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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 6/18-6/24

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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We have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week!


We all hope you both have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful week!!!!
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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Another week is upon us-it just amazes me how time is flying these days!

I'm going to go for my usual walk this morning, so I'll make this a quick post

It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY and here's my contribution:


Where do you want to be, and when do you want to get there? Can you answer that question for your own life? Can you answer it in rich and specific detail?

Anything in the world is available to you when you make the decision to achieve it. Do you understand and fully comprehend what a powerful opportunity you have?

You can continue wishing, and hoping, and dreaming, and complaining about how unfair it is that other people get all the breaks. Or you can decide exactly what you wish to achieve and then take the necessary actions which will get you there.

Don't console yourself by thinking you couldn't possibly do it, because you can do it when you put your mind, your heart, your spirit, your time, effort and commitment into it. You can do it. Dream big dreams. Set ambitious goals. Then go out and make them happen, step by step, day by day, moment by moment.

It happens every day and it can happen for you, when you're really willing to make it happen. So don't delay another minute. Get yourself going right now.

-- Ralph Marston

SPARKLE, that's great that you don't have the headaches anymore, I hear it from a lot of people that when they cut out the aspertame, their headaches cut out as well. I bet they must have some interesting fruits in HI. Sounds like your birthday bash went well Thanks for sharing the pics!!! What camera do you use??

CHERI, you are really doing great and it seems all the effort you are putting forth, the walking, the journaling, eating small meals, etc. are paying off. Keep up the great work!!!

Okay, time to get ready and hit the pavement. I'll check in with you all later.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached GOAL 6/10/01
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PAR-TAY IN NANCE-MEISTER AND BOB'S ROOM IN LAS VEGAS!!!! Sounds like it will be the place to be!!! If I can get the $$ and the time off to come I'm certainly going to be there!

Whew! I'm glad to get to work to slow down!!!!!! We hit the ground running Saturday morning and didn't slow down all week-end. Got my flowers in the ground yesterday right before it started raining. They'll be much happier with room to spread their roots. Maybe we'll see more flowers from them, now.

We're going to bed early tonight so we'll be able to stay up past our bedtime at the WWF SMACKDOWN tomorrow night. Vince is giddy like a little boy. It's going to be fun! I'm thinking of going by Dunkin' Donuts tomorrow morning and then getting some helium ballons from Publix and taking a birthday package to the police department so he has some sort of celebration at work for his birthday. He loves getting mail so I'm going to mail him a birthday card today.

I've been faithfully posting to fitday for a week now. I'm getting the hang of it, but still have to tweak my food and proportions. I'll be glad when I get into a routine and get a good grip on this stuff.

Motivational thoughts for Monday:
"You can begin anything at any time. Rather than wait for the first of the month or Monday morning, begin whenever you're ready. Midmorning, late afternoon and right this minute are good times too."

Winners take chances.
Like everyone else,
they fear failing,
but they refuse
to let fear control them.

Winners don't give up.
When life gets rough, they hang in
until the going gets better.

Winners are flexible.
They realize there is more than one way
and are willing to try others.

Winners know they are not perfect.
They respect their weaknesses
while making the most of their strengths.

Winners fall, but they don't stay down.
They stubbornly refuse to let a fall
keep them from climbing.

Winners don't blame
fate for their failures
nor luck for their successes.
Winners accept responsibility
for their lives.

Winners are positive thinkers
who see good in all things.
From the ordinary, they make
the extraordinary.

Winners believe in the path they
have chosen
even when it's hard,
even when others can't see
where they are going.

Winners are patient.
They know a goal is only as worthy
as the effort that's required
to achieve it.

Winners are people like you.
They make this world
a better place to be.

