How Exercise Can Make You Happier

Weight loss is definitely one of the most popular motivators for beginning an exercise routine. But what happens when your progress slows? What happens when you reach your “goal weight”? Are there other benefits to exercise other than a more slender physique? Absolutely. Think about your last workout. It may have been hard and difficult […]


2 Recipes for a Healthy Easter Dinner

Easter is near, and that means a rich roasted turkey dinner or a honey-glazed ham (or both) and all the high-fat fixings. Is it possible to have a delicious Easter dinner that’s also healthy? Absolutely! The key is to find recipes that incorporate healthy ingredients and use light preparations. Give my Easter recipes a try […]


The Best Exercises to Shrink Your Stomach

The key to shrinking your stomach is to complement aerobic and anaerobic exercise with a balanced nutritional plan customized to decrease the prominence of fatty tissue in your abdominal region. It’s important to realize that spot reduction is a myth, which means that fat cannot be reduced in one area of the body; rather, you […]


How to Combat Your Food Cravings

Ever wonder why sometimes you just crave certain foods? Why is it that sometimes NOTHING will satiate your hunger except nachos? Or curly fries? Or a cupcake? What is it that allows those foods to wiggle into our minds, monopolize our thoughts and hijack our taste buds? Cravings can be broken down into three main […]


4 Low-Impact Calorie-Blasting Exercise Ideas

In the fitness world, some of the most prescribed ways to lose weight and get healthy are often some of the most intense and high-impact ways to workout. Exercises such as running, jumping/plyo, and heavy lifting are sure to burn calories and fat and help you lose weight, but they can also be hard on […]


How to Fight Weight Gain Caused by Birth Control

It is no secret that certain types of contraceptives have been notorious for contribution to weight gain. Most women have a wide array of choices from pills, injections, IUDs and patches–they may each contribute to weight gain in a variety of ways. All of these forms of birth control work by preventing ovaries from releasing […]