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Default Friday

It's freezing here! Can't wait til Monday when I fly to sunny sofla and meet debbie on Wednesday! OK florida gals, you better make sure its warm and sunny down there for me! My poor daffodils all fell over from the cold (20 degrees) but luckily the azealeas don't bloom here til Mother's Day so we rarely have to worry about them getting hit by storms. Sometimes heat does them in, tho. What really hurts is when almost every year it gets really cold again just after the magnolias and cherry trees start to bloom. We really live too far north for magnolias to bloom sucessfully and consistently, but they sure try.

Deb-HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! THAT'S AWESOME! May you have many more. Sorry I can't start the thread for you- I'll be on the road. Let's hit those outlets if I can park ds with my brother for long enough. I love outlets, everything I own comes from them or TJMax or Value City! I really need new running shoes, the bottoms are falling off mine. I can hear Frog gasping.

Beth- Any improvement on the pinkeye? I'm surprised the rest of your family and assorted live-ins don't have it too. I hope your SIL is doing better- I had the same surgery 12 1/2 years ago and now have an 11 1/2 year old son. There is hope for her.

BOB- great post! Sounds like my house. We have all sorts of critters living in the insulation in the attic, but none have fallen thru yet! I always wondered about the derivation of some of those phrases.

Yellowrose- I've used that chocolate to make a fruit dip. Really yummy, hard to stay in control. melt it w/ a little butter in a double-boiler, and add agave. If I remember correctly, that choc didn't take to being melted in the microwave.

Fillise- Miss Belle looks just like my cat, Tribble. She is all black with an occaisional random white hair, and yellowy-green eyes. She's also very compact, much heavier than she looks, and silky. She was an SPCA find, but the vet says she's probably purebred Burmese. She's the most agressively affectionate cat we've ever had, but tries to swat my 65 pound dog every chance she gets.

ldblond- my solutions to night eating were to floss,brush and mouthwash. It was too much bother to do it all again. Sometimes I would just go to bed early so I wouldn't eat. Of course now on BFL I'm supposed to eat a meal around 9:30 or 10 pm.

Frog- I'm so glad you're back and that the outcome is as satisfactory as possible under the circumstances. I had my GM living with me for the last few years of her life, and it was very hard. I was 28 when whe moved in, with a 4 year old marriage and a 6 month old baby. GM did not have Alz., I don't think I could have done that, but she became increasingly frail and depressed. My mother's solution was to leave the country for a few years, and she was an only child. I'm glad you and your family were able to find a NH that looks good.

Tommorrow is the last day of my 1st body for life challenge. I have 1 Lower body workout to do, then I did it! I'll be taking a week off while I'm in Florida, and go back to doing straight SB. Then back to another 12 weeks of BFL. I can't believe how strong I've gotten and how my body has changed. Muscle sure takes less space than fat.

have a good nite,


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Good Evening All

It's been a very cold and windy day here but thankfully none of the white stuff. I managed to catch up with some household chores to-day. I've been feeling very lazy since I got back from my vacation. Also been working on my taxes to-day - the last couple of years I have done them on the computer but this year the program I use has changed and it is now internet based and has been a pain in the butt so I reverted to doing them by hand. I was out this afternoon to badminton - we have our annual tournament on Monday which should be fun. We will be having a pot-luck lunch. I plan on taking a fruit tray.

I've been eating well this week. I've been restricting starchy carbs to breakfast time on most days and it seems to be working as I have lost 3 1/2 pounds of the six I gained last week. For lunch and dinner I've been having protein and lots of salads and veggies. Made Deb's cheesecake yesterday. I only made half the recipe as I didn't want to think of myself eating about 3/4 of it. It tasted o.k. although it was kind of thin as I used an 8 inch pan as I couldn't find a smaller one, except the foil pans with the crinkly edges and I didn't think that would work too well.

Frog - I hope your GM gets settled into a suitable NH soon. I know it must be a very difficult time for you and your family. My thoughts are with you.

Deb - Happy Second SB Anniversary. You have come a long way in the last two years and you are an inspiration to us all. I almost forgot to give you a report on the latest chocolate I have - the Lindt 90%. It tastes rather gross. Much more bitter than the 85%. I can tolerate the 85% but will go back to the 70% when my present supply is gone. My ds just tried the 90% and he is of the same opinion as me - we just trashed it. I've just tried the Rapunzel 70% and it tastes very good. I had to get the taste of the other one out of my mouth. I loved the pic you had at the end of your post: Weight and Watch.......very appropriate.

