made cordon bleu’s sitting in the freezer- that with probably some spinach as a side will be dinner. I doubt I’ll have time for exercise today but I will 100% try to get in a half hour on the treadmill. It just depends how long we’ll be at the hospital.

Thanks again everyone- I swear yesterday I was like SERIOUSLY my life is just one drama after another! What’s next? *knocks on wood*


Yeah weighed in today- a pleasant surprise that the scale said 208. But no surprise since I’ve been too nervous/busy to eat! Today is a half day at work- but really I have nothing pressing to do- I’m leaving at 11 am to go to the bank and get some stuff taken care of for my mother :) (shocker). Remember the cookies I took home? I’m proud to say I have only eaten TWO of them- but they were the two that were my FAVORITES so I couldn’t help it lol. One was this tiny cheesecake bites but seriously they are the size of a dollar coin- and then the other is like a chocolate biscotti- I reserved it for my dessert last night :)

Hubby and I spent a nice evening together- we definitely needed it! I apologized to him for being so out of it the past week or so- he said he totally understood and knew that I was doing my best to get this new job (which is true). It’s more than a job- it’s a career- it’s my dream- I’ve always wanted to be a scientist AND a lawyer- and going into forensics as a criminalist is the best of both worlds for me. I get to work in a lab, I get to help solve crimes, and I get to testify in court as an expert witness- I mean HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!? So all those years of of college getting a bachelor’s and master’s in science paid off! (THOUGH I’m still paying off my school debts and according to my schedule will be done in NINE more years *cry*). I promised hubby the next few days I’d stay away from the books and make the days about me, him, and the rest of the family. :)

Just wanted to wish you all a happy holiday- take care, be safe, and don’t go crazy with all that yummy food coming you way! ;)

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