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Default Time to Move On to VII!

Here is the link to page 7 of our little corner of the internet. Please begin posting there.

See ya there!!
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Originally Posted by Lilyannas Mom View Post
Hey ladies,

When you go and buy generic brands of different vitamins etc, do you buy every component seperately? Like the Hoodia Extreme. Do you also buy the cayenne, the gymnema sylvestre and the garcinia cambogia? Or do you just buy the Hoodia?

Thanks a bunch! Been researching alternatives for hours
Hi Brianna, it just depends on what you want. The Hoodia will help with hunger, the cayenne is supposed to help burn an extra 50 cal/day as well as other benefits, the gymnema (I think is supposed to help with blood sugar control - but it's been a while since I've read about this one) and I'm not sure about the garcinia cambogia. You should do a little research about what each of these is supposed to do and then decide if you want to take them. Personally, I just take a Hoodia supp because I'm not worried about missing those other ingredients (and I think the cayenne gave me heartburn). Good luck.

BTW, I'm sorry to hear that your night didn't turn out so well and that you had a cheat. I think it's great that you came to us right away and are back on track. That's all you can do when that happens. I'm reading a book right now that I think is going to help - I've been holding off recommending it on this board because I'm only on Ch. 4 but you might want to check it out - it's called Stop Cheating on Your Low Carb Diet. I'm not sure if the MRC plan is considered a low carb diet (like Atkins), but it's definitely 'lower' carb. Anyway, like I said, I'm not sure if I'm totally going to recommend it, but I like what it has to say so far (except for the way he tries to tie it into the evolution theory), and think it will have good strategies for staying on program.

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Default wow!

Wow! I am so far behind on my reading. I've got many pages to read to catch up. I've been super busy for the last couple of weeks and haven't been able to get on here. The good news is I lost 2 pounds last friday (I hit 30 pounds! ) Yesterday, I lost another 1 1/2 pounds. We got back on the enhancer at the end of November and it's definitely helping! They were nice enough to give us an extra small bottle so we'd have about a month supply each between DH and me. Only 15 more pounds to goal! My program end date is officially 12/31, but they are having the extension weeks if you lose weight or buy product the day after Christmas, so I'll probably go in to extend some to be on the safe side. Another awesome thing...We're going to Cancun on the 12th of January. I'm so excited! We're doing the all-inclusive deal. We did it for our Honeymoon and loved it! It's the same chain of hotels, so should be awesome! Also, we got free golf! Going to have to get the golf clubs back from the mother in law so we can golf! Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and I'll probably post some more after I read everyone's posts!
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Originally Posted by COKimBee View Post
The good news is I lost 2 pounds last friday (I hit 30 pounds! ) Yesterday, I lost another 1 1/2 pounds. We got back on the enhancer at the end of November and it's definitely helping! Only 15 more pounds to goal!
Congratulations on your loss, signing the 30lb board and being so close to goal! Nice job!!!!!
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