Mel - Congrats on completing your first BFL challenge. Hope you enjoy your visit to Florida. My visit was much too short. Too bad the kids had to get back for school. I would have loved to have stayed longer.

Ldblond - Glad to hear ds is beginning to feel better.

Gracious I hope your dd was able to have her birthday party. Although I am sure the kids don't mind having another day off school! It's been very cold and windy here to-day but thankfully no snow except for a little flurry this morning.

Fillise - Glad to see you are on a downward trend.

Beth - Glad to hear that sil's surgery went off o.k. Hope you can get the Pink Eye fixed up soon.

Hi to everyone I have missed and have a good weekend everyone. It's a working one for me.

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Red face Friday night

It seems like the board has been busy tonight.

Miss Belle is curled up in my lap--sweet as she can be--now. But she's been "devil cat" today. The water bottle has gotten quite a workout. I was cooking dinner and all of a sudden she was on my shoulder ready to jump into the sizzling beef tips, onions and peppers.

I just looked at my fitday averages for the week. I did 41% carbs, 31% fat, and 28% protein. Pretty close to where it should be!

I'm going to torture the northerners. The azealas here are just about to bust out in their full glory--if they survive the freezing temperatures tonight. The dogwoods are about a week to 10 days away from their full splendor. The bradford pears have mostly bloomed and are putting out leaves--the cherry trees are absolutly gorgeous and the red buds are pretty. If we can just get past tonight, I think we will finally have spring!

Marie--good to see you back from vacation and back on program!

Mel--congratulations on completing your first BFL challenge! Hanging in for the full 12 weeks is a real accomplishment! What do you think has been the best thing the BFL has done for you?

Uh-oh--sweet kitty has been replaced by devil kitty again. She's attacking the ostrich feather duster!

Fruit--I know what you mean! I want the azealas to last far longer than they do--but while they are in bloom I drive all over town looking at the beautiful yards.

BOB--What a hoot! Where do you find this stuff?

YellowRose--I'd love to see a picture of your kitties!

Uh-oh better go--she's now into a box of tampons and carrying them all over the house!


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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default HIyas :D

SUSAN - Lucky you in Auburn, cause up here in Huntsville the low tonight is 25... BLAH!

I went to the EYE DOC Today! He said I have bacterial conjunctivitis (PINKEYE ) DUH, and also an allergic response. Allergic to what I'm not sure, and neither is he, but he took all kinds of pictures of my eyes, and did a very thorough exam, and told me to cut BACK on my antibiotic drops because it could be bothering my eyes having them in there so much. He also gave me a steroid/anti-inflammitory drop to apply 4 times a day to them. He said from the antibiotics and oral steroids I'd been on, my immune system had been compromised which is why the rest of the family was able to shake it and I couldn't. I've only been using the drops since Noon, which means twice... and my eye looks MUCH better. Tonight will be the true test, to see if I wake up hurting, and see how much 'gunk' is in it when I wake up. He said as long as I have 'crusties' I'm still contagious

Anyway... he thinks I have 72 hours till I'm back to normal... which will please me to no end!! My contacts are calling my name!

S-I-L is better today. She's sore as all heck, but she's gonna be ok. Gotta wait a while for any further prognosis. Some of you may know... once you have endometriosis, do you always get it back? Is it a recurring thing... or once they 'clean her out' is she now rid of it for good? Just curious... I know nothing about it.

DEB - CONGRATS on your 2 years!! I've done it for 2 months and it seems like forever to me!!

I had a great compliment today... I THINK. DH's aunt came over and we were talking about weight loss... (she's on WW and has lost MORE than I have in a shorter time) and she said... 'well your face looks totally different'... I'm GUESSING that was supposed to mean better LOL!

Well... I'm off to bed... Tomorrow is scrimmage game day for our Football Player, and it's make it or pack your crap and go back where you came from day... so please send good thoughts his way! He's never played arena football before and the astroturf is throwing him off bigtime.

Legal Sweet Dreams everyone
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Morning All!!!

Its another busy day at our house. My DS is in a flag ceremony with his Boy Scout troop this morning, then we have to go to an Easter picnic (I volunteered to face paint the kiddies), then we need to race back to take DD to work and hit a few stores for needed things. It doesn't sound that bad but we are going from one end of the area to next with each activity.

