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Hello all!

Beautiful day!! Haven't been out yet today but the windows are open & enjoying the change. I had been getting out for a walk every day this week but since my DF & I were each on our own, I did 20 min walk/cardio with Leslie Sansone. I'm extra energy right now but I'll catch my breathe & proceed!

Sorry I have not gotten to replies earlier, but here goes.

Monet, cute grand baby. Aren't they a joy? Is that your only one? I have 5 GS plus 6 add-ons & love each & every one of them. Pottery looks great! Good work!

SEF, sounds like you had a great time at the NH! I admire your devotion to that ministry. My DM is in the NH & I have come to appreciate volunteers even more since it's not as a nurse, but as a family member instead. Don't let that lunch over whelm you. Just do better the next meal when we fail. That's all we can do.

Sonya, WTG with your dedication to our WOE. Keep up the good work. You can do it! WooHoo! Enjoy that new car!

Solly, Thanks for your crock pot recipe. I really want to try it. I used the green chilies in mine also. I know DH will like it too. I've got a pork roast in the crock pot now & the smell is driving me crazy because I haven't eaten yet. lol

Rosalie, Hope you enjoyed your lunch yesterday. I like most Indian foods also. Keep up the great work on your walks. I understand about the scale. I feel like I'm obsessed about it some days but I also feel like it keeps me focused when I know which way it's going.

techwife, Sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time of it with the passing of your DD's DF. He was a part & always will be a part of your life because of your DD so it's ok to have feeling about his loss, whether they are good feelings or bad ones. Allow yourself to go through it & to grieve with your child for the lost time of what could have been if things had been different. {{{HUGS}}} to you both.

Thin, good luck with your artistic ideas! I don't think I have an artistic bone in my body, but I sure do like Country's idea! WTG Country! LOL

Well I got to go, youngest DD & GS here to visit. Later!
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Hi everyone

It is a beautiful day here to-day. The sun is shining and it feels like spring is coming even though the temp is still only about 20F. Which is much better than 0F which is what is was a couple of days ago. It's supposed to warm up by the weekend so hopefully some of that white stuff will melt.

I had a super lunch yesterday at the Indian buffet but of course I ate too much. I had curried veggies, chickpeas, dal, and chicken and basmati rice. For appetiser I had pakora, which is veggies in a chick pea flour batter and deep fried. Dessert was just a small bowl of rice pudding. I felt so stuffed and tired when I got home I ended up having a nap on the sofa for about an hour and had to drag myself up to go and play badminton. I knew if I didn't get up at that time I would be p....d with myself later for not going. I did not not have another bite to eat since lunch and went to bed about 9.30 and stayed there until 7 this morning. I figured that going to bed so early I would have been up about two sitting here on the computer but it didn't happen. I would just wake up, roll over and go back to sleep again. I missed my walk again this morning but did go bowling.

Melf - Hope you are fully recovered from that root canal. That's the thing I hate most about dental work.

Tech - Sorry to hear about the passing of your dd's df. I understand how it would be hard for you even though you had no connect with him for the last number of years. There are still memories there, and some of them must be good ones.

Country - Some Indian foods are very spicy but they don't have to be. It depends what you order. You can have anything from mild to very hot. Some people think that a curry has to be very hot to be good but I think more important is the combination of spices used.

Solly - Glad to hear you are feeling better to-day. A good nights sleep certainly helps. Your recipe for the enchilladas sounds yummy. I love using my crockpot so will have to try it soon. Hope you enjoyed lunch with your friend.

Thin - Sorry I don't have any suggestions for your new office. I'm just not artistic.
BOB - Hi

Sef - As you can see from my note above I wasn't so good at the buffet. Although most of what I ate was legal, just too much of it. . I was surprised though that I could go all evening with nothing else to eat. That was most unusual for me. Sorry your lasagna casserole didn't turn out to your liking.

Monet - What a beautiful little boy. Sorry to hear about the wheel. Hope you can get it fixed.

Toni - WTG on your loss this week.

I think the washer has stopped so better go and throw some things in the dryer.

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Hey everyone! My pottery friend from north Georgia came to Atlanta today to run around and shop with me. We hit two pottery supply places, and had lunch and shopped at Whole Foods. I got mostly salad stuff...a taste of a garbanzo bean salad, etc. I probably was not entirely legal, but I am sure I was not very bad either. It is just hard to tell with those salad bar things. We got some clay, and I found a great tool to use for some of the embellishment styles I do. We had fun, and she has already left to drive back home.

