Weight Lifting For Women: Fundamentals

Many women shy away from weight lifting for fear of buiking up, but if done properly, strength training can bring the results many are looking for in diet and exercise. Proper weight lifting can tone and strengthen your body, so you’re more comfortable wearing that sleeveless top or bathing suit. But the way women and men should lift weights is fundamentally different.

Women should focus on longer, more numerous sets with lighter weights. And while women definitely need their protein and other forms of energy for working out, they definitely don’t need to cram the red meat and other high-protein foods that men make a central part of their diet as they try to bulk up. See below thr distinctions and directions for successful weight lifting routines for women:

Slower, More Numerous Reps

Look around at the gym, and you’ll often see male body weight lifters pressing and pumping hefty weights in shorter, more intense bursts. Weight lifting for women can be looked at as a direct contract to this strategy. Trainers typically recommend women do three sets of each exercise, with sets ranging from 10-15 repetitions, depending on the muscle group, to really see results.

Within these sets, women should keep their weights between 5 lbs and 10 lbs, to avoid the bulky effects. Rather pumping them up and out as quickly as possible, women should extend the length of time it takes them to do an individual repetition. The slower motion adds a different element of resistant and makes muscles work to sustain the movement.

Turn Attention Toward Legs and Abs

Male weight lifters often focus heavily on upper body exercises, such as bench pressing, but the lower body and core should remain the top focus areas for women weight lifters. Bicep curls and tricep lifts with light weights (see previous section) can help to maintain the toned look and fight flab on the upper body, but women can turn toward their legs, waist and abs for the more intense weight lifting routines.

Women can add heavier weights as they do lunges and squats, as more sculpted calves and thighs can help fight female problem areas while still looking feminine. Women should also look to adding weights to ab exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups, to strengthen their core, which will facilitate other exercises and improve posture.

Consider the Entire Routine

Unlike male body builders, women should focus more on cardio and aerobic activities as the bulk of their workout routine. Weight lifting should be used in sync with running, biking, dancing or other exercise classes. The cardio activities are responsible for blasting the fat, and the strength training can come alongside to tone and fortify muscles to help prevent injuries. Protein is definitely an important part of any diet, but women shouldn’t focus as much on the red meat and iron-heavy foods men use to bulk up, but instead integrate lean meats and healthy fats found in oils, fish and nuts.


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