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Old 10-11-2002, 08:01 PM   #331  
I'm back again
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Hey all,

Home from work and have the house to myself.....

Dyan---so sorry you're having may want to go completely fat free for awhile to feel better. The gall bladder contracts in response to fatty foods and the stones are keeping it from emptying the bile into your intestine for digestion. I've had some problems with that when I was pregnant (gallbladders are sometimes sluggish when you're pregnant), usually eating fat free for awhile gave me some relief. It may help you get to November with alot less pain... My kids are very independent but I guess you have different worries as they get older....will they always choose decent friends?...will they be safe riding with a friend whose parents haven't been obsessed and made them drive in every weather pattern and on all surfaces for those 6 months of permit time? will they be able to fend off a predator in a parking lot at school or work? will they always say, "no" to drugs??... I always talk to them about safety and I try to put it all out of my mind sometimes or I'd never let them go anywhere!

Jello and Semo---now that is not fair! I want to shop too! Jello, Life is too short to deal with that JERK! Hope you find something ...I'd try that place Cafe worked.

Huntress--- Hey girl, I had a stye and my eye doctor said buy new makeup and use baby shampoo and warm water every night to take off my makeup. Seems mascara and eye makeup can have bacteria build up and need to be pitched about every 3 months, at least. Haven't had a stye since. I'm with you about Tiffany. She has been gone too long. I don't think we told her SHE could run away.... Leaders have to stay put. I'm sure missing her funny posts and the way she makes us all feel welcome here and like family...Come back, Tiffany, wherever you are....????

Tiger---we are on the same wavelength, girl. I'm working on one meal a day, too. It seems I do great on Breakfast and lunch but blow it at dinner and afterwards! I know if I can just fix those times, I'll have it made.

Cafe--what a wonderful description of working in a bread must have really enjoyed your job!

Hello, Miss Kayla....hope you are having fun tonight! I always looked forward to Friday nights when I was in school....I miss being young!

Take care all!

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Jello: Kick your boss in the a$$...also I think his harassing you about taking one day to have a biopsy with a history of cancer comes under hostile work environment....seriously he can't do the Labor board...they will tell you exactly what he can and cannot say to have a nice case here...I have a friend who already went through something like this so I knows what I knows...

Dyan: Nexium and Bentyl are two drugs that should help you with the nausea and the stomach pain....just call your doctor up and tell him to call you in some scripts...this is ridiculous that you should be this uncomfortable and have to wait 5 weeks to have it taken out. Do not plan anything for 4-5 days after your surgery no matter what bull they hand you. I am so sorry you are sick...even my sister who is on Medicaid got better care than this...what a horrible shame...they should all suffer the way you are!!

Semo: Write me deary....and I wish now I had not taken a drawing class and a watercolor class at the same time...I was so tired last night I couldn't even go to class...God I would give anything not to work just for a little while...oh well so would eveyone else.

Cafe, Huntress, brighterdays, Kayla, and Tiger: All my good wishes and love to you all....sounds like all of you have your plates full.

I am fighting the good fight with my food, but have been sneaking in calories here and there and my weight loss has stopped. Also the blood sugar is rising so I am going to see my doc on Monday and see what we can do...I will not, I repeat will not let this become diabetes...i will stop eating altogehter if I have to.....oh what a drama queen I am...

Talk to you all again when I come up for air again......I wish you all lots of lost pounds, and gains of only money and happiness!
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Hi all..........

It's a beautiful cool morning here, feels so good. Actually the sun hasn't come up yet but I just know it's going to be nice today. That cool air puts a little spring in my step and better yet lets me open up my house for a little while. Going on a road trip today, already washed the car, it sparkles like a diamond. Can't wait to get out on the open road and let it roar.

Hey Brighterdays - thanks for the info. Funny thing is I just bought new makeup so I don't think that is the cause. Fortunately the stye is almost gone and I haven't worn any makeup at all the last several days. Thanks again. BTW, how did you manage to have an empty house? Tell me your secret!