I woke up at 2, and could not sleep. I finally just got up at 2:30, and cleaned until 4, then crawled back in bed. I laid there awake until I am not hitting on all cylinders today!

SOLLY: I have a pot for you! Finally! It has a slight crack in the bottom, but it does not go all the way through and does not effect the usefullness of the piece at all. I think I still have the address and will let you know once I have it packed up to send so you will know when to expect it.

TECH: What a tough is Shelley doing? Has it been hard on her?

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Hi all,

Busy day. Went to the NH for regfular group. They were a lively bunch and we had a lot of interaction going on. Then home for about 2 hours and out to entertain, this time at the same place. I felt like I lived there today. It was a lot of fun too. I have my fans there and they are all sure to come, as well as those that don't come to my groups.

With two things in one day I get a little tired. It's tiring to be "on" all the time. At the same time it just comes naturally so why am I tired? The old gray mare she ain't what she used to be!

Eating was fine today. Does anyone else have this problem? Seems like when I have carbs, I seem to want carbs more during the day. I don't think carbs stay with you as protein does so you get hungry. Is is all in my head?

BOB: Glad you drove by!

TECH: What a good idea to have a little closure with the pastor. Even if it's not your old pastor, the new one would understand. They're used to handling all kinds of situations. Your ex was a large part of you life and even though you haven't heard from him in years, he's still a part of you both in an odd sort of way. He's your past. Will keep you both in my prayers. You have to go with your gut feelings.

THIN: Little bear with a thermometer in its mouth, or a bandaid on its paw. Could have a school jersey on.

SOLLY: Hey, wine and cheese would make anything worthwhile for me! I gripe about it afterwards but while my busy days are in progress I love them.

COUNTRY: Actually my favorite part was in the eating. Just went out to the garage and shopped off our shelves and freezer. We used to buy potatoes and onions in 50# bags. Milk and eggs were delivered and I made my own bread so we just snuggled down for the winter.

MELF: I do have a grand time at the NH. They uplift me when I get the response I was looking for. Still have that little professional part of my brain. I always had an appreciation for volunteers. In the old days you wore more than one hat. We only had consultant SWs and nothing for volunteers. It fell to me as Director to carry out SW's plan and handle volunteers.

I remember there were certain family members we hated to see come in. Then when DH was in a NH a short time while receiving radiation, I became the dreaded "Family Member" the staff hated to see coming. He was in NH because it was too long a daily trip in an ambulance from home. The NH was next door to the radiation facility and across the highway from the hospital. It was not a good place. DH was paralyzed and after I raised you know what a few times, he would be dry when I got there and in bed. They would leave him in an old fashioned wooden wheelchair all day long and he was developing bed sores. Oh well get off the soapbox, it was a long time ago.

Good for you. You will proceed, you are determined!

ROSALIE: I love buffets but I think there is more temptation there than getting a blue plate special. At least it's that way for me. I have never had Indian food but it sounds good. I like spicy. You know how some foods like stews or soup taste better the second day? I was hoping that would be the lasagna casserole. It didn't happen though. Oh well, you can't win all the time!

MONET: Glad you had such a nice day with your friend. Hate it when I sleep, or should say don't sleep like that.

Okay here long enough. Am going to put my feet up a while.

May good things happen, Shirley
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Default Greetings!!!

Hello Everyone,

I used to post to this thread years ago and really enjoyed all of you! The name that I think I used was Charlie the Teach....not sure of that though. I even met two of you over lunch as you passed through the south one summer. It is great seeing that many of you are still here. What happened to Debelli?

I am still a teacher and I love every minute of it! But I am here to ask you ladies a favor. I have challenged one of my students (she is 16) to begin posting and chatting with you all. I have told her that I would do the same. She is attending school here but is from Africa. Her dad is a King which makes her a true African Princess. Here's the problem...she is overweight. The last time she stepped on the scales it showed 295. She must take care of her small siblings in the evening therefore can not get out with friends to exercise. But since she has access to the internet, you all popped into mind.

Would you all give her words of encouragement? She is the most beautiful person that I have ever met! The two of us have agreed to begin limiting our sugar intake, I guess we will be diet partners.

