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Old 03-20-2002, 01:08 AM   #61  
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HiedieHo All!!!!!

I'm baaaack! I didn't go anywhere, just a terribly busy week. I was out every morning and four evenings between, Church, Women's Assn, choir, Habitat and Community Theater. Friday afternoon something was canceled and I shouted hooray!!

I did rest a little Saturday and thought I would rest again Sunday, but instead went to a St. Patrick's Day parade (here they throw, cabbages, carrots, potatoes and onions as well as beads, trinkets and stuffed or blow-up toys. Then we went to a Craft Fair. Came home and fell asleep in chair.

Ran all day yesterday, collapsed today and caught up on some letters. I missed y'all!!! Took forever to read the posts. GD online so missed chat. Will try to answer a few posts I remember.

TONI48 - Everyone else has asked where you live so I will too. Year before last we spent Xmas with DIL's brothers who live in Republic. MO. Not too far from St. Louis. I just remember rolling land and snow/ice. Eggplant, I used to make a simple Eggplant Parm. only since DIL is allergic I now use zucchini. I peeled and sliced eggplant about 1/4" thick, in 9 x 13 pan I put some sauce, then layed eggplant. mozzarella, parmesean, sauce for at least three layers. Cover with foil bake 45 min at 425', remove foil and bake another 15 minutes for color. Really, really good and legal. No frying, no bread crumbs easy. I think on the recipe Board about a year ago I posted it with the zucchini.

SHEANN - Glad Mom (or was it GM?) came through okay. What are they doing for pancreatitus? I have that, and it is painful but have not had a bout since I really got into the SB plan. I think because the pancreas is not struggling making all that insulin!

I don't know who was bragging (God Bless Them, I would too!) about 4's and 6's in jeans, Heck I have a leg that BIG!!!

Someone was talking about cat sizes and it got me thinking about Bear, my marmalade long haired monster. So I picked him up and weighed him.....are you ready? 18#. He is big!!!!!

MONET - Maybe your DD and my GD will work together some time in the future. GD wants to take up film and is looking into schools that have a good film department. She wants to direct and she is into art big time. UNO is supposed to have a good department. Mustn't forget Deb's DD!!!

GRACIOUS - Glad DH is home, will continue to pray everything comes out alright! Pun intended!

DEB - Congrats to Lauren, all these budding artistic children we have here!! Got sample of Chikory sweetner today. I tasted a smidge, do not think it is as sweet as Agave. Will try to make something with it. The sample must be about 4 oz.


JACKK AND JUDY - Welcome, this is the place to be if you are an SBer!!!

I think I've had it for tonight!!!

Take care all,

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"I'm working on it!"
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Default WIW

Just hopping in quickly this morning. The scale is at 165. But something must be shifting or something cause pants I had on a couple of weeks ago that were just comfortable, were falling off my waist yesterday. Maybe I've gained a few pounds of muscle since I've been lifting faithfully. Even tho the clothes are fitting differently, there's still that mental thing with the numbers on the scale.

Went out to dinner with the inlaws last night. I had had steamed veggies and coleslaw with my chicken but was still hungry. While everyone else was getting dessert, I ordered a salad! Didn't even want the sweet stuff and REALLY enjoyed the green stuff.

I'm taking the inlaws to the airport today. They're returning to Florida for a few more weeks till it warms up here! I'm hoping that tomorrow I will get back into some kind of routine We've had a busy spring break.

I'm trying to convert MIL to this WOE. She says she can see great changes in me (They last saw me in November.) I've got her hooked on AGAVE so she's going to be bringing some back for herself!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THUNDERWOMAN AND MONET I hope each of you has a wonderful day today

WELCOME JACK-K WTG on the 50 lbs gone!

WELCOME JUDY Congrats on quitting the smokes!

SEF I made the zucchini dish you described last week and it was WONDERFUL. My 4 yo had seconds and wants me to make it again.

I hope all of you and/or your family members who were not well, are on the mend. It's awful being sick or having a sick loved one.

Gotta Scoot. This was longer than I thought. EVERYONE have a GREAT SB day!

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Default WIW

I must report that I am 166 this morning. Up from my usual 165. However, all the illegal eating I did on the weekend ,while hubby was in the hospital, must have caught up to I deserve it!

I have been getting really marvelous comments from people on my weight/appearance lately so I can't complain. Yesterday I got another one with someone being really expressive at how lowcarb is paying off for me. I quickly explained that I am no longer lowcarbing, but moderate carbing. I explained SB's and the whole idea behind insulin..yadda, yadda, yadda. Gave some sage advice and was on my way!