I gotta get moving, lots and lots to do before I leave. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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I'm back again
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Hi all,

Now don't faint....I am here daily x2 days....I know, it's amazing but I am making the time to chat with friends. It's a ME thing, you know.

Huntress....come and pick me up, girl! I could use a nice ride thru the changing colors of fall. Glad that stye is better.. it is so aggravating for me not to wear makeup...must be nice to be able to go au naturale! As for the empty house...just a fluke...everyone had someplace to go except me, of course!

DNW...nice to hear from you, also. Having a bit of a problem with my eating, too. But I think I'm getting more control.

Jello...hope all goes well with your "thing"---I keep thinking of a saying I saw once, "He who angers you, controls you". I think of it everytime I have to deal with some helps to give me a different perspective on the situation.

Did anyone find Tiff yet? Hello to Cafe and Kayla and SEMO and Dyan (hope you are feeling better).

Take care and have a good Monday!

" Bright"
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Long Lost Chickie
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Hello. Hello. Back from another lost weekend. Yesterday, the only thing that saved me at all was the time I took out from stuffing my face to play with my new exercise ball. It's still fun. But food and water - out the window! I've already started rehearsing what I'm going to say to my trainer on Thursday. It's the last day of my 10 week program and I'm sure to be UP a few pounds. I haven't gone as gung-ho as I thought I would. But I'm glad I spent the money and did the program. I learned a lot about nutrition and exercise and muscle groups and fat burners, etc. Now all I have to do is DO IT!!!!

I never seem to have any time any more. Do you guys feel like that? It seems like yesterday for example that I started that 10 week program. It seems like I should still be planning my Scotland trip. Ye gads, it's almost Christmas already!!!!! I just don't have the time to plan the meals and prepare the right foods and hit the gym..... How do I make the time for ME!?!?

Old *itch is off today. Boss is at a trade show for the week. One of my engineers I work for is at the same trade show. I'm taking the time to breathe.....

One thing that's been keeping me up at night....

Oooh, true confessions here. Read if you feel like getting deep and philosophical....

I've been thinking that life is passing me by. I get up and go to work and come home and do some chores and watch some TV and go to bed. Occasionally, there's something like a dinner out or a visit from a friend or a holiday. But mostly, there's nothing but the passage of time. Does this make sense? I hate my job and am hoping the friend I was talking to was serious about hiring me and will still want me in a few months like she was saying. And I've GOT TO DO SOMETHING about my weight!!!!! (Yeah, there's a surprise.)

For Thanksgiving, I've got us on a flight to North Carolina to visit Rich's parents at their new house. For Christmas, we're flying to Las Vegas. I've scheduled a couple days off work "just because". No we can't really afford any of this but one thing I learned during my cancer battle was that life is very very short. Do with it what you will but do it NOW.

Having said that, do I work harder to lose the weight so that I can enjoy life and do things that I can't do with this extra weight? Or do I just go out and eat what I want and what I enjoy because that's part of living?

Yes, I know what the answer to that should be.

But it's so hard.

I have to take a long lunch today for an eye doctor appointment. Who's the one with the stye? (Sorry, I've forgotten.) Well, I've got something going on in my left eye too. It's been red and sore so I'm going to have him take a look. Life's little ... "stuff". After that, I'll come back here and work *sigh*.

Hm, have a lottery ticket. Maybe I should go check that....

Anyway, I'll be sure to come here. Life's got its highs and lows. You guys are very very HIGH!
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Ok girls, I'm getting worried. Has anyone heard from Tiff? I keep expecting her to show up telling us how busy she has been. ???

Jello, it sounds like you are doing a lot of things....not letting life pass you by. Maybe it's the job leaving you feeling empty. Sounds like it's time for a massage or a manicure.

The weekend has left my house looking like a tornado went through it. Weekend whirlwind!
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Good morning, everyone.