It sounds like all of you are doing fine. It is warming to see that many of you have kept in touch for sooooooo long!
I will let you all know when she registers and what her screen name will be.
Thanks for being such wonderful ladies....I am glad to be back!
Robot Girl (I teach a robotics class now)
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S/C/G: 257/169/155

Height: 5'6"


Happy Friday Ladies,

What an exciting lecture last night. I was on the end of my seat. Now I have to read the book to shear the 'rest of the sotry". it was about how a slave lieved in Ky and escaped thru the underground railroad to Toronto. The connections to "famous" Louisvillians was so interesting. I love getting a little culture in my life. But I did feel very under educated. Tomorrow night we are going to this "taste of St Albert" It is a fund raiser put on by a local grade school. T hey bring restaurants in and you walk around and sample their food. Sounds like a good time. At least it is something to do and something different.
It is goning to be 70 today. I can't wait. Of course I'm cooped up in the office all day with no windows. Rain tomoorow. That figures.

I'm reading backwards on replies.

Robot Girl, welcome back. I vaguely remember you. I was the old Jack-Kay. What a wonderful thingyou are doing for this girl. I sure hope se joins us and does well with this WOE. Welcome back.

Sef, carbs make you crave carbs. It is not in your head. Maybe add some protein along with those carbs and that will help. I admire yyou volunterring at the NH. I can hardly tolerate those places. My aunt lives in an Assisted Living place and I am so bad about going to visit her. It is not close to me (I know that is an excuse) but I just can't seem to get there.

Monet, I'm excited about my pot. Can't wait to get it. Make sure you put a bill in there.

Rosalie, I kept thinking of you during the lecture last night. This couple escaped to Toronto and they have erected a plaque at the site of his house. Apparently, he started the first cab company in Canada.

Melf, what a nice feeling to be able to open the windows and let that clean air come in. I'm looking forward to nice sunny days.

Country, I'm gonna try to get some type of herbs growing this year. I have been watching all those cooking shows and want to try them.

Tech, I love Target. Is that the first in your area? I can never get out of there w/o spending lots of money.

Bob, the old round ball is starting and getting exciting. Hope you and Kate are all ready. Tell Kate, there is rumors of firing Tubby. I don't think it will happen. But you know us Ky fans, we don't like losing.

Missy, hope you had a good week. How are you feeling?

Heart, How are you doing? Hope your eating is ok. I worry when you are not posting.

To anyone else I missed

Have a wonderful weekend.
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Good Morning

I didn't sleep well last night, probably because I slept too much the night before. . The only good thing about it was I was able to get up at 5.30 and get out early for my mall walk.

Sef - It's true that carbs don't stay with you like protein thats why it is important to have some protein with your carbs. It also depends on the type of carbs you are consuming. If they are high gi then you will get more fluctuations in your glucose level and when the blood sugar goes down you get hungry and want to eat more. I find if I eat the lower gi carbs like whole grain breads with lentils or beans I will be satiated longer and won't feel the need for more carbs or snacking before the next meal.

Robot Girl - Welcome back. We used to have some one on here called music teach. Would that be you? I believe she was from Texas. Just let us know when your young friend comes on line. I am sure she will get lots of support from everyone here.

Gotta run. Have to be at bowling at 10 a.m.
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Good morning! I woke up with a headache, so I am moving slowly. I had two eggs, bacon and a piece of dry ww toast for breakfast, with espresso and a legal homemade cinnamon bicotti.

The kiln is on low, waiting for me to turn it up to medium. I am hoping for a successful firing! No explosions!

ROBOT ROBIN: Welcome back! Deb just kind of quit posting, and after a year of saying she was coming back, Suzanne asked me to mod. I think BOB still hears from her now and then. We would all love to help your young friend figure out this ya'all come on and post! Where are you? You mentioned the south...

SOLLY: That does sound like an interesting lecture. I love history. Especially when it happened right where I am, and I can creatively imagine the past. I loved Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding area - Jamestown and all. I have a friend who lives there and she told me my enthusiasm helped her to be happy to live there again, after being away for years. It was like shooting myself in the foot though...I would have LOVED to have her hate it and move back to Georgia! I miss her.

ROSALIE: I did not sleep well last night, OR the night before. Maybe that is why I have a headache. Good for you getting out and walking. I need to do that before it starts raining....

SEF: were busy yesterday! On the carbs and wanting more- it is also tied in with insulin. When you get the insulin circulating to take care of the carbs, once it is done, it signals your brain that you are hungry. The more insulin you have the worse it can be. If you are insulin resistant (Type 2 diabetic) it can really contribute to the cravings. I have that problem. The Byetta helps some, but I have to be careful, or I can go on a carb fest!

