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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 3/18-3/24

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there's two of them today-both very good, I believe


Your level of success and achievement depends on the level of challenge with which you're willing to live. Those who take on the biggest challenges are the ones who attain the biggest achievements.

If the challenges you face seem to be getting more imposing, that probably means you're making real progress. The challenges have grown stronger precisely because your ability to handle them has grown stronger.

The challenges are not there to push you down. In reality, they provide you with a clear and effective way to push forward. A long and rocky road can be challenging, and yet if the road was not there, you would have nothing on which to move forward. In the same way, the challenges you face will lead you to the achievement you desire.

Welcome the challenges, for they are truly what make the achievements possible.

-- Ralph Marston


What have you always dreamed of doing, or becoming, or creating, or achieving? Without question, it is possible for you right now. The things you see as limitations may be very real indeed, yet they do not have to be your limitations. When the desire is strong enough, and the dream is meaningful and genuine enough, there is a way to reach it.

Your limitations may prevent you from achieving someone else's idea of success. Yet they cannot prevent you from achieving that which you most truly and deeply desire.

You could not have the genuine and driving desire without also having the ability to reach it. Whatever it is, it can be done. There is a real and accessible path from where you are right now to where you want to be. Decide to find it, decide to travel it, decide to do whatever it takes, and the journey to the best of your possibilities has already begun.

-- Ralph Marston

Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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Red face Morning!

Hi All! Just checking in. Been busy, busy, busy! I'm glad winter break is over so I can relax. Inlaws go back to Florida on Wednesday for another 4-6 weeks. Then things can really get back to normal.

I've been doing really well eating wise. Went to niece's 1st b-day party yesterday and only had one bite of cake. They had potatoes done 3 different ways, but I just had a big pile of salad and some chicken. Need to get the water intake up this week. I was lacking last week cause of running around--didn't always have time to find a loo! Missed 2 days of exercise too So I'm gonna be glad to get back with that.

I've hardly been able to glance at last week's board.

I hope all those who are not feeling well, get better soon. It's no fun being sick or have family members being sick.

DEBELLI I did read that Lauren got accepted. CONGRATS to her! Hope Eli gets well soon.

MONET I know what you mean about the triscuits. Inlaws brought some of the Deli Rye (we can't get the flavors here) and I ate half a box in one evening!

FROG In case you're lurking: My thoughts are with you at this time.

ROSALIE Hope you had a wonderful vacation! Welcome back!

Well, the munchkin is up already (6:30 am) so I better go! I'll try to check in later in the week and reply to more of you. I AM ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU ALL! Have a great SB week!
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Default Good Morning!

Wow, its Monday! A new week, a clean slate to deal with. You can make of this week what you want. You can't change circumstances, or control them, but you CAN control your reaction to them! Your attitude is yours do with as you choose. I hope everyone here chooses to have the attitude of success this week. Just think of how great you will feel on Sunday as you reflect over the week!

Seems my whole box of triscuits has not done any damage yet- in fact the scale looks down a pound this morning. Could it be I don't eat enough? I started my increased thyroid meds on Saturday, and for the past two nights, I have slept better than I have in months. I feel able to tackle something big. (Deb's posting made me think of challenges...I used to like big ones, but have been playing it safe lately...maybe it is time to take on something cleaning the house! )

Zanne: I love the rye triscuits! Thankfully, I don't eat as many of them at once tho! I really have trouble with the thins...especially the French Onion ones! I suppose it could be worse! They are legal, though not the whole box! They do keep me from being tempted to eat the kids potato chips and other naughty things, so I guess that makes them good to keep around!

DEB: Sorry if I appear dumb here, but is this school Lauren is going to like a magnet school for the arts for high school students? Very cool! My 15 year old would love something like that. Unfortunately, we do not have magnet schools in our county yet. They are talking about it.... My daughter, Laura, would love to be in a drama program. She wants to major in theater and architecture in college, and is already trying to find schools where she can earn a double major. I guess she will do set design if she pursues her present dreams. I know you are proud of your Lauren. Congrats to her!

Hope everyone has a great week!
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Exclamation Boy, I'm Glad that Weekend is Over!

Hubby is still in the hospital but is scheduled to see the urologist today, so hopefully we will have some insight into what is going on or will go on! I didn't enjoy being a single mother since Friday with the three kids. The experience made me appreciate hubby, that is for sure!

