The Best Fit: Flattering Clothes for Pregnant Women

While comfort is a priority during pregnancy, getting clothes that fit well and look nice is also important. With so many maternity clothing lines and maternity clothing stores, it is hard to not look adorable as your stomach grows throughout your pregnancy. Follow these basics for selecting some flattering items that will have you looking great and feeling confident throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Clothes Basics

Generally, most women don’t begin to show their pregnancy until they are at least 3 or 4 months along. Though you may need to loosen your pants or wear something with a little more room, your belly won’t begin to pop out a great deal before then. However, when you pass a certain point, you will need to invest in some nice maternity tops and pants that should last you throughout your pregnancy.

You will want to be sure to buy fabrics that are breathable and stretch well. Tops that are made of fabrics specially designed to absorb moisture are also great for the hot months of summer where you will definitely want to stay cool.

Flattering Pregnancy Styles

Baby doll and wraparound tops are especially flattering as your belly gets bigger. Both are very functional and can grow with you throughout your entire pregnancy. The empire waist of a baby doll top is effective in giving the look of length to your body, effectively slimming the waist and torso area. There are a variety of colors and styles for all seasons of this type of top, and every maternity wardrobe should have at least one or two.

Wrap tops are also very flattering on the figure and a great choice for petite and plus sized women. These are greatly functional tops with adjustable ties that you can loosen as your stomach expands. Like the baby doll tops, these are available in a variety of styles and can be great for work and other occasions. Additionally, a wrap dress is a nice pregnancy wardrobe item to have for a night out on the town.

You will most likely be wearing many long tops while pregnant, making it a great time to stock up on leggings. These comfortable thin and clinging pants are perfect during pregnancy and can look especially good with your growing belly. Pair leggings with long shirts that cover your hips and thighs and feel great all day.

More Pregnancy Fashion Tips

Choosing the right colors can also help to define your look while pregnant. For a slimming look, black is not the only option. Try wearing an outfit of the same one color or a range of tones of the same color to help make you look smaller and more balanced.

In cold weather, be sure to stock up on tunics and other sweaters that are clinging to the body. These types of sweaters will accentuate your curves instead of looser ones, and will look great throughout the length of your pregnancy. For the best look, try ribbed sweaters and other knitwear.

Shop online or at your local maternity store for a few great pieces for your maternity wardrobe, and look great throughout your pregnancy with some flattering clothes that you feel great in.


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