It was super cold here to last night - we were down in the 20's too. I haven't checked on my flowers yet so my fingers are crossed. Our azealeas have started blooming so.....The worse part is the garden my 7 year old was making for his Cub Scout badge. He was so proud that everything had starting coming up from the ground. I hope his stuff survives.

DH threw me for a loop on his email yesterday. I am all set to move to Florida next and now he is thinking about Italy. We will play this bouncing game for the next few months. The hard part is he will call for orders before he gets back so we are having very lengthy discussions by email right now. We lived in Italy (Sicily) from 91-94 and loved it. It was one of the best experiences we have had - the culture, the FOOD, the sights... but with one in high school and another soon to be it's a whole new ballgame. Our youngest was even born there so he's a duel citizen. Would anyone come visit me there for a SB adventure????

Beth - good luck with your eye. I started rubbing mine just thinking about you. I hated when my kids used to get it when they were little.

Deb - two years is incredible!!! I can start your threads if no one else has contacted you - just give me the details.

BOB - the article was really good - where did you get it? I love that kind of trivia stuff - my kids enjoyed it too.

To everyone else have a great day!!! Time to wake the kids and go to flag ceremony.

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Good morning all!!!

Just a quicky to Beth....
As far as endo returning, it totally depends. My mom had it REALLY bad. Got it taken care of and here I am. It never did return for her. My step mom also had it very bad. She could not have kids for 10 years and had it opperated on and had 2 pregnancies, but she says it has returned for her. Now she was older than my mom, who was 20 when she was operated on. Every person is different. Don't give up hope. I pray that she will be able to have babies, and if not, I pray for her and your brother to be okay with that and maybe find another answer...but I bet she will be okay!!
I could not imagine not being able to have kids, seeing as I have them so darn easy...all I need to do is think. It is such a shame to see couples struggle. I have a neighbor who had been trying for years to have one. She is now 41 and they are now thinking of adopting. It is heart breaking, but maybe there is a kid out there that would not have been taken care of if they don't adopt it.

I have to run. Kids are restless this a.m.

Take care all!!!

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Default Saturday am

Too cold again! Poor Cleo keeps bringing me her leash and I keep throwing her out the door solo. She is one confused dog. Maybe it will warm up this afternoon and Ican fit in a doggie run between everything else going on.

Pooch- I've got my tickets booked for Italy. You can count on at least 1 SB visitor! I agree tho, it's much harder when your kids are older. We turned down going to Paris for 2 years when my dd was 13 and ds was 5- he would have been no problem, but she would have been. In retrospect, who knows? My mother and step-father lived for 2 years in Grenoble, France when I was 17-19. I stayed behind and went to boarding school, then college. France would have been a better choice.

Fillise- That was cruel! My early flowering bulbs have had it, 2 nights in the 20's have turned them to frozen mush. Oh well, I still have azaelas and dogwoods to look forward to. For your sake, I hope Miss Bell is declawed. Having mine leaps into my lap leaves little punctures in my thighs ( I probably look like an IV drug abuser!). I can't imagine the personal damage if she tried for my shoulders. Re your question: what is the best thing BFL has done for you? I'd say it's given me even more confidence in my ability to accomplish what I set out to do. I also actually like my body for the first time ever. I never thought I'd say that without a skeletal transplant. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I can see that it is possible. It is a very demanding program, but very rewarding in the end. Lots of health benefits including all the SB ones. My resting heart rate has dropped from 62 to 46 in the last 12 weeks.

Beth- Glad your eye problems are being solved. If you wear disposable contacts, throw them out, throw out your case, heck- throw out the remaining solution and start a new bottle. What a long battle you've had. BTW, endo is a really weird disease- comes and goes, sometimes the worse cases are symton free except for infertility, and the lighter cases are the most painful. Yes, it does come back, but the only way to know for sure is diagnosis by invasive surgery, so unless she continues to have problems or they start up again, docs usually won't do that just to re-confirm a diagnosis. I know Fruitloup's experience is much more current than mine so her info is more up to date, but I was told the best "window" for getting preg. is within 6 months of the surgery. Course your SIL is a lot younger than when I was trying- by the time I had the surgery, I was 34. I was told that usually pregnancy "cures" it. HA! DD was conceived when I was 27 with minimal effort even tho I know I had endo before that, but ds took 8 years and surgery. Then endo was much worse after dd's birth, and came back again, but not bad, after ds. I can't wait for menopause! Tho all the exercise and change in diet has really helped with minimizing symptoms. Well, there's my life story.