Nancye Sims

DEBBIE - I had to laugh at Lauren's bra size - that's what I was at 12 years old. I went from flat straight to 38C! I thought my dad was never going to let me wear a bathing suit again. I guess a good definition of a goober would be "someone who acts like Goober from Andy Griffith." I totally agree with you on the English topic - move over and let me up on the soap box with you. You freakin' move to America - You freakin' learn to speak English!! Even when people were flocking to America way back when - they spoke their native tongue at home or in their mini-communities, but English everywhere else. That's the way it should be. <climbing off the soap box now> I do want to learn Spanish just so they can't use the I only speak Spanish excuse when I need to know something they don't want to tell me. (Vince runs into that quite a bit at work)

Mangos? We can't have mangos??? Now I'm really confused. I thought mangos were okay?? I've probably had one mango a week since they've been in season. Doesn't the book say they are moderate on the glycemic index? Are moderate - level glycemic foods not okay? Can we have Acorn Squash? What's a good "cut off" point on the glycemic index to not go above?

BOB - So Castaway lived up to the hype? That's good to know. We want to rent that some time. O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? is on our "to rent" list - I've *GOT* to see anything from Mississippi, ya know!?! PAY IT FORWARD sounds like "chick flick" material meaning I would have to watch it sometime when Vince is working, but, like you, I don't always get in to chick flicks and I really have to be in the mood for it. WHAT WOMEN WANT had me holding my sides and laughing out loud. I guess the funny parts outweighed the slow moments for me on that one. ('Course, Mel Gibson ain't hard to look at!) A "feel good" movie filmed in Clermont, Florida across the lake from one of my friends at work is "Walking Across Egypt" - it's a good movie. I recommend for a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon. They had whole salmon on sale for $7 one time at Publix and I bought one and they cut it up into steaks for me. We were in heaven eating salmon every week.

FROG - You had me going there on the 2nd house! Camping out in the yard sounds like my kind of camping. The comforts of home are never too far away! Vince and I pay cash for everything. We got out of debt completely when we got married and cringe at the thought of having to pay interest on anything. As a result we are averaging one major purchase about a year and half. We saved for 2 years for the "perfect" tv cabinet only to have them increase the price by $200 - soooo, we saved some more and they had upped it another $100! By the time we saved the extra $100 (we really wanted this armoire/cabinet!) we were so pissed at Wood You that we went shopping other stores and were never going to go back there again. We did - just for s---s and giggles - and lo, and behold, the price was back down to the original price! This year we bought a dining room table and 4 chairs - so we can actually have company over for a nice dinner. It is fun to work toward something and finally reach that goal.

NANCEMEISTER - maybe all us fitday users should put our journals public and then we'd really be accountable!?! I'm still trying to figure this stuff out, too. I didn't think I was eating so much fat, but putting things into fitday it looks like I've been eating a lot more fat than I thought I was. DEBBIE's post looks like there are pictures of you and Dan the Man out there -- where are they????? Am I going to have to buzz the buzzer?!?!? I had to laugh at your mom's coupons for Dan. If we did that for Vince it would have to start with enduring meeting my Daddy for the first time. If you saw "Meet the Parents" -- it was almost that cold a reception as Daddy stared him down while wearing his mafia-looking black turtleneck. Just making sure he wasn't gonna hurt his little girl.

GATORGAL - Enjoy having the house to yourself this week. That's when I do girlie things like light tons of candles, put on some James Taylor, Carley Simon, Carole King, etc. and take long Calgon baths. (ahhhhh......) Thanks for the countdown to the kickoff! Twill be a fun season for sure! I admire you for learning French. I took it in college, but all I learned was "Je ne comprends pas." (I don't understand) and "Voulez-vous couche avec moi" ("would you go to bed with me", but I didn't learn that in class <grin>). When I worked at Church Street Station I had my spiel down pat in French.

QUILTER - I agree with your observations on the structure. I thought I had been eating right - and SB-wise, I was okay, but the carb/protein/fat ratios were all skewed and the calories have been way to low - Darn! Gonna have to eat more. Congrats on the big loss!!

CHERI - Woo Hoo on that 4 lb. loss! Walking and water definitely makes a difference. I'm trying to make sure I'm up on my water intake and fiber - the exercise I don't have too much trouble with right now.

RHOO - I'm so sorry you lost your post! What a cutie-pie!! She is ADORABLE!! Thank you for posting the picture for all of us!!