Another cool thing is I usually never wear short sleeves because I hate my fat arms. I try to get my sleeves to reach my elbows and much prefer 3/4 sleeves. Someone gave me a summer dress this weekend and I tried it on reluctantly after seeing the sleeves. I couldn't believe it!! My arms are looking so much better and I would actually wear that dress! I was pleased because other than the sleeves I really loved it.

JACK-K and JUDY-Welcome to the board. This is a gerat bunch of folks and always have an encouraging word and great advice.

DEBELLI-Sorry but I don't have the calories or sugar grams. I am a moron and only asked for the Carb/Prot/Fat grams. Perhaps if they call you, you will be able to get them and pass them onto me!

Thanks for all the kind words regarding hubby. He is getting new xrays done today to see where this elusive stone is...other than that, he is feeling great now.

That is about it for now
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Default WIW

YIPEE! YAHOO! If I turn three times, move my scale around the bathroom til it eventually faces east, and hold my breath, I see 135 which was my original SB goal weight! I know I've added quite a bit of muscle weight on BFL, so I really lost more fat weight than I originally thought possible. Heck, I wasn't even sure 10 lbs was possible when I started last July! The downside to this is I now know 135 was not the right goal, and if it weren't for all the weight lifting, that 135 would still contain ALOT of fat. So my goal for the next part of this odessy is 17% body fat, which I think is doable, and should get rid of the stomach pooch and inner thigh flab. Now if I could just make the skin dissappear, too!

Anyway, will post a less egocentric reply later, just had to bang my own drum a bit. Off to get ds to school, it's pouring here. Better than snow,

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Child of God
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Default Good Morning!!!:)

Well, I am sad to report that I am at 133. Now the good part is TOM is just now I will not let the numbers upset me one bit! It is part of life for us women....

Chat last night was good. We ended up chatting about everything and nothing. It is really a good way to get more "personal" with the gals around here. I really enjoy it.

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Way to go on reaching your goal!!! to go and build my ARK...Kim (the Quilter) is coming over and bringing here animals to put on there. The rain just won't stop It makes it hard to go out with kids because you end up getting soaked Then you have a cart full of stuff and the rain starts coming down harder.....thank God for plastic bags....the paper would have fallen apart.

It is Survivor night....I will miss the first half, so I must buy a tape and tape it and watch it while I work out this evening. I bet they are gonna do a switch or something like that. My hope is Sarah or Shawn gets the boot. No Hunter Still can't get over that move.

Everyone.....have a great day.

In Him,
Kimmy the pear
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Good Wednesday Morning

Hope you are all enjoying the day. I just finished uploading some old gifs I use to use in my posts so now I can get some pictures back in and liven them up a bit.

Had to really push myself to get out and exercise today-tired, too hot, front of my left leg hurts for some reason-lots of excuses, but I managed to go and do 3.5 miles, took me forever, hardly jogged at all, but I guess the end result of getting out is good.

Tomorrow is my day to volunteer and work the NASDAQ 100 Tennis Tournament-going to be a hard day, it's not only the first day which is going to be busy, but I've had tons of cancellations from parents-such lovely people, I wish I could strangle them! Don't they realize that we have commited ourselves? We have 9 slots to fill each hour and at night, from 3:30pm-9:30pm I had 8 filled, 5 have now cancelled leaving me with just 3 people. The morning, I got another cancellation just now, and have people who say they didn't realize it was an early release day tomorrow and have to leave early. The one fundraiser we do all year and you'd think we could get them to commit to 6 hours of their time when we never ask anything else of them! Can you see the steam???

WIW for me, as I knew, is a bust. I'm up from last week by 4.5lbs, but not stressing out, TOM is due at any time and I know that I just need to "weight it out!!!" Hope you all faired better than I today.

Thanks to those of you who joined me in the chat room last night-always fun to chat in "real time" with you all!

FRUIT, hope you figure out about the bird. If you don't take one, what's the alternative??? How's today's WIW for you??

SHEANN, thanks for the update on your Mom, glad to hear all is doing well for her and there were no complications-I'm sure it's a relief to all.

SEF, glad to see your post. How are you feeling after you fall? You didn't mention, so of course, I had to ask. Def. let me know what you think about the chickory. I saw some in the store but saw it had maltodextrin in it, does yours??

ZANNE, congrats on the pants-for sure you are losing weight and gaining muscle, so pants shall fall!

GRACIOUS, I envy that you can wear the ss shirts. I can't. I have to wear shirts that are right above the elbow or longer, I have a wing span that could help me fly if I try to flap hard enough Will try to get the info on the Lindt, I can't call the Canadian number, so hope to hear soon from the US office.