Marie- My visit will be really short, too . The cheapy airline tix required flying down Monday and returning Thrusday. Way too short! But the change of scenery sill be nice, I'll get a short visit with Deb, and get to see my brother, SIL and 1 year old neice.

gotta go workout then start the errand race-

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Hope everyone is having a good start to the weekend..

MEL...It's in the 50's over here on the West Coast of FLA....BIG BREEZE BLOWIN!!! I'm getting ready to open all the windows and air out the house!

BOB is going to take advantage of this lovely weather, throw open the den door and start pitching...
We don't use the den as a den, and it has slowly become a catch all strategy today is...IF IT AIN'T BEING USED....IT'S GOING OUT THE DOOR!!!! is bath day for SKEETER and he's already not looking foward to that

Glad you all liked the little trivia I threw out on the board.
My cousin sent that to me and I wanted to share...MISSY sent me a cutie this morning that she should share with you all...MISSY , let me know and I'll put it in a post if you didn't keep it.

I better get started or else I'll still be sitting here at 6pm


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Good morning!

The scale was still at 264.5 this morning so I guess it wasn't a fluke Now, lets see if I can make it through the weekend!

BETH: Endometriosis can definately come back! I just had my 2nd surgery for it - my last one was 2 years ago. They will more than likely (depending on her situation) put her on depo lupron shots which stops your period and puts you through a brief period of menopause - which is what I'm on for 6 months. The last time I had the surgery - I only did 3 months of shots - it depends on the doctor I guess. After this - the best time to get pregnant is within the next 6 months to a year. I got pregnant immediately after I stopped my shots the last time once my period was regulated again and I lost that baby too. That was my 5th miscarriage - so now I'm going to try one more time but I'm VERY scared. I have many friends that have had the surgery, done the shots and then have gotten pregnant and have carried successfully! NOTHING comes easy for me though! I'm learning that the hard way. But, I guess it depends on the person - if it comes back or not! Hopefully everything works out for her and your brother - I'm praying for them!

Well, I'm heading to New Orleans for the day! Don't worry I won't head to Burbon Street! We are going to Sam's and to have lunch with some of our friends! Have a good day - I'll check in tonight!

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Talking Good Saturday morning!

My azealas survived!!!!!! It is a gorgeous day--I think I'm gonna decorate the house for easter.

I logged into fitday this morning: this is the day I'm planning:

1/2 grapefruit
1 soft-boiled egg
2 slices SG WW toast
(breakfast, so I've already eaten that).

mid-morning snack
6 oz Blue Bunny SF yogurt

Lasagne (homemade, with meat sauce)
sliced cucumber

After treadmill snack:

8oz broiled trout
1 cup cooked spinach
1/2 baked sweet potato

Believe it or not, according to fitday, I'm just a little over 1200 calories. My distribution is 30% protein, 32 % fat,and 38% carbs. I need a non-fat snack to get me above 1400 calories. Any ideas?

I went to Kroger to look for the synder's oatbran sticks--they apparently carry it, but were out. That would have been the perfect snack. ANy other ideas?

BOB--Have fun cleaning! I hope you get it all cleared out!

Mel--Miss Belle is not declawed. She actually lets me clip and file her nails, so I decided not to declaw her when I had her spayed. Still, I do have the scratch marks on my thighs--she actually lept right onto my shoulder without using her claws! Your resting heart rate is fantastic! If nothing else, you've done your heart a world of good! I'm impressed!

Denise--I say you should go to Italy and host a SB gathering--we'll all come! Seriously, I do think it would be very different with older kids--still if you move a lot anyway, it might not be as traumatic as it would be otherwise.

Beth--Brrrr, I hope that was the last freeze for the season! I'm thrilled to hear that you may by FINALLY beating that pink eye! I had a cousin with endometriosis who was told she would never have children. She now has two. I hope it works out for your brother and SIL.

OK--off to check out the rest of the web this morning.

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Good Morning everyone... Thanks Fillise for posting your menu. That really helps to see how someone else is eating. And it makes it good for questions on how come. Especially for us kind of new to SB.

Got lots to do for company coming so I'm going to hurry off and fold laundry..... Have a great Sat.
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Default Sunny Saturday Salutations!