I need to go check on the to you all later!
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Hi all,
Have had a wonderful week. Still on track with my eating. I am limiting my bread intake to one or 2 a day sometimes no bread. I got on the scales this morning and my weight is finally dropping.....yipppeee!! I have lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks. 3 this week. And I feel so good. I have my girls eating most of what I'm eating to. Of course you know kids they still eat other stuff at school. My oldest, Danielle has been picked on at school because of her weight and shes only about 15 lbs over her ideal. She comes home crying because of it. That also motivates me to help her and myself. No junk has been bought in about a week and I'm sticking to it. We are eating fruit, nuts, trisquits, sugar free-peanut butter and jelly, some cheese, cream cheese. Not all at one day but thats what I use for our snacks. Plus Danielle is tall for her age. Shes about 5'1 and not small framed. I hate it when kids are mean to others. They wouldn't like it if they were in the others shoes. But thats some of the kids not all. Most are great kids just a few bad apples in the bunch. Well enough about that.

Monet-Hope your headache gets better. Sounds like you are really enjoying your pottery making. It sounds like fun.

Solly-Now I know who you I remember you by Jack-K. Sounds like you had a great story. Me I love historical romances. I can't put a book down until I read it

Rosalie-Hope you get more sleep tonite...Have a wonderful day!

Robot Girl-Welcome back!!!!!

sef-Sounds like you have a wonderful time going to the nursing home. Our childrens group at church went a couple of weeks ago late in the evening and gave our NH residents little soft monkeys and let them know we were thinking of them on Valentines Day. The residents loved that the children did that.

Melf-Hi there lady. I to have so enjoyed the weather we are having here in Jena. I go to the park every day and eat my lunch and read my book.

To everyone I missed, Have a wonderful SB day!!!!!!!
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Hi all,

Doing wash. Hate that at times, means up and down the stairs a half dozen times. Getting caught up on letters between loads.

Beautiful day. The last couple of days I have had the windows open. Plus the fans are running. In normal weather I sleep with bedroom window open. Summer is usally too hot to do that.

When Bitsy goes downstairs she goes wild. Wants to see her firends, steal their food and explore. I usually get hyper afraid she will get into somethingshe shouldn't, Poor thing gets chased because she wont listen to go out or upstairs. When she's finally trapped she's scared and piddles.

I made up my mind this is ridiculous and not fair to her. So I have been taking her downstairs when I cook or today doing the laundry. No one else is home, so she is not excited to see someone. She is learning and is being more lady like. It's not such a mystery to her. If I can do it a few more days I think she will be perfect.

Robot: Welcome back. I first came here in 2001 but I don't remember your name. I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree. How nice you are to encourage your student. It will help you too. We are a caring group. Also forgiving. I fell off the wagon and gained back some weight. I was sorta ashamed to come back but everyone encouraged me to do so. Let us know when she posts,

SOLLY: So nice that you enjoyed the lecture. I went to a casino show once because the YAH was going, but wasn't particularly interested. The show was marvelous I was so glad I went. Those are nice surprises. Have to keep an open mind Iguess.

Go visit your aunt. Assisted living centers are a lot different than a NH. The residents are alert, maybe a little slow, but ALs don't have that sterile atmosphere. They are usually more homey.

There is one NH we go to and I told my son if anything happens don't put me there. The piano is sticky, the chairs too. I always take wipes with me. It just is not up to snuff.

Thanx for reminding me about the carbs with a protein. I knew that just didn't think. I suppose I thought I would be doing less calories, but that's not what it's all about is it?

ROSALIE: See the post to Solly above. I only use SGWW or whole grain products. So I'm doing one thing right. Even when I fell off the map I continued eating the grains and beans. I love 14 bean soup.

MONET: Hope your headache is better. Also that your things in the kiln come out right. See post above. I can go on bnges, the old thing "I bet you can't eat just one! You all have helped remind me. Thank you.

[B]THUNDER:]/B] How great that things are going well. You are setting a good example for your girls. Mom is walking the walk too. Other kids will soon see the results.

Time to check the washer and let the dogs in. Will see y'all later.

May good things happen, Shirley
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[COLOR="Red"]afternoon every buddy!!!!!!

Couldn't sleep last night, but finally dozed off[/COLOR around 6a.m. Sad top say, I didn't get up until 2 p.m.
Now I feel more tired than if I had stayed ups!

JACKIE....sorry about the game....we're were doing all we could to pull them through. I heard the board that hired him doesn't want to get rid of him, and the University is leaving that up to them, They would be CRAZY to get rid of him...and PULEEEEEZ.....EDDIE MUNSTER (looks just like him) from FLA won't leave FLA...he's got it made in the shade down here!