The whole weekend was a kind of write off for me, eating wise. I read about some others blowing it and knew I was right there with them! I am a slave to my scheduled and organized life. When things get thrown off, so do I! The curious, but most amazing thing is, I didn't gain anything....I don't know why not, but I won't complain! I weighed in at 165 still and so I am a happy camper about that.

Today I begin to get my exercising back up to par. I think that is what is really needed and all my *thinking about it* won't do a thing...I have to *do* here I go!

I have my 2 other charges today, the 2 year old boy and the 14 day old girl. She is cute as a button and I am enjoying her already.

DEBELLI- I got my Lindt bars from Shoppers Drug Mart and I went back to see if I could get more info but they don't have a box on display there. I am thinking that since Canada hasn't made nutritional information on the packages law like the USA has, I will not find it here. The companies decide if they will put it on or not and I guess Lindt decided not to. Our hope lies in the response of Lindt to you or myself...but I am having faint hopes!

KIMMYTHEKID-I didn't see VT live, it was the new *cartoon* that was just released across Canada this weekend. It is truly a *cartoon* and not *computer animation*. I am not saying don't buy the VT videos, we certainly love them, but I won't run out and buy that one. They were also advertising a full length film that will be in theatres this spring. I am looking forward to that. They also have 2 new collections called *Heros of the Bible, Volumes 1 &2* Those are snippets of various previous releases compiled together, from what I gathered. They look good though.
My kids are 8 girl (turns 8 at end of March), 6 boy, 3 boy. I babysit a 2 year old boy and newborn girl now too. motivation for today was the 21 year old who came over to watch my kids so I could visit hubby in the hospital yesterday afternoon. She said I was looking pretty skinny!!

**cartwheels of joy**

Can't beat a comment like that for will carry me through the week!
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Default Monday


I'm just checking in. I haven't had a chance to keep up with the board; been too busy.

With the exception of yesterday, I have been exercising every day, walking at least 3 miles or even 4.5. My TOM is here, and it is royally annoying ( I snapped at Tom this morning, just because he was there and dared talking to me). I'll be walking again this afternoon with a friend, and this usually puts my life back on track.

I went to a baseball game w/family yesterday (Spring training - Tigers vx. Blue Jays); we had box seats, first row, right next to the dugout! IT was a beautiful day and I drank way too much beer. YEs, you are reading right. I think that is the only thing that may tempt me now. Of course it was light beer, which made me tipsy and ravenous. I ate at least 1/2 cup of peanuts!

Anyway, this morning I weighed .5 lb less. Go figure. I will keep journaling and perhaps there is a rhyme to this.

Happy Monday to everyone! Spring break is here for me!

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Good Monday Morning Everyone!!!

Just got in from doing my 4.5 miles, hot as heck out there already. I managed to get it in in 47:30-trying to keep it under 50 minutes during these hot months. I was running by a Dairy Queen cup that had the remains of some ice cream in it (some people commit such mortal sins as throwing away ice cream????) and it was filled with dead ants. I thought, what a way to go! Then I had a second thought, that that's how I would feel when I would eat the tons of chocolate I would every day (pre SB of course). I would be in a euphoric state, probably like those ants where, at first hit of that ice cream, but after coming down from that "sugar high" I would feel crappy-well, at least I didn't die, like the ants, but when I was nearing to 300lbs years ago, I sure was headed that way!!!! Anyhow, an analogy.

We had some computer trouble yesterday. We didn't know it at the time, but the keyboard died and we couldn't get on the computer, then when I turned it off to re-boot it I was getting some message I never so before-which of course, made me panic, thinking I could love EVERYTHING I have saved. Anyhow, we finally figured it was the keyboard around Midnight-woke up this morning and thankfully, Michael has one in his room he uses for his laptop. Plugged it in and sighed a deep sigh of relief it worked! Different than the one I had, so if you see lots of typos, it's the keyboard, not me

Eli & I went with Lauren up to Broward yesterday for lunch at Ole Ole and then over to the mall, actually, just 2 stores, one being the JCPenney Outlet. Got two pair of pants, a pair of jeans for $4.04 and a pair of olive green pants (sorta like green jeans) for $2.94, I believe. Both were size 14 in the kids dept Lauren wanted to know why I was buying them as she knows more than likely I won't ever wear them. She's right, my kids know me all too well. I may return them, but they were such a great deal, I couldn't pass them up at the time. If I keep them, more than likely, I won't wear them. I wish I could get over this weird idiosyncrasy!!!!