SPARKLE - 2 lbs. down - VERY COOL!! AND your party sounds like it was a blast - I'm glad!! Neat that your whole family could be there! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your neice is adorable - and you look great!! Your parents look like a lot of fun. They must be - they raised you, didn't they? You had to get that energy and motivation and great sense of humor from somewhere! **** ON WHEELS AND FROGGIE teaming up together in one place?!?! SCARY!! I can only imagine the pictures that will be posted after that outing! I checked out the forums. He puts quite a bit of work into that - very nice. And quite the plethora of topics on the threads -- I could get lost on there looking at all those topics!

Have a great day, Everybody!!
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Hi Girls!

I'm so happy to be OFF today!!! My Family will be leaving this monrning and I will be gluing myslef to reading self-help books re:weight loss. Thank you everyone one for the yelling, support, empathy, I need it all. I ended up throwing up last night from eating BAD food. Just didn't settle with my tummy, so today I have every intention of being on plan.

I took French in High School, but don't remember a thing! I think it is such a romantic language. My French teacher was so sophisticated, and of course had been France several times. She left quiet the impression on me! I'm such an incureable romantic, but realistically, I wish I would have taken Spanish! Oh well!

I don't know WHAT I was thinking! If I was THINKING I wouldn't have been so evil! No, Dan was not around for the breakfast. He saw me eat the cake, then I felt guilty and put 1/2 of the piece back in the pan. I need to get a grip and get with it! I'm really starting to feel depressed and mentally beating myself up. I don't know if I'm the only one who is honest and fesses up when I blow it, or if everyone else is OP 100%. It seems like when other people go off, it's a small minor infraction to the damage I can do! I went down 1lb. since yesterday, so now I'm at 223, but my low OP was 218, so 5 pounds is my mini goal, and then I think I will like myself again!!

That's great you had such a good loss! Congratulations! You're doing yourself proud and doing us proud!

I have to visit and get into the groove of things. The picture that Debbie is referring to is one I sent to her in the mail!
I don't have a scanner! I will figure out something so you can see my mugshot, but now you are probably curious to see Dan the Man! Debbie keep thinking he looks like someone on tv!
He looks like a cop to me, he's just your average guy, but of course I think he's cute!

Well I'm going to get. I will write more later for sure. Dan will be heading off for his Father's Day Massage at 10:00! and I will have some quiet around here! Thanks again everyone, I know I didn't address everybody, but I really appreciate this group more than anything in the world!
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Default Good Monday Morning!

Hello All!

I'm back in Auburn now, trying to sort through mail and newspapers from being gone for almost two weeks. I'm still wiped out and I'm teaching Bible school all this week! First and second graders are a lot different than college students--let me tell you!

It feels nice to be back in my own home where I can control my food choices so much better. I do OK on the road--but better at home. The only thing is that our VBS is at night so dinner is included. I've seen the menus and they are mostly starches. I think I'm just going to have to carry a salad with me most nights!

I'm going to try to come up with something motivational and get back to you tonight--I'm just not in a very motivational mood right now.

I hope everyone has a great day!

July 10, 2001
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Default Hello?? I'm BACK!!

Oh My Goodness!! I've been gone so long that I didn't recognize the board!! What has happened? I see lots of new stuff here. I feel like I've been gone forever!!

Well we made it back from vacation last Sat night, had to wade in 6" of water in the yard to unload the car & things have been crazy ever since. I found that my computer had a major problem & I could not get online. I tried to fix it & BOY, DID I EVER FIX IT! Things went from bad to worse, so it was a full week before we had time to sit here & reformat the whole thing. I lost 3/4th of my info, but at least we're back online.

Just wanted to say a quick hello & let you all know that I'm back. Will check back a little later. Have to go put up groceries. Hoping to scan a couple of pictures to post tonight.

Oh, BTW, I managed to stay OP while we were gone & maintained my weight. Didn't even gain an ounce. As a matter of fact, I went down to 149 by last WIW, so I was very excited about that. Of course with the stress of this past week-end & getting this puter back up & running, I'm afraid I did not fare as well :blush: Will wait & see what the scale says this WIW.