MEL, I had to laugh about turning the scale to the east, the same way we pray and have the bima situated in the Temple! That's what I thought. CONGRATS!!!! You made it girlfriend!!!!

KIMMY, good news, bad news, just keep on track and soon after TOM is gone, so will the mystery pounds! Hope the rains do stop soon for you all up there!!! Had you ever heard of a store up in Cin called SERENDIPTIY? It's no longer there, but curious to know if you had ever heard of it a few years back.

Okay, I'm starving, time to go eat something. I'll check in later with you all!


SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Good Morning everyone. I'm so excited I lost 3 lbs... Its hard when you first start this because for me I've gotten mixed up on some of the stuff. I'm so used of being on Low Carb. that I get the two confused... Maybe I'll getting OLD TIMERS. I still didn't find an eggplant recipe yet. I looked back in the ones at SB and nothing seemed to hit my spot or either I missed it.

Kimmy-Well when TOM is here theres nothing you can do but ride it out and then next week you know you'll lose...You've got a really good attitude.

Meliris-Yea for you!! And getting your body adjusted just right. Kind of like fine tuneing a car. You get a gold star. Now just don't get dizzy!!

Gracious-My goodness after the stress with your husband you've been through and only up 1 lb. I'm amazed. Now you know you're doing good with those compliments!!!

Zanne-Did you take your measurements when you started? I'll bet you're losing inches! Oh to have a pair of pants baggy!!!

Sef- Oh I'll try the recipe for eggplant tonight it sounds just great... Thank you thank you. I live about 3 1/2 hours from St. Louis or about same from Springfield going towards the bootheel in a little town called Eminence Mo. Population 520. Its kind of a tourist town. People love to float the rivers here (we have two) And theres a big trail (horse ride) about 5 or 6 times a year where people come from all over the US to ride horses. Summer is hopping here and winter is really quiet. I live in the woods by the river. My nearest neighbor is a mile away. We have an acre with a mobile home on it. Its covered in trees and we have wild life all around. Deer, wild turkey, foxes, birds, etc.

Shean-Its me that lives in Eminence Mo. and yes Poplar Bluff is less than an hour away. My dentist is there and my sis and I shop there often. I hope your Mom is doing better. I'm so glad she didn't have cancer...

Hi Fruit- Hope you're doing well

Deb.- I use the orange bag bread. But the slices are thin and I don't think you could cut them in half...

JackK- You're doing soooooo good with your weight, keep up the good work.....

Welcome Judy and quitting smoking is a big deal.....

Happy Birthday Gals

Hope everyone has a great day. Will pop back on later to see how everyones doing. wish I would have come to the chat....

Monet and Thunder Happy Birthday!!!

And hi to everyone that comes after me....


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Happy WIW all: Hope the scales are being good to everyone or at least not too ugly-acting. I was really surprised to see the scale move a pound (the right way). I felt so bloated yesterday with TOM here. I really downed the water so that must have helped some. Guess "they" know what they're talking about when they say drink lots of water. Go figure.

Welcome Jack-K and Judy. Jackie, I just read your bio and cracked up when I read how you came up with your user name. Can I use Jackie if I'm not hollering? This is a great board. I'm still pretty new myself but everyone is so nice and helpful.

BOB: Yes, believe it or not, us Texans do venture out of the state every once and a while, it was Knoxville, Tenn. We had a great time and I would love to do it again. Tennessee really is a beautiful state.

Sheann and Gracious: Glad to hear the positive report on your loved ones.

Gracious: I would love to find 85% chocolate. I've tried the Rapunzel 70% organic chocolate and love it. OK Deb, give me the look, I know the experts say not to have it until you're at or close to maintenance, but when I'm having a craving, one little square is enough to satisfy me. In my opinion, it's better than the sugar free stuff both health wise and taste wise.

Deb: I must admit to being a coffee snob. There, it's out in the open. I have paid that much for coffee, even had friends bringing coffee back for me when they go on vacation. I'm a slave to Starbucks. I guess there are worse things, though.

Zanne: Got a kick out of your ordering salad instead of dessert. I didn't realized we had such sophisticated palates on this board. Isn't that what the French do?

Gotta run now and actually get some work done. Have a great day one and all!

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Thumbs down WIW

OK--still at 239--but it is a hard 239--meaning the scale doesn't bouce around until I stand on it just right to get that reading. So cross your fingers and hold your breath--I'm hoping to see a good drop within the next few days. I can feel a change--my clothes are getting looser and the tape measure is showing some progress. That usually happens faster than a change in ths scales. keep in mind that I'm hoping to move off a plateau that I've been on for a long while--so this is important!

