Goji Berries and Other Berries to Add to Your Face Scrub

Creating your own facial scrub using goji berries or other berries is a great way to make your skin much healthier. Adding these berries yourself is much cheaper than buying these scrubs off the shelf. You can also hand pick the freshest and best quality ingredients so that you know your skin is getting all the care it deserves.

Adding these berries to your face scrub mix is also very easy. You don’t need any special equipment as you can make use of many things that you find in your kitchen. A blender or a potato masher will be all you need to create these exquisite face creams. An airtight container is also essential as it will help to keep your facial scrub fresh for longer.


Many of the most popular facial scrub ingredients include exotic sounding berries. While these are fantastic it’s great to know that you can make a useful face scrub from a much easier to find berry. Strawberries are very good to include in facial scrubs.

Strawberries can be mashed up fairly easily or ground up in a blender. They need to be made into a paste which can then be added to the base face scrub mix which you have either purchased or made.

Strawberries have useful properties. The strawberries will clear up excess oil on your skin and also be helpful if you are suffering from acne. Strawberries make your skin look much smoother and younger. They will also help you to reduce the look of under eye circles.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are one of the most popular super berries available at the moment. These contain many vitamins and minerals which can be helpful when they are eaten or applied to the skin. While goji berries sound quite exotic they are actually easy to find. These berries can be purchased from most health food stores.

These berries are normally dried which means they can be added to a facial scrub by popping them in a blender and making them into a powder or adding some water and turning them into a paste. The berries have antioxidant properties which helps your skin to look younger and firmer.

Acai Berries

Acai berries are another popular berry to add to facial scrubs. These berries are packed with nutrients and minerals which nourish and care for the skin. The berries are full of flavanoids which can reduce inflammation, protect collagen and regenerate skin cells.


Cranberries are another fruit which can be added to your face scrub. These should be frozen and then ground into a powder. The cranberry powder has useful antioxidant properties which makes your skin look much more youthful. The powder is also mildly abrasive which will help to remove dead skin cells.

All of these berries can be added to your basic face scrub to make it a bit more special. These will give your face the attention that it deserves without needing to purchase very expensive products.


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