Which Weight Control Product Is Right For Your Needs?

Considering the number of weight control products on the market today, many people wonder what products are suitable for their needs. The number of products promoting weight control range from an herbal weight control product to weight control supplements to specialized weight control diets.

Herbal Weight Control

Using green tea for weight control has proven to be the most popular and most effective way to control weight. Many find it a relaxing and effortless way to control weight. Green tea’s medicinal properties have been know for more than 1,000 years; however, recently it has been becoming popular for increasing metabolism and promoting fat burning as a weight control program. With nearly two-thirds of Americans designated as overweight or obese (and at risk for heart disease or stroke), green tea has been included in various weight control programs or weight loss drinks.

The flavonoids in the green tea extract enhance digestion according to researchers while the antioxidants defend the genetic features of the cells. Green tea also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Weight Control Programs

Some weight control programs include a well-balanced diet incorporated with a change in lifestyle (based upon the theory that it is the wrong choices in foods and activities that produce weight gain).

Weight Watchers products and program is such an example. Not only are individuals educated regarding foods, but they are also introduced to a new lifestyle that incorporates exercise. Emphasis is based upon the quality of foods eaten. Points are given to foods so that an individual can chose the foods, rather than adhere to a rigid “only eat this” diet. This program is suitable for a person who needs some direction and support, but also wants a little more independence in selecting what is right for him or her.

Diet Plans

One of the newer diet plans actually was developed as a diabetic weight control program. The Glucose Revolution diet focuses on eating foods that are ranked low on the Glycemic Index. This index, often shorten to GI, ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on blood glucose levels. Low G.I. foods metabolize slowly allowing the body to absorb the glucose over time while high G.I. foods metabolize rapidly, leaving a feeling of hunger and spiking blood sugar levels. Those carbohydrates that produce small fluctuations in the blood glucose and insulin levels are given a low index of less than 55, foods with an intermediate G.I. are between 55 and 70, and those with a high G.I. are greater than 70. Low G.I. foods also help suppress hunger between meals and manage blood sugar levels.

The diet does not eliminate protein and fat, which metabolize more slowly. Instead the diet addresses the quality, not quantity, of carbohydrates. This difference is how quickly certain foods break down during digestion. Those foods that quickly break down cause blood glucose levels to rise and are assigned a higher glycermic index value, whereas foods with a lower glycermic index value break down more slowly and are not stored in the body as fat.

Weight Control Supplements

There are a number of weight control supplements available. Some suppress hunger, some act as a diuretic (water-loss), and some change metabolism in order to burn more calories. Depending upon an individual’s needs and drive to lose weight, any one of these will work; however, some of these supplements can cause complications, health risks, or interfere with medications.

Some diets do not work because they trigger the body’s survival instinct. When the body senses “starvation” (not ingesting enough calories), it will automatically save energy by reducing the metabolism and burning fewer calories. Before starting any diet or weight control program, the individual should check with their doctor beforehand.


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