Mel--WooooHooooo! You Goal girl!!!!! Congratulations! 17%--you are my hero!

Jack and Judy--Welcome! You will find a warm, loving and supportive group here. But be warned--we will kick butt if necessary, but we do it out of love and more constructively than sometimes seems to happen on the sweettalk board (which I also read daily, but don't post on anymore).

Monet and Thudner--Happy Birthday!!!!! Best wishes for many many more years of your new healthier lifestyles!

BOB--I'll give that salad a try--it sounds great!

I've gotten back into journaling my intake on Fitday this week and it seems to be helping. before I stopped because I seemed to be thinking about food all the time, but this week I've been planning out a menu in the morning that meets mynutritional guidelines and I'm finding if I do that I really don't have to think about food for the rest of the day. That is a benefit. It also helps because yesterday I ate dinner out instead of at home like I planned, but I knew what nutirtional goals I needed for dinner so I chose soup and salad. when I came home and plugged it into my journal and took out what I had intended to eat--It came up almost exactly the same. So I'm giving fitday another chance!

Got to go--got the take the car into the shop--it was hissing at me yesterday!

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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"

Default WIW

Good morning to everyone! Hope the scales were friendly to everyone. Just a little confused on format here. Do you post your WIW results here on on the weigh-in board? I guess I will do both until told otherwise.

Trish - Yes you can just call me Jackie. When my boss yells it, it is really funny. I know he really doesn't mean it (been together 30 years now).

Zane - Congrats on the pants being too big. Isn't it a great feeling. I have gone down 4 sizes and they are starting to get baggy. Question on your slaw you ate at the restaurant, is it legal, I figured it would have sugar added.

Susan - If I read your stats right, Congrats on losing 61 pounds. I am envious.

Debbie- You have been my inspiration all along, even on the other board.

Gracious - Congrats onthe short sleeve shirts. I tell the girls at work every morning when I dry my hair that my triceps flap. I have been trying to combat that with weight lifting. Hope if will help. Don't tell me it's useless. Hope hubby is doing better. I hear those things are terrible- as bad as childbirth though???

Kimmy - It is still raining in Lou too. We are having a lot of flooding. I hate rain.

Mel - got a big kick out of your scale story. I have a digital one and I get off and on about 5 times just to get the same reading twice. This morning I did it aboutn 20 times, after shower, dressed, etc.

Thanks to everyone for such a nice welcome. I think I will enjoy this board. I needed a change.

Almost forgot, 4 pounds today. It was a surprise. Was legal all week, infact never was hungry at all. Not even meal time. Don't know what was wrong.

Have a great day everyone.
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Hi all. Well, I'm still stuck at 154, which is up 3 from my low. I'm not surprised since I have been alternately hanging from the back of/falling off the wagon. I have absolutely no problem staying away from illegal carbs, but the chocolate still calls to me. And, being a stress eater, I've given in a lot lately since it's been crazy around here. Nothing major. Everyone is well, etc. Just teaching and dealing with three little ones and a hubby without a paycheck is enough stress. Enough whining.


WeLCOME JACK-K and JUDY. You'll love it here.

MEL: WTG on meeting your goal.

SHEANN: Glad to hear your mom got a good report.

I know I've missed many of you, but it's off to lunch. I told the kids I would eat with them in the cafeteria. I told Sarah that eating in there gives me a headache from the noise. She advised me to take a couple of Advil.
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Good Morning Everyone


It's a dull and cloudy morning here and trying to snow - just a little bit of the wet stuff but it is supposed to be the first day of spring.

I just had a call from my dil. She has found some 90% chocolate. She is going to pick me up a bar. I don't know what brand it is. Will find out soon and let you know what it tastes like. The Lindt 85% is pretty strong but palatable. Then I don't eat much of it or too often.

Here's another bird story. A friend of mine had a talking bird, not sure what kind, and one day it got out of the house and was in the back yard yelling Mommy, Mommy, at the top of its voice. Before long lots of neighbours were coming out of their houses to see what was going on. They thought it was a young child yelling for its mommy.

My WIW was good - lost 2 1/2 pounds of the six that I gained last week. Oh if it would continue to come off this quickly, I would be very happy.

Jack-K - Welcome to the board and congrats on the 50 pounds lost. That's a fabulous loss in just 5 months. Congrats on to-days loss too.

Judy in CA - Glad to see you joining us. It looks like you have made a good start on SB. I'm sure that three pounds will drop off again soon, and more. Congrats on quitting smoking.

Sheann - Glad to hear that your Mom's surgery went off o.k.