See ya'll back on the board later
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Why, oh why did I not listen to you all earlier???? Man, this is really sweet! Itís telling us some amazing things. Really clears up a lot of problems for me.

CHERI---I like that idea of many small meals a day. I think thatís what DEB does. Iím glad you found something that works for you. And Iím also glad that you feel okay to get your walking back into your day. Are you still getting up at the awful hour??? Getting any easier????

DEB---I loved your motivation today. That was awesome and I needed to be reminded of it. I hate when other people get stopped so easily in life. But I do it too. If we keep going we get to the glorious end, right?

SOL---You are cracking me up with this WWF thing!!! How much fun you will have there. And be sure to do some people watching and come back with stories for us. I read the book Walking Across Egypt and loved it. Itís by a guy named Clyde Edgerton and heís awesome. And I did not know about it being a movie . . . pretty excited now!!!!!

NANCE---Sorry to hear you had the pukes last night. That really is the pits!!! Hope all is better today. Youíre not being too hard on yourself are you???

FILLISE---Glad to hear you are back at home safe and sound! How was your trip??? Watch out for those 1 & 2 grade VBSers. They can be pretty ruthless. Seriously, hope you make it through the week.

MELF---Welcome back!!!! Glad to know you made it. And relieved to hear that all your things werenít floating when you got back. We missed you, but glad you had a good trip. Congrats about staying on program and about hitting 149. FANTASTIC!

SEF---I got your email. THANKS!!!! We sure have a lot to say to each other, huh? You are cracking me up about the glass of SC in one hand. LOL!!!

For Motivational Monday, I think Iíll quote Oprah from Make the Connection:
True love begins with yourself. You can give and give an dgive to other people. Care for them, nurtur them, support them. But itís the support and care and love that you give yourself that gives you the real strength to care for and love others. This has been a long and difficult lesson for me to learn, but Iím finally getting it. . . . Each day I put for the effort to take care of myself, work out, eat healthy food, deal with my feelings and not bury them in a gian bag of Doritoís, confront people when necessary, tell people the truth, and tell myself the truth. This has changed my life--I have been freed from my own personal prison.

Well, thatís it for now. Take care. Iíll check back later.
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Evening All

Wow, board is sure slow for a Monday - where is everyone

Took the kids to my Mom's apt house that she owns and works at on Mondays so they could go in the pool. I ran to the HFS just to see what they had new, a small one I rarely go to because the prices are so darn high.

Lauren got the call she was waiting for-she's going to camp!!! YEAH!!! Not until the middle of July, and only for 4 weeks, actually, 2 days shy of 4 weeks, but she's going!!!

Made delicious "nachos" for dinner tonight-took 8 WOVEN WHEATS (Whole Foods brand of triscuits) some refried beans, a little chicken, cheese, sour cream and salsa-delicious, not filling enough, but delicious!

SOL, you had me laughing about the doughnuts-not a cake, but doughnuts-what's a cop without one of those in his hand?!? Have a great time tomorrow and tell Vince HB! Thanks for the motivational thoughts. Mangos, well, they are a bit high on the GI and I chose not eat them, but decided to try a small one last week. I don't think I'll eat them again for a while, they are high in carbs and very low in fiber-I'd rather have raspberries instead, 13 grams of fiber in about 6 ounces of those babies! Acorn squash is a winter squash, high on the GI, but so are sweet potatoes, which are okay, in moderation. I would say, if you like it, eat it with a lower GI food and only on occasion. You can eat a high GI food and a low GI food and it will give it a moderate GI effect, so keep that in mind

NANCE, okay, I want to know what Dan did when he saw you eating that cake? I'm going to have to coach THE MAN in the fine art of giving you the look of the devil should you try eating stuff like that again Don't beat yourself up, does no good, that's for sure. No, not everyone is op 100% all of the time, just neurotics like myself! You do your best and if that's your best, then you live with that. You have to want this more than anything, to lose the weight - more than a stupid piece of cake! My thoughts have always been...Hershey's was around before I was born, they will be around long after I'm gone and they aren't going bankrupt without me buying their product! Should I want a piece of Hersheys, it will be there, but it will be AFTER I lose my weight (but honestly, now, I'd tend to say I'd stick with the SB stuff before eating that cheap junk ever again). Some people can easily go off plan for a treat, or a meal, and not suffer at all from it-I am the type that can't stop, so that's why I don't cheat, I know I have no limits and once I start, it's a free for all!!! You'll be fine, just keep focused!!!

