The Best Circuit Training Equipment For Your Routine

Relying only on high-intensity aerobics is not enough if you are doing circuit training. Resistance training needs to be included in this fitness program, so circuit training equipment is necessary. Each weight lifting exercise includes a concentric and an eccentric movement. The particularity of hydraulic circuit training equipment is that the eccentric movement is missing, and thus, the exercises are double-concentric. Instead of working the same muscles throughout the exercises, circuit training focuses on opposing muscle groups. The main advantage of these machines is that a total body workout requires considerably less time.

Circuit Training Biceps/Triceps Machine

In a typical machine that works your biceps or triceps, after reaching the top of the movement, the weight goes down on its own. In contrast, when using circuit training machines, after pushing the weight up in a concentric movement for the biceps, you need to push the weight down in a concentric movement for the triceps.  

Seated Leg Curl Equipment

Cybex seated leg curl machines will help you tone the feet muscles and burn the fat from that area. Unlike typical machines, which require the user to adjust to them, Cybex equipment will adjust itself to the user. The level of force is maintained within optimal levels all over the range of motion. 

Multifunctional Circuit Training Machines

The advantage of using multifunctional fitness machines, such as Cybex VR2, is that you can work many groups of muscles without having to move from one machine to the other. More than that, if you consider buying such a machine for your home equipment, you can save significant amounts of money since only one weight stack is used. 

Rowing Circuit Training Machines

These machines are particularly addressed to athletes, as they focus on strength and conditioning. This is only one of the possible options if you are looking for a training circuit for your sport. The muscles that are directly affected when using a rowing machine are the ones from your:

  • lower and upper back
  • shoulder muscles
  • biceps
  • thigh muscles

Indirectly, the rowing machines will help you to tone the:

  • triceps
  • pectorals 
  • abdominal muscles 

Chest Press Machines

When using a chest press machine, you need to keep the weight under control at all times. Doing so will assure the double-concentric movement of the exercise. If you allow the machine to go back to its initial position after the first concentric movement, the whole purpose of circuit training is cancelled. 


Each circuit training exercise should comprise 12 to 20 reps. Pauses of 2 to 4 minutes are recommended between the circuits. When using multifunctional machines, it is recommended to work the major muscle groups first and the smaller groups afterwards.

If you learn how to properly use the circuit training equipment, you can tone up your muscles and lose fat efficiently and effectively!


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