The scale is up for me again today, but I'm not worried TOM is due today, so I know the reason I've gained. At least part of the reason-too many SB LEGAL FOODS this weekend may have helped inch the scale up a bit as well. Def. back to normal and will be on my best behavior now.

I got a slew of books at the library the other day. Not sure when I will have the chance to read them all. Has anyone read any of these:

SWEET SUICIDE by Gene Wright.
An Expose of America's Silent and Best-Hidden Killer

EAT, DRINK AND BE HEALTHY by Walter C. Willett, M.D.
The Harvade Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating

EATING THIN FOR LIFE by Anne M. Fletcher, M.S., R.D.
Food Secrets & Recipes from People Who Have Lost Weight & Kept It Off

WOMEN, WEIGHT, & HORMONES by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.
Are Your Hormones Making You Fat? A Weight Loss Plan For Women Over 35

Got a few more, but these are ones I hadn't remembered ever taking out of the library. I try to read as much as I can to learn more in hopes that I can be more knowledgable about the whole weight loss issues. I am balancing reading EATING THIN FOR LIFE & SWEET SUICIDE right now.

I posted this last week, but just in case you didn't see it, if you have the boards listed as one of your favorite sites, you need to make sure that you use the web link instead of the IP link (which is what I was doing). SUZANNE said we need to do the web link as the IP is going to change, but the web link never does. So, if I've just confused you, not to worry, I don't know what a IP is either, but below is the link you want to chose & use:

THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR LAUREN'S ACCEPTANCE!!! She is still beaming with happiness and can't wait to tell everyone at school. As of now, she only knows one other kid that got in from her school and he had the good luck of having his Mother working at the school, so he knew he would get in (though I don't think it's fair). With only 25 slots available for the Drama Program and 8 public schools that have priority, that's less than 4 kids from 8 different schools-doesn't even take into consideration those kids appying from private schools. The head of that magnet program mentioned there were about 125-135 kids who apply to this one part of the VPA (Visual & Preforming Arts) magnet. So, as you can see, it's hard to get in and we are thrilled she made it with the odds stacked against all the kids.

Oh, I also forgot to mention some other good news!! Eli applied for a new store that's opening and he got the store! He loves the store where he is, has wonderful partners (they don't call them workers or employees, but partners), but always likes a challenge, which this store will be. It's in an old gas station so it's a free standing building and it will have a drive-thru. WOW, I just realized something, if I can't p/u the kids, they can walk to his store!!!! Or he can pick Lauren up and take her to STARBUCKS to do her homework until he can leave to come home. It's literally right down the street, about 1 mile from the school-COOL!!!!

LAST WEEKS POLL I rarely discuss past weeks polls, though I think we should, I just tend to put it off until I forget about it. BUT, for those 2 that are using Crystal Light as your main source of fluid intake, if you are having any trouble with your weight loss, not to mention memory, you may want to cut it out. I use to drink a LOT of Crystal Light and cut drinking that, along with diet soda's almost 2 years ago due to the aspertame.

STICKY THREADS I'd like to implement this when I return from my NC trip next month, but wanted to tell you all that if I sticky the important threads like RECOMMENDED READING, FOOD INFO. BOARD, etc. that there will be about 6-8 boards always at the top, not moving and the weekly board will be lower, but still on the same page. Is this okay for everyone???


MEL, 40 degrees-would you please bring some of that cool air with you when you come?? Just how hot is it, you ask-HOT! Too hot for this time of year. Bring the shorts, the bikini, all your Floridian wear!! Lauren has some friends who have tried out for other magnet programs within the same school, so I hope she'll have a few old friends there. I'm not worried if not, she makes friends very easily. I will e-mail you later-trying to work on writing and returning e-mails-they've piled up beyond belief!!!

TONI, that brisket sounds delish. I love brisket, but usually mine either come out hard as a rock, or falling apart from keeping it in the pressure cooker too long. My Mom makes a wonderful brisket in beer gravy that's delicious. My gosh, you really are far from a large city. I'm surprised you even have a HFS that close to you. You should ask her to see if her supplier can get it for her, she may have not heard about agave but maybe her distributor has and may carry it or can special order it. Is the bread you found EZEKIEL?