FILLISE, WELCOME BACK! Glad to see you back safe and sound!!! How did you fair on the scales?

MELF, WELCOME BACK! Glad to see you have your computer back on line. Happy to hear you were able to stay OP and not gain-a wonderful accomplishment when one is on vacation!!!!

QUILTER, glad to hear fitday is helping! Yes, I too eat small meals, or actually, I think of it more as grazing. If I'm home, I eat whenever I feel hungry-for me, I think this really helps. Thanks for posting those Oprah thoughts

Okay gals, I'm outta here. I'll check in with you all later tonight. Poor Eli had to be at work at 6:30am and won't be home til 12:30am, so I may try to stay up late tonight.

Please remember, TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST and it's also TUESDAY TIPS so if you have any good tips you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them tomorrow!


SB since 3/22/00
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KAREN2000--My DH is staying in the dorm there at the university. He has a single room, that happens to have 2 single beds. If I had stayed with him, I would have had to go up one flight every time I wanted to go to the bathroom. Somehow, I couldn't imagine hangin' out all week in a dorm room. So that is why I stayed home. We thought long and hard, though about coming up, and could have gotten a room at a hotel or motel. But we are saving our dollars for a vacation in the fall, so that is why we decided against it. I know it is wonderful up there now. Robie, my DH, took his golf clubs, and will be on the course any time he has some free time. Probably every afternoon after 5. should be enough light for him to get in 9 holes.

**** On Wheels--Good pix. Those pictures of you look different, somehow. Maybe it is your hair. I remember the one of you when it was brunette.
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I just received my newest challenge!!!

Got an email from someone I went to high school with, and we're having a huge birthday party next summer. For those of you who remember, I went to my 30th reunion last August and won an award for being the least changed!! My remark when accepting the award? " MY HAIR HAS A LITTLE MORE GRAY, BUT I WORKED HARD TO KEEP THE SAME WAIST LINE!!
Ok, here's my mission AND I HAVE ACCEPTED IT (da da dada da da dada) AT LEAST 75LBS

KIM Is Paul's office close enough to walk to the stadium?
I used to love to go to the RED'S games when Pete Rose was playing third base...and NOTTIN TASTES BETTER THAN A RED HOT FROM THE BALLGAME I'm proud of you for not caving!!!
My Niece told me about the Kroger cards..we have the same thing down here at KashnKarry (owned by food lion)
You'll hve to take FROG to Kings Island and put her on one of the roller coasters!

THUNDER....I HEAR THUNDER....pleaserainpleaserainpleaserainpleaserai npleaserain

FILLESE Don't you just love being can run naked through the house or streak through the back yard!
You ready for football?

[/b]SOL[/b] You will love OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU..
You want to stay in the PARTAY ROOM??

OOPS...gotta go....bad lightening...been knocked off three times already...I'll be back to finish..

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Thumbs down Happy Monday from NC

Hey everyone. So nice to have a few posts to read through tonight.

I was a VERY good girl today Dh & I got up at 5:00, had a little coffee and went for a 2-miler. Tomorrow I will rest and run again on Wed. On that note I also called Disney today to find out info on the 2002 Marathon so that I could get more plans for that going. That will help me know better whether or not the Vegas thing is gonna happen.

I tried a vegetarian chili recipe tonight that was in cooking light that is totally SB legal! I will post it this week.

