Using Coconut Oil for Skin

In the Far East, people have been using coconut oil for skin for several centuries because it works as an effective moisturizing agent. Since coconut oil is natural and non-toxic the skin isn’t exposed to harmful chemicals and there is very little chance of any negative side effects. The molecular structure of coconut oil is small and this makes it easily absorbable. It gives the skin a smooth texture and provides relief from dryness and wrinkles.

Composition of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is composed of saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. It also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids like linoleic acid and monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid. Besides this, the oil is known to be rich in iron and vitamins E and K. This oil is beneficial to the health of the entire body and is commonly used in haircare and skincare products. Coconut oil helps to boost the immune system, provides relief from kidney and heart problems and also manages hypertension and diabetes.

Coconut Oil and the Skin

Since coconut oil is a good moisturizer it’s ideal for body massages. Unlike creams that contain refined oils that hasten the aging process of the skin, coconut oil delays wrinkles and prevent the skin from sagging at an early age. It protects the skin from developing age spots and promotes healing. Apart from these benefits, it also protects the skin from damage and makes it look younger and healthier. Coconut oil prevents damage to the skin that’s caused by overexposure to sunlight. It keeps the skin’s connective tissues supple, thus preventing it from ageing. Unlike most skin lotions and moisturizers, the rejuvenating effects of coconut are long lasting.

Coconut Oil and Skin Problems

Besides giving the skin a youthful and healthy appearance, coconut oil treats various skin problems such as psoriasis, fungal infections, eczema and dermatitis. It repairs and heals damaged skin and removes the outer dead layer of skin. It prevents pimples and sunburns as well. A coconut oil bandage is effective on cuts, wounds and burns as it quickens the healing process and prevents scarring.

Using Coconut Oil on your Skin

To get the best results you should apply a generous amount of coconut oil to your face, neck, arms, chest, legs and feet on a daily basis. The small molecules of coconut oil easily penetrate the pores of the skin and work externally and internally to give you beautiful, glowing, acne-free and youthful skin. Since it’s composed of natural ingredients, it can also be safely used on the skin of infants and toddlers.

Coconut oil is the basic ingredient of bodycare products such as anti-aging or anti-drying creams and lotions. It’s also used in the manufacture of healing salves, ointments and commercial soaps. This oil has lasting effects as it has the ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to strengthen underlying tissues. Its antioxidant properties also prevent skin conditions and a few other degenerative diseases.



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