KIMMY, I'm 90 on the apple pear. I found another site that seems to be easier to understand:

BOB, your Sweetie is still sick and hacking-he hopefully will go to the Dr. tomorrow on his day off-we'll see, you know how MEN are! Went to the big Publix on the highway yesterday and was surprised to find they have the Snyder Oat Bran Pretzels we have come to love-only they were out of stock, so will pop in there later this week to see if they got them in-I was happy!!! I love them!!! Next time you come my way, remember, those sf baked beans, I really would love to get some if they prove to be SB LEGAL.

ROSE, isn't that a wonderful feeling to have people acknowledge your accomplishments! In this book I'm reading, EATING THIN FOR LIFE, they talk about this and how it deminishes after time, it says, in part:


While you're actively losing weight, it's exciting to see the numbers on the scale drop and to witness other people's reactions as you dwindle away. But with time, the thinner you is no long the "new" you, the compliments taper off and some people in your life don't even know you were once heavy.

When I asked the masters, (she calls people who've kept weight off for a long period of time this), 'How do you stay motivated?" I got similar responses over and over. The masters recall the pain of being heavy and never forget why they lost the weight. Comments about their former lives as heavy people were among the most common responses.

Never forgetting why you lost the weight is not the same as dwelling on past failures. It is recalling the pain of being heavy in an effort to keep yourself from going back to your old food and exercise habits. I strongly suspect that one reason the masters feel compelled to recall the past is so that they don't become complacent. Kay admits, "I'm beating this thing, but I know that if I let my guard down, it could reverse itself."

Thanks for reminding me about the WOW PB. I forgot, which doesn't surprise me in the least. Anyhow, I went to the cupboard right now and found it's not the WOW, but BETTER 'N PEANUT BUTTER. I don't know when I bought this, but it came from Trader Joes and must be really old! I couldn't see myself buying this while on SB due to the ingredients in it. It has malt syrup oat syrup vegetable glycerin, dehydrated cane juice, & tapioca among other ingredients. If one wanted to use this, 1/2 of a serving would be 1TBL and it would be legal under SB RULES. The actual serving size is 2tbl, 100 calories 2.4 grams of fat (which is good compared to PB), 13 carbs (higher than pb) 4 grams of protein and 5 grams of sugar, so only eating 1 tlb would give 2.5 grams. Anyhow, I did taste a tiny bit, not bad. What I may do since I don't want to throw it away, and gosh knows, my kids wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole is take a 1/2 tablespoon and mix it will a 1/2 tablespoon of real PB until I use it up-thank goodness it's a small jar. Anyhow, next time I go to the HFS I will look at the WOW pb-I've seen it before.

FRUIT, glad to hear you are back on track, though sorry to hear you probably had ring-around-the-tushie!!! LOL!!!

MONET, a entire box of Triscuits, not opened? I can't imagine consuming that many-aren't they so dry that after a while you'd get sick of them? I rarely buy them and when I do, I buy the WHOLE FOODS BRAND and then use them for nachos. Hmmm, a possible lunch idea today! Just glad to know the scale is down for you and they didn't bother you immediately-not much probably would, and as long as you've nipped it in the bud, I doubt you'll see much if any reaction to them on the scale. Yes, the school that Lauren is going to is just a magnet school. There are a few other schools in the district that have magnet programs within their ciriculum, as well as other magnet only schools, but this one is the closest to us and had what she wanted. I think there's 6 magnet programs in this school. Michael is in the same school in the IB PROGRAM. It's a beatiful school, only 4 years old, huge campus, and the kids are for the most part all bright and talented, so a better selection than the public school that she would of had to attend if she didn't get in. One thing that's also great about Michael's magnet program, when he gets his IB Diploma he's guaranteed a 4 year scholarship in one of the 5 state universities should he want to attend any of them. I have a pre-paid college program for him that I would happily turn over to Lauren if need be should he use that option or get scholarships out of state. I hope Laura can find a good school so she too can follow her love for Drama-maybe one day they'll both act together Thanks for sharing your Motivational Monday thought!!!

BETH, sorry to hear you're still having eye problems. Would they rather you come to work with pinkeye and give it to everyone so no one will be able to go to work? Geez, if it's something contagious, you'd think they'd be happy you didn't come to work!!!!

ZANNE, deli rye triscuits?? If so, never heard of any flavored triscuits. You and I BOTH need to work on the water-I too have been very lax.

GRACIOUS, please let us know how DH is doing today and what the Urologist said. I'm sure that there has to be some type of nutritional info on the box from the Lindt bars. Hoping someone will call back soon from there-if not, do remind me towards the end of the week and I'll make another call.