ROBIN...I'm sorry, but I just don't remember you...was I here when you were here? ANYWAY.....WELCOME TO OUR LITTLE CORNER OF THE BOARD

SEF....I about died when I did my comparision in the email....I'm a DRY BASEBALL HUMPER .....Where do you get this stuff!!!!!

SONYA....Glad to hear you've got the Girls on plan...won't hut them that for will give them healthy choices.

MONET.....AGAIN...had I known you were up, I would have called you!! As for the said they are 16 oz. is that the size that mine will be when you make them? I pity you having to get out in the traffic that has
dumped on ATL....Good thing you live outside the city....Hope you don't have to go near the GA DOME!!!!

ROSALIE....another wide awake BUSTER....the three of us could have had a combined telephone conversation!!! What's on your agenda for the weekend?

KRIS....I think when you decide to got to the cemetary, it will give you complete closure....The dreams will stop and that part of your live will be over.
I've got to go to TARGET...My Grand Nephew's birthday party is Sunday and he loves THOMAS...I'm looking for the cassette/book combo...when he takes his nap, he doesn't always go to sleep, but this will at least relax him. THEN there's Matthew who is going on 2yrs old. I know that he won't understand why Brother is getting all these gifts and he isn't getting anything....SO...I'm going to get him a fishing pole to play with in the bathtub....

COUNTRY....let me know when those beans are full and ready to pick....I'll be over to help!

MELF....good going on that walk....that's something I need to do EVERY DAY!! What's on your agenda for the weekend????

THIN....I think you should get some of those BEAR CUBS. I don't know what they are made of, but look like can get those at Trading Posts, gift're close enough to NC to be able to find them. They come in all sizes

Well....I've got chicken in the oven and have to finish up something to go with it.

My MOVIE for tonight will be FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS....I can't wait to see this...I love war movies, and the original with John Wayne was one of my favorits. I'll let you know how it is, but I'm sure it's a winner!

As for Kate, she has no energy...we go to the DOC on Monday and I'm going to ask him about B-12 shots...I think that will help her...

I'm off to cook!!!! LATER

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BOB, I love to read your posts. They're always so full of jivey nonsense but oh so true. I don't think I'm expressing that very well, but I mean it as a compliment!!! You tell it like it is! And with humor.

Where do I get that stuff? People like you send it to me. It comes from all over the states, England, Australia and a few from my evil mind. The sentence one wan't one of mine.

I hope Kate is just taking longer than you to recoup her strength after being sick for so long. We don't spring back as quick as we did when we were younger. Prayers going out for her and you.

May good things happen, Shirley
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Thanks for all the ideas! My kids had already recommended the stuffed bear, but they wanted him to be there for kids to hug on when they don't feel well. All I could think about was how germy he would get and how many times he would go through the washer without giving up the ghost!! I think I may get a bear and dress him up with a colored shirt and a band aid or two. He can maybe "watch over them" when they are feeling bad without actually having to come in contact with them I like the bear statue idea and the paw prints too. I will have a good time this summer looking for stuff to decorate with! I'm also going to ask the principal about having a cd player to play nature sounds or music lightly.

Rachel is off to the movies for a friend's birthday. The rest of us went out for mexican and now we're home. I'm not feeling so good right now, scratchy throat and just overall feeling tired. Maybe it's just pollen season in Georgia!!
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Addicted to potato salad!
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Hi everyone. Just a check in/fly by. The Sabres play in an hour and i have a few things to do before I park myself in the recliner.

All's well here. No phone calls from Shelley's paternals and I'm getting everything put behind me where it belongs. I started a thread on the support forum regarding cremation and have gotten a TON of replies that have made me feel loads better about it all. It was really freakin me out, but I took a mention of a Buddist tradition where they are cremated because it allows the soul to float to heaven in the smoke. I sounds weird, but I like thinking about it that way and it's brought me a bit of peace. Whatever works.

Anyhow...I'm being paged in the living room.

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BOB: Do you WANT big mugs like that? I normally make more of a 12oz mug...these 16oz ones were ones I made for the fellas to drink beer out of...but I like them that big for coffee. I can make yours bigger...or smaller. You tell me.

Kiln fired off right on schedule. I can't open it up until tomorrow, so I will not know how it did until then. Tonight, I am mixing up paperclay. I have never tried it, but read about it a lot. You mix together sludgy clay (slip) and ready for this? toilet paper that has been mixed with water and broken up into sludge. The resulting clay is supposed to be very strong and good to handbuild with. Since I can't throw, I am going to play with it and see what I can do with it.

Dinner tonight was a sole filet, broccoli, and I did eat a handful of french fries. Lunch was a PB&J and a glass of milk.

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