Sef - Glad to see you are back. Sounds like you are just as busy as ever. The zucchini parmesan sounds interesting. I will have to give it a try soon. When you say 'sauce' I assume you mean tomato sauce. I did a search but couldn't find the recipe you posted.

Zanne - Glad to hear the clothes are getting loser. I know we all get hooked on that metal monster but you know you must be losing inches and I am sure the scale will follow soon. Thanks for your e-mail. Give me a call whenever you have time. There's no hurry. I am working to-day and on the weekend and will be busy on Friday. So sometime next week will be fine with me.

Gracious - I wouldn't worry about that one pound. With all the stress you have had you've done very well to gain only the one. I'm sure it will drop off again soon. Enjoy wearing that new dress.

Mel - Congrats on reaching goal.

Toni48 - Congrats on your loss this week. If you have any questions about this woe just ask, some one is sure to be able to help you.

Trishaloo - Glad to see the scale is moving in the right direction.

Deb - Hope the leg is better soon. You have so much willpower getting out there every day, even when you are not feeling so good.

Fillise - I'm holding my breath for you, hoping you will see a loss soon. I know what it is like being on that plateau, it can be very frustrating. But at least you know the inches are disappearing so a loss on the scale is sure to follow soon.

Have to go and see about lunch and get something ready to take to work for dinner. Had to work yesterday evening and again this evening. Didn't feel like going in. It's always hard to go back after a vacation. Also have to get in half an hour on the exercise bike.

Bye for now.

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Toni: Sef's recipe for eggplant sounds really good and I think I will get some eggplant or zucchini at the grocery store to try today. I have posted two more eggplant recipes on the recipe board for you to try. I have had both many times and they are good also.

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Hey All (not how I really feel)

OYE! I feel and look like dookie! I don't know what's hitting me, but it seems like it's going to be a doozie. First TOM hit hard, then I started to feel achy, cold, nauseas, the runs (like you needed to know that one, eh?) not hungry-shall I go on?? This is NOT what I need, not before having to volunteer tomorrow and surely I don't need to be sick before I leave for NC next week-I have too much to do.

JACK-K, thanks for posting your BIO, I loved learning more about you! Hey girl, I didn't have my first cheat until this past New Years, almost 2 years on plan, so you can DEFINITELY stay OP without a problem! Even that day, it really wasn't much of a cheat, bagel and blintz souffle, was right back on track the next day. I know for me, if I eat something off plan, there's just no turning back. I have enough problems with keeping portion control on SB LEGAL GOODIES, so knowing that, and my past history, I have to keep on the top of things otherwise I will end right back to where I started! I won't let that happen.

TRISH, CONGRATS on your loss this week!!! Hey, no look from me on the chocolate (BTW, I like the Rapunzel 70% too). As long as it doesn't become habit and you keep the servings to the minimum and it doesn't lead to binging, then by all means, have it. Being I use to be a chocoholic I was scared to even try any chocolate and didn't have my first piece until almost 1 year OP-and it was wonderful, no, not the taste, but that I was able to stop at one piece and not crave it. I have bars that are almost 2 years old I haven't touched still!!! This is one thing I marvel over more than my weight loss!!!! The 85% is good, but bitter, takes a time to get use to. I would never have touched dark chocolate before SB-ick, hated it! Now, I won't ever touch milk, or even my favorite, white!!! Hey, don't be afraid to be a slave to STARBUCKS, it helps pay Eli I don't think anyone is a bigger Starbucks lover than BOB though.

IMPORTANT INTERRUPTION: All those who come to the NC GET TOGETHER will get STARBUCKS COFFEE!!!! Among other things, of course

FILLISE, okay, I'm crossing the fingers, toes, whatever else there is to cross that the scale will take a dive like an plane who's engine just stopped! Glad to hear the journaling again is paying off, it usually does, I think!

JACK, CONGRATS!! WOW!! 4lbs is awesome!!!! Keep up the great work!! We post WIW results on both boards and doing either, both or none is optional, nothing required on this board. My goodness girl, your boss and you have withstood the test of time-longer than a big percentage of marriages these days even last half that time!!

MUSIC, 3lbs is easy to get rid of, just try to get back on track. The chocolate is what's making you continually crave it. When you feel you need some, try to find something else as sweet, wait a few minutes before you indulge, go for a walk, don't have it around-lots of ways to combat the chocolate monster.

ROSALIE, you KNOW I will be very interested in knowing the brand of the 90% chocolate and what it tastes like-reviews please.

Okay, potty call, have to run, really!!!!!!!! I'll check in sometime later if I can.

Please remember tomorrow is RECIPE DAY so if you have any SB LEGAL RECIPES you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them tomorrow.


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Reached goal 6/10/01
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