It's a gorgeous day this morning, sun shining and birds singing. Just a little on the cool side, but luckily not at cold as some of you are experiencing. If you saw the reports, we had about 6 inches of rain one day this past week and the weather guys said all that moisture kept the heat from radiating out and that kept us from having a hard freeze.

Fillise: Your description was hard on me, too. I grew up in Louisiana and miss the spring time the most. This area of TX has too little acid in the soil for azaleas and dogwoods to thrive. There are some who can grow them, but it takes lots of effort and preparing of the soil. We do have pretty pears and redbuds.

Mel: Congrats on completing your first challenge. I just might have to borrow that book from one of the teachers at my school and read it. Exercising is the one thing I have never done consistently. How much time during a day do you have to workout? If I have a program to follow, I think I'd be able to get over to the Y and use those machines. I just don't have a clue how to start with machines. The bike is the only thing I've done here at the house.

Beth: I hope today is even better with the pinkeye. Sorry, I can't help with the endo, I haven't had any personal experience but my cousin had difficulty, a miscarriage, then surgery, and now has a beautiful little girl born in August. She's about 10 years older than your SIL.

Lyn: We will get together some day, I promise. Hope you had a great weekend with DD.

Fruit: Looking at your weight posting, you've lost 20 pounds! WTG girlfriend. I remember well those Kindergarten fieldtrips when I taught K. And the other things we'd do for those babies. Wear ourselves out so they'd have a good time. We'd tell ourselves we'd never do it again, but always did. Now I just take my sixth graders to a Renaissance Faire, let them run around with a parent and gather them up when it's time to go back to school. Much less stress!

Deb: Glad your tennis tournament gig went well. Those moms with too much time? Well, they are already working in our school. They are wonderful help and we are very lucky to have them. I think some of them believe because they help so much , they have to right to try and tell us how to run things. With my situation: testing kids for the g.t. program and teaching the g/t program, I have to also be a counselor when they want to know why their kids didn't qualify when the teacher at their last school told them the child was gifted. I even have teachers who tell me the student should be in the program, but rate them as average on their teacher rating scale that we use. It's such a fuzzy area, and quite controversial at times. And I'm also in the middle. It would help tremendously if someone else did the testing and I could just do the teaching. Sorry for the diatribe.

Lara: How's your DS? Hope he's much improved and enjoying his weekend!

Rosalie: Your trip to Florida sounds wonderful. A dumb question: How long did it take you to drive? I can't imagine driving from NTX do SFLA! I am not a good auto traveler. But I don't really like flying either. Maybe I'll try a TRAIN! Glad the WOE is back on track for you.

BOB: Loved that essay. Some of those I've heard but a few were new to me. My DH got a kick out of the wake.

I have run out of time. Sorry I can't respond to everyone but I'm thinking about you all!

Have a great weeend! We are singing our Easter musical tomorrow and have the dress rehearsal today. I'll be busy!

196/168 (and down 3 sizes)/130
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HiedieHo All!!!

What a wonderful day I had yesterday!! The Young At Heart group went to Zemurray Gardens in Tangipahoa Parish. It was magnificent I did not realize there were so many different colors of azaleas! We found there a few little hills, rises really, in LA! It is all woodland trails that wind for 1.9 miles aound Mirror Lake. There are benches and statuary scattered about. And two wooden bridges over the lake if you want to take a short cut. I am afraid of heights and spiders. The darn bridge wasn't that high, but I sure got a panicky feeling when we posed on it!! Couldn't wait to get off! We just posed on it, did not take the short cut.

The trail was lined with Azaleas, Dogwoods, Ardisia, Canterbury Bells, which were on the wane. There are supposed to be yellow and purple Irises but they were not out yet. The woods were just full of these beautiful bushes beside little wet areas and vistas. We just ambled along ooohing and aaahing, chatting, was so pleasurable!!!

It made me homesick for Milford in June, we used to go out for rides in the countryside to see the Mountain Laurel, especially along Twin Lakes Road which seemed to have the best display.

As I said I didn't realize there were so many different colors of azalea!

From there we went to the Mandeville Waterfront for dinner at a restaurant that specialized in French food, Nothing there for SBers. I had "Pastramied" Salmon Reuben, three itsy bitsy triangles of toasted bread with raw salmon, sauerkraut and fresh parsley, good. Soup made from papaya, coconut milk, shrimp, delicious. We were all aching, but agreed it was a great day! We left at 1p got home about 7:45p. It was worth the trip. Actually only about an hour from Slidell.

