How to Dress Sexy in Plus Size

There are several techniques to dress sexy if you’re plus size. Dressing sexy is wearing flattering clothes. One of the well-proven techniques of all time–when it comes to dressing sexy—is wearing clothes that effectively highlight the best features and expertly conceal the unsightly parts. For women who are plus size, selection of flattering clothes relies heavily on identifying the body shape.

There are three major plus size shapes–rectangle, hourglass and pear. There are different form-flattering style recommendations for each body shape.

Rectangle Body Shape

Plus size women with a rectangle body shape are characterized by broad shoulders and a thick middle. Since women in this body shape have barely noticeable curves, the sexiest styles for this body shape are clothes that add curves and create an illusion of a small waistline.

A seamed shirt with a few buttons opened at the top is an effective way to conceal the waist and draw attention upwards. A short cropped, fitted blazer without shoulder pads is perfect for accentuating the waist and making the shoulders slimmer. These, partnered with tailored pants, are sure to add subtle sexiness to any plus size woman in this body shape.

For dresses, the best styles for this body shape are those that highlight the waist with a belt. A perfect example is a flowing wrap around dress with a little plunge in the neckline. The style adds subtle shape and curves. For skirts, a flared/mermaid cut is great for adding curves to the lower part.

Hourglass Figure

Dressing sexy for plus size women with an hourglass figure means choosing styles that show off the asset while concealing the extras. Women with an hourglass figure have noticeable curves.

A dark, fitted, figure hugging sweater partnered with a vividly colored jacket creates an illusion of slimness. Tops with subtly plunging necklines are perfect for accentuating cleavage. Long coats are helpful in softening the hips.

The type of material you wear plays an important role too. Choose fabrics that are soft, silky, light and less bulky for a more slimming effect. For hips that need slimming, choosing diagonally or vertically printed skirts is the way to go.


A pear-shaped body is characterized by narrow shoulders and wide hips. The best choices of clothes for this body shape are styles that widen the shoulders and create an illusion of a smaller middle. Usually, separates work best for this body shape.

Tops with wide necklines and jackets with shoulder pads are some of the best ways to widen narrow shoulders and add shape to the upper body. For tops, shirts with diagonal prints are great for creating a smaller waistline. In adding more volume to the bust area, a crisscross neckline can be helpful. Dark tapered pants with small prints are perfect for producing a slimming effect.

Aside from dressing in reference to the body shape, another contributing factor in dressing sexy is having confidence. After all, nothing is sexier than a confident woman.



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