VES, WTG on the walking! I can see where you and SOL will leave me in the dust one day soon. Beer, hmmmm I'd try to steer clear of the beer and if you MUST have some, make it one glass and sip it. Gosh, I don't know how people like that stuff-ick! When's the new kiln arriving???

Okay, I've definitely gotten back on track, at least with my posts, now it's time to tackle the e-mails-NOT! Not in the mood right now, going to scout the fridge for something to eat for brunch. Only had some raspberries thus far, so time to see what's to eat.

I'll check in with you all later. Have a wonderful week!!!

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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Good Morning Everyone!

This will be quick as I have some meetings in a little while.

Just wanted to wish everyone a good week. Remember that each day is a new chance to be our best. It doesn't matter what happend over the weekend, or what will happen tomorrow, today is our only concern. I can follow a healthy WOE for today. I can exercise today, I can drink my water today. I'm not going to worry about tomorrow or beat myself up about what I did or didn't do yesterday! Today is where I'm gonna live!

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Thumbs down good morning

it seems like lately i only post on mondays. hope everyone and their families who are not feeling well are on the mend and getting better. knock on wood we have all been pretty healthy this year.
the scale is slowly creeping downwards , i have lost another pound for a total of 29 pounds since my wake-up call in september. it seems like i am losing so slow but at least i am losing.
have a lot of errands this morning, need to return a pair of liz capris that are TOO BIG! i hate to return stuff but when it is too big that is another story. zsu will testify that i never try things on, i guess now that i am losing i need not to be so shy and try them on.
also need to replenish our pantry, my son jeff went back to college sunday and our cupboards are bare, boy can he eat! getting that 5 year full scholarship is like winning the lottery when i account for all the food he can put away! spring practice starts today, love the basketball this week but WE LOVE FOOTBALL the most!
sarah told me to tell her sugarbuster friends hello, vesna we are going to the library when i pick her up from school today to get the book you recommended.

take care all,

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Good Morning Everyone

We arrived back yesterday afternoon from our trip to Florida. The weather was perfect and we all had a great time and it was wonderful meeting all the Florida SBers.

Will come back later and do a longer post but have to get out now to the grocery store as my fridge is empty and I need to stock up on some healthy food again.

Haven't had a chance to read much of the board yet but would like to congratulate LAUREN on being accepted at the drama school and ELI for getting the position at the new store.

I see on skimming the board that quite a few people have been sick or have ill family members. I hope evryone is on the mend and will be feeling better soon.

Will be back later. Have to go and play a couple of games of badminton before shopping. Have to work off some of the pounds I have gained.

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Good afternoon everyone... Hope you all had a great week-end. I got real motivation this morning when I walked 11 min. on my treadmill. Thats so good for me. I'm hopeing to make my goal of 20 min. by April first. If my heart will cooperate with my body. I have to start getting ready for company coming from Colo. next week. My dearest DIL and precious grandsons. Wish my son could come. But Army first... Got my brisket on this morning. I'm trying the oven barbequed brisket today. It takes 5 hours in the oven so it will be ready just in time for dinner. Hope it turns out great....

Rosalie- I hope you had a great time in Florida. I've never been there and would love to go.

BigKnightsMama- good for you gal. 29 lbs is wonderful. You should be so proud. I can't even imagine 29 lbs off me.

Fillise-I sure agree with you its what we do today that counts. And its great to know each day we have a clean slate to make our choices in. Either to work with it or not. In fact right now is just perfect.....

Debelli- Thank you for your support! Yes the bread is Ezekeil. But I found I have to keep it in the freezer. I've wasted to much of it not eating it up fast enough. I think I might take a little trip over there and see if the owner of the healt food store might be able to order some.

Vesnoid- Howdy to you.....

Gracious- I hope the urologist can't get your husband all fixed up. Its so hard to see a loved one in pain..... Prayers for you all.

Zanne- Wow you did great at the party. One bite of cake.....!!! Keep up the good work....

Have a great day..... I'm dying to get on the scale but then it starts to rule my life. If I haven't lost it will mess up the week. Right now anyway it does. Going to try and work this week on not eating after 7:30 at night. I've run out of triscuits and dried apricots anyway... LOL....
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Red I-- The company that planned the walking trip in Vt. is called Backroads. They used to be Backroads Bicycle Tours, but now I think they are just backroads because they do other things besides just bikes. You can find them on the web. They organize the trip with the routes, and have naturalists go on some of the hikes to point out flowers, etc. They arrange for the inns, so it is pretty easy to go. Just gotta have the $$$, which we saved up for.