POOCH - My DS and family lived overseas for 15 years. They were in Germany, Turkey and Australia. My GD considers Canberra her hometown as that's where she spent the first five years of her schooling. They would go back in a heartbeat, except they wanted GD to have the American High School experience. My GD had a terrific education there and being brough up in other countries has given her knowledge that many kids here do not have.

I will admit I'm a little tired today, especially my feet. This afternoon there is final practice for music program in church tomorrow. I am taking it easy the rest of the day. Being here is taking it easy!!

Take care, sef
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Class of 2005 Mindset List

1. Most students starting college this fall were born in 1983.
2. Ricky Nelson, Marvin Gaye and Laura Ashley have always been dead.
3. The New Kids on the Block are over the hill.
4. They want to be PHAT but not fat.
5. IBM Selectrics are antiques.
6. Thongs no longer come in pairs and slide between the toes.
7. God has never been a “he” in most churches.
8. Hard copy has nothing to do with a TV show; a browser is not someone relaxing in a bookstore; a virus does not make humans sick; and a mouse is not a rodent (and there is no proper plural for it).
9. Moscow has always been opposed to “star wars.”
10. Recording TV programs on VCRs became legal the year they were born.
11. The British Royal family has always behaved badly.
12. There has always been Diet Coke.
13. Artificial hearts have always been ticking.
14. The Social Security system has always been on the brink.
15. There have always been warnings about second-hand smoke.
16. They have never experienced a real recession.
17. A hacker is not just a kid who won’t stop fooling around.
18. Grenada has always been safe for democracy.
19. They were born the same year as the PC and the Mac.
20. The U.S. Senate has always had a daycare program.
21. One earring on a man indicates that he is probably pretty conservative.
22. CDs have always been labeled for explicit content.
23. Lethal Weapon in one form or another has always been “at the movies.”
24. Boeing has not built the 727 since they were born.
25. Sarajevo was a war zone, not an Olympic host.
26. They don’t remember Janet Jackson when she was cute and chubby.
27. Drug testing of athletes has always been routine.
28. There has always been a hole in the ozone layer.
29. They have always used email.
30. The Colts have always been in Indianapolis.
31. The precise location of the Titanic has always been known.
32. When they were born, Madonna was still a radiant woman holding a beatific child.
33. Jimmy Hoffa has always been officially dead.
34. Tylenol has always been impossible for children or adults to open.
35. Volkswagen beetles have always had engines in the front.
36. They do not know what the Selective Service is, but men routinely register for it on their financial aid forms.
37. Ron Howard and Rob Reiner have always been balding older film directors.
38. Cal Ripken has always been playing baseball.
39. They have probably never used carbon paper and do not know what "cc" and "bcc" mean.
40. Lasers have always been marketed as toys.
41. Major newspapers have always been printed in color.
42. Beta is a preview version of software, not a VCR format.
43. They have never known exactly what to call the rock star formerly and presently known as Prince.
44. They are the first generation to prefer tanning indoors.
45. "Survivor" is a TV show not a rock group.
46. They have heard “just say no” since they were toddlers.
47. Most of them know someone who was born with the help of a test tube.
48. It has paid to “Discover” since they were four.
49. Oprah has always been a national institution..
50. With a life expectancy of 77 years, they can anticipate living until about 2060.

I thought this was rather interesting. Made me feel old!!!!!

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Exclamation Saturday..Blooming Cold!!!

I can't believe it is officially spring. We have lots of snow on the ground and the wind is blowing so hard I think my hair is moving while I am sitting here at the computer!! To top it all off, we ran out of dry that is chippy!

We ended up having my daughter's 8th b-day party after all, although only with her best friend and 2 brothers. It was a really good time and those girls are like 2 peas in a pod. They look alike, act alike and their personalities are alike. You would think they are sisters for sure. It turned into a 2 day party because she slept over and we had more activities today-painting, pin the tail on the donkey of course, dressup and some other things. All in all, it was a fantastic girlie party. Thanks for the well wishes for her.

LDBLONDE-I know the SB authorities say no eating after 8 pm but that is a killer for me too. I *have* to eat and drinking tea or something like that won't do it for me. I pretty much always have a salad at night time. I need real food but think that a salad is not all that bad. Maybe I am wrong, but it keeps me from eating *bad* things, so it is a good thing!

I think I have to sign off before my fingers freeze to the keyboard. Have a great weekend!
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