Good weekend here, as far as exercise goes. Not so good weekend as far as food goes.

I'm really enjoying the cool weather. I'm glad I got a lot of it this weekend, because I heard on the news this morning that it's supposed to drop down into the 40's tomorrow and stay there for the rest of the week.

Going for walkies tonight with a friend, so I'm working toward my 3 pointer day. Not too much else to say. Must be Monday blahs. Can't.... think....

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Good Morning Ladies ,


Aaaahhhh, I needed to get that out of my system! What a weekend. Went to storage on Saturday. I had had enough. I share it with my mom and she takes up 3/4th of the freakin thing. I pay half, and use alot less. I told her that it was time to go through it. I wanted to see exactly how much stuff I had. So we were there a good 10 hours! We left the house at about 9:30 and we got home a little after 9pm. Storage closes at 9. Ate I meal, lifted, pushed, and pulled ALL day long. My back is killing me! We have so much crap to sale. We decided to have a yard sale this coming up weekend. Whatever we don't sell, we're giving to St. Vincent DePaul's. I'm not big on giving stuff to the Goodwill or The Salvation Army. I would like people that could REALLY use it, get it. At St. Vincent's people that are homeless or are truly "poor" ~ making min. wage, can get a voucher from a church or other organization to go in there and get what they need for free. They do sell stuff, in order to pay for operating costs, but at least those who truly don't have can get for free. Sunday was recupe day.

Due to TOM I am up 5 pounds this week. Oh's outta my control. Hoping that it goes down on Saturday.

As far as my GB. Since it's not infected I'm not considered an emergency. ****, one of the ladies that DH works w/ had her's removed at the same hospital 8 years ago. She was saying that she lost 25lbs, BEFORE her surgery, which they had scheduled for 3 months AFTER her class. In that time, it got so bad, that she could only eat Jello. WHen she called them, they told her to call back when she couldn't drink water !!!! Gawd, I hate Kaiser!! anyhoo, they only had time in Nov. to do it, so I picked the 15th. They said we would be out for 2 weeks, so I figure I can get my disability whil on vacation, and not have to use my leave. I might as well get something out of this. Besides having my GB removed (which will be heaven!).

Huntress: how was your road trip?

Jello: I am so sorry that you hate your job so much. I agree, that life's too short. I hope your friend was serious. I had a job w/ the county D.A.'s office. I was a file clerk, and my boss was always hounding me. My job wsa to get files for the case workers. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG. People would take cases and not sign them out, so I would have to search every single workers office for the files. My boss would page me umpteen times a day, asking me what I was doing. Looking for files DUH!! It got to the point where I was dreaming about work. Talking about it in my sleep (something I don't usually do. I woke up as soon as I heard the words coming out of my mouth...."Give me those files. I have to have those files!"). NOT only that, I had so much stress built up in my shoulders that it hurt to put on my bra. You could feel the stress, I lumps the size of softballs. I am in no way exaggerating. Needless to say, I was glad when I left that place.

Cafe: You just don't know how thrilled I am to get this freakin thing out!

Tig: When your done at place, wanna come over to my pad? HA, you should see it. Brought home my Halloween stuff from storage, along w/ some other crap. I actually found my Susan Powters book "Stop the Insanity" along w/ my Larry North 21 day slim down diet. Everything still in the box (well, minus a power bar, that I threw out while at storage)!! Can you say "Yard Sale"?!

Brighter: I am so jealous....what I wouldn't give for a day alone in my own house. aaahhhh just thinking about it gives me the warm and fuzzies .

DNW: Thanks for the info, I'll have to try them.

SEMO: Can yo uimagine me knocked out? Been knocked out once before, but only at the Dotor's , ooohhh the stories I could tell you.....Don't know if ya'll would believe me if I told ya!

oh, look at the time....gotta run....
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Guys I'm starting a new thread............ It's Monday and I need a new start.
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