Happy birthday Solshine.
Happy birthday all you other birthday girls.

Our butterfly garden is all planted and Beeeeutiful. Like a cutting garden, but with the flowers selected to attract butterflies. I even hung my hummingbird feeder out there. We still want to add a buddleia tree (butterfly bush) out there, but want to wait until they are blooming so we can pick out one with the color we like. Will add a few more cobblestones and maybe some more herbs when my seedlings come up. But it looks great and is fun to watch the butterflies that are already coming!!

Gotta go. Have a great week all.
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Ok, all you sickies out there, can you catch something over a message board? I feel crummy this afternoon. My throat is scratchy, my head hurts and I want to go home and go to bed. At least I don't have to cook tonight. I made taco soup yesterday, so it's leftover soup tonight. Usually better the second day anyway.

All you guys with sick family members, I hope they're feeling better soon. In the grand scheme of things, my little head cold is nothing compared to what you guys have been going through.

Hey basketball fans! How do our brackets look? All I've got to say is "GO LONGHORNS!" (sorry SOL). Both the men and women's teams made it to the Sweet 16. We went to the women's game last night, very exciting.

Monet: I love your opening paragraph. New week, huh. Works for me.

Ves: I know exactly how you feel about the baseball game. We have Friday home stand season tickets to the minor league affiliate of the Astros, the Round Rock Express. That is the only time I want a beer. Somehow my bottled water just doesn't taste as good. I'm going to have to figure something out, though.
The season starts next month and I've come to far to blow it now.

Deb: Congrats to your daughter. What an achievement.

Gotta run now and actually try and get some work done.
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Well I'm finally back and am way behind on reading the posts from last week. I didn't even take/have the time to lurk. We did have a good spring break tho. But here we are, back at school. It was soooo hard to get up this morning. I will confess that I have not been good lately. In fact, I've been baaaaad. It seems that all motivation and will power went out the window. I have been better today tho, so maybe I will get back on track. Everyone is well at home. Maggie is a little on the snotty side, but we can deal with that. Like I said, we had a great week out of school. The kids stayed Tues thru Thurs at my mom's. Then we went camping with MIL and SIL and had a wonderful time. Dennis and I enjoyed some time together. We went to see We Were Soldiers. OMG, it was good! Anyway, here we are back at school and hopefully I'll get back OP. I'll have to find the wagon first of course.

ldblond: I did notice your post last week. I hope I didn't sound like I don't absolutely love my kids, but sometimes we need a break from each other. Hope that doesn't sound cold hearted. I did miss them while they were gone.

vesna: I really don't mind my kids getting in bed with us. But being in between them and Dennis causes major hot flashes. I made the rounds again last night between Sarah and James. Maggie managed to sleep all night.

trish: Saw your post about the reunion. I know right where you're talking about. Tyler State Park is where we went swimming in the summers growing up. And...I have to side with you on our beloved Horns. My bro is a graduate of UT. My sisters oldest is at A&M. Talk about trouble at family gatherings.

Well, school is out and Sarah has an orthodontist appt this afternoon. Gotta go.
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I just returned from a luncheon where we all dressed up in 50’s outfits and had a little party to celebrate some
birthdays. It was fun to hear again about that decade and how our lives have improved since then. Can you image
no plastic wrap, no dish washer, no microwave, no self defrosting freezer, no hair drier at home! We played 50’s
music and sang to the old songs. Fun!

Deb: I understand what you mean about not being a “new you” anymore where people recognize your efforts. I
guess I don’t expect comments anymore but it was nice to receive them again from people who had not seen me in
so long. Memories returned about how I use to feel at functions when I would tug at my clothes and be
embarrassed about my size. I suppose that’s what the author talked about when she said to remember why you lost
the weight. In my case it started because my cholesterol and triglycerides were so very high and Sugar Busters
came to the rescue.

Thanks for looking for the peanut butter. I have never seen the WOW peanut butter and it may be totally wrong
when I do find it. I did find one peanut butter by Arrowhead Mills which has roasted unblanched Valencia
peanuts. There is no added salt, sugar or preservatives. I bought the crunchy and admit to adding a little salt but it
is rather good. (Fat: 15g, Carb: 6g, Protein: 9g, Sugars: 1g.)

GatorGal: Your butterfly garden sounds lovely.

Hope everyone is having a good day.
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