This is something that I have done before and plan to do for the Disney marathon. What is that you are all dying to know? I make a collage to get motivated about an event. I made one for my first (and only 10-K) and the Disney marathon. I cut out pictures and word clips from magazines that inspire me and say what I want to feel or think, to help me get toward that goal. I usually post these over my desk at work where I can read them often. The little mantras run through my head and I can "pull one up" when I need them. That is where the closing I use "unleash your feet" comes from. I also really like the one from the "moving Comfort" workout clothes company "A fit one is a powerful woman." Anyway, these collages are a reflection of me and have assisted me in acheiving my goals. Maybe one of yours isn't a marathon or a fitness goal at all. Maybe it is a beautiful flower garden, a new job, or a healthier lifestyle. If you need a little something to help you stay focused, may I suggest a collage?

DEB - your nachos sounded great! I would like to try them sometime.

QUILTER - I have got to try Fitday. I haven't even visited that site.

I love that term "Goober." It is one of those terms that we were allowed to use that word to refer to people that we thought were geeks or dorks!

Well I guess that wraps it up for me tonight.

Hope all are having a great day.


This is was me this morning!
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Question BOB

Do you have room for one more in that party room?
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Have been very remiss in keepting up. I am going to have to look into the Fit site. We have dried out here, but some of the harder hitpeople are still cleaning up. I feel so sorry for them. FEMA has come in but nothing can replace some things you have lost.

I feel like I am losing but am afraid of the scale. If not pounds at least inches should go. My gdtr is hanging in the background so I suppose I'd better let the poor deprived girl online. But not before I post this!

DEB - You could try the reverse psychology, but kids are pretty hep (an ancient word!) and would probably see thru it. Gdtr was going thru a period of dark colors but she has lightened up quite a bit!

Quilter - Congrats are being down! Judy Dench was in "As Time Goes By" which I loved. They don't carry it here. PBS is running "Are You Being Served" which is really old, back in the 70s, but it is still silly fun. Never saw Yes Minister. There
was one about a female Espiscopal priest, and how the little church she was sent to accepted her and the misadventures that occured in the town with her. Wow! That ol' scale is movin rapidly in the right direction! Lucky you to go to a ball game when mydd lived in Baltimore area we used to go to Veterans's Field. Now they have Camden Yards .what a difference. We would got when the Royals or Yankees were there. Congrats on plannin ahead to be able to handle the food thing.

Nance - I think suspension from the Board comes under cruel and unusual punishment. I think your guilty feelings are punishment enough! About 90' in the shade and humidity on way up. The other day when you opened the day it was like being hit in the face by a very wet hot towel! A little better today. I liked The Patriot too. Mel is good. On talk shows I like his sense of humor, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.

SPARKLE - I asked about headaches. My dil gets severe migraines and I had seen on Sweetalk that someone thought they had less headaches since being on this woe. I just wondered if anyone else had that experience. Thanx for your
input. My family halfway eats what I eat since I do most of the cooking. If I fix them something I can't have I just whip up something somple, like an omelet for me. Maybe dil should eat my way completely. Your BBQ sounded ;ike a great time.

RHOO = A real sweetie!

Take care all!!

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ORANGE---Yes, Paul's office is within walking distance. It's about 10 or 11 blocks, and it was such a beautiful day yesterday. We love to walk around downtown. The old architecture is beautiful and there are some really cool things to see. (Also a lot of people asking for handouts . . . that's the not nice part.) Oh, I LOVED your cartoon!!! Here's the small world thing . . . Randy Glassenberg (sp?) did all kinds of artwork for us when I was working at the publishing company. He's great. Glad to see he's got a website and glad to see you found him!!!! Cool.

Okay I have a question about fitday. I can't find any entry for a plain old grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast. You'd think that would be the ONE chicken item that would be there. I honestly can't remember the last time I ate a chicken back or a chicken foot. So what do you all do about it. What should I enter? I'm stumped on this one. Thanks! Ooops, just thought of another question . . . is there a place to record a daily vitamin?

It's only 8:30 and I've already nodded off once here in front of the computer. I'm afraid I'll start drooling on the keyboard. So I'm going to get the jams on and hit the hay. How's that for excitement. TOM is just around the corner and sometimes it does a number like this on me.

Nitey night, one and ALL!!!!!
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