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Smile well...

yesterday we ate pizza, it was planned and I did not hold back on it! It's ok though...I'm just not looking at my scale for at least a day or so. Gonna exercise today for a while, clean too. My friend who's also on Alli is going to come over and workout with me tomorrow because I told her I almost have a full gym in here anyway

it'll be fun, but I'm sure she'll wanna use my treadmill, which is making a really great coat rack right now! I gotta give it some space (clear my clutter mess) and set up my gazelle upstairs... wooohooo!
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Back at it...again!
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JackiG-I went ahead and added you on the list, so WELCOME to the thread!

jellofer-No prob, sista! Ya know, I was looking at your stats thinking, "I wonder what it would be like to be that tall. I wonder how I would wear my weight then." Seriously, every pound I gain goes straight to my belly. No mercy! So, I'll be glad to get these extra few off so my skinniest jeans don't make me look like I'm trying to smuggle a 2-liter bottle everywhere I goes beyond muffin top at times! LOL

NightAngel- Wednesdays is our family's official "Experimental Pizza Night" for supper, so it's a given that it won't be my best weigh-in on Thursdays. My goal then is to just eat 2-3 pieces and enjoy them. I wish I wasn't such a good cook! LOL Have fun with the workout with your friend!

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I want to join this challenge. I fell off the wagon and rolled down the hill last month. Im battling a case of depression but feeling better today. I bought some healthy food at the store today and ready to jump back on the wagon. I will weigh in in the morning and post it then. I want to loose 3 pounds this month. Start modest so I don't get overwhelmed. Thanks Pat
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My goal for march is not necessarily a weight goal. I just want to set a regular work-out plan and FOLLOW it. I want to be working out 45 min to an hour at least 5 days a week. I also want to incorporate lots more fruits and veggies into my diet. We'll see where that brings my weight at the end of the month, but that's not what I'm focusing on just yet.
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Hello ladies, well yesterday was a good day and today has been so far. I am getting my water in so that is an awesome plus. Kicking up the exercising starting tomorrow morning so hope all goes well with that. I am trying to get things ready here at home before my son and I go back to Arkansas. We leave March 31 we are going back to get the rest of our things out of our storage finally and we have a really good friend that is going to help with bringing our things back and they are going to stay for a week long visit. We will be flying back which is only 5 hours but we will be driving back which takes around 20 hours I'm not looking forward to that and I am going to have to try and plan how to eat for about 4 days.
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In it for the long run
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Hey everyone. Today is a little better for me. I have been sick the past few days with fever and sore throat. I've lost my voice and haven't been able to talk since yesterday, I can only whisper. I decided to take off of work today and have a 3 day weekend (I'm off every wed and thurs.). I'm a zookeeper so work is tough when you're sick, and if you can't think straight then mistakes can be REALLY bad. I've been eating normally though so was glad to see that I was down to 176 this morning Have a great day everyone!
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Zoochick - I’m a body bugg girl too. I love it.

TeenChamp - I’m an ex-MD junkie, so I feel your pain.

Tummy - Yay for a sale. I would love to go to Mexico. I hope you have a blast. I’m glad that you get to go feeling awesome about the way you look, it’s going to make it so much better for you.

NightAngel - Well, not only will the workout with your friend be fun, but it gives you an excuse to sort things so that your workouts alone will be better too. I wish I had nearly a full gym at my house.

Mystical - I do not envy you that drive. I do envy the leaving Arkansas behind part a bit though. I can’t wait to be able to move somewhere not so hot. I hope it all goes well with moving the rest of your things.

Well, I am not beginning March as well as the rest of you chicks are. I’ve gained 4 pounds. I have a cold and PMS, so it’s certainly not real weight, just water, but still - grrr! I’m starting to feel better from the cold though, I think yesterday was the worst of it. I still wasn’t out of bed before noon today though, but I think I might actually be able to exercise. I got no exercise in yesterday and only burned 1954 calories. I think that is the lowest number my bugg has ever shown me. I only left bed for bathroom, food, crystal light, and once to give food to the cats. My food intake has also not been good the last 2 days. I have always heard women complain about get really hungry at certain points in their cycle, but I never knew anything of it because I didn’t have a normal cycle. Well, the weight loss has helped a lot with my PCOS and now my cycle is becoming more normal. I have been just starving the last 2 days (cycle days 26 and 27). Today my hunger level dropped back to normal. Is that about when this hungry thing is supposed to happen?
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K I'm in for March! I only lost 4 lbs last month, though my goal was 8, ugh!!! I will be striving for an 8 lb loss this month.

SW 263
GW 255
Weight loss for this challenge 2lbs.

3/9- 261

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Hi ladies! I decided to join as I finally broke through a plateau this morning. My goal is to lose 3 lbs in March.
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OMG! My wedding ring is on my finger! And the finger above it is not turning purple from the blood supply being choked! And I don't have to worry about it not coming off if I want to take it off!
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Default *yawn*

not been exercising per se... but been cleaning which I think is good enough.

FitGirlyGirl- hope you feel better, yeah pms lbs suck! just figure you'll see em swoop back down after!

zoochick- it seems that being a zookeeper could be really cool. We don't really have those around here but that sounds like a great job! Hope you get better, yeah sore throats are really going around right now.
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Back at it...again!
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March Weight Loss Challenge Goal List
If there are any mistakes or updates, please let me know!
Red=Goal Met!

VickieLou: Lose 12 lbs, 80 oz water/day, 1400-2000 calories/day
eclipse: Reach 238 lbs
Brittany1988: Give up soda, Reach 179 lbs
cherbear: Lose 7 lbs, No fast food breakfasts
Ms_Perception: Weigh under 134, Track my food
NightAngel26: Lose 15 lbs
Bigmid: Onederland
startiff68: Lose 15 lbs
Nella: Drink 6 cups of water each day
jessicado22: Onederland
Rashomon: Reach 209 lbs
nurse2be: Lose 15 lbs, No drive-thru
mystical: Lose 5 lbs
FitGirlyGirl: Reach 165 lbs
Pinkberrry: Reach 150 lbs
Summer2010: Be below 225 lbs
Shrinking Girl: Lose 3 lbs
iDream: Drink water everyday, Get back OP with food
knobhdy: Lose 8 lbs
LouisaH: Reach 183 lbs
Lewisempire: Eat 1800-2200 calories/day
Tummy Girl: Maintain under 140 lbs
pokeycactus: Onederland
aluxa: Control binge eating, Lose 10-12 lbs
jellofer2: Reach 220 lbs
Matilda08: Lose 10 lbs
KattC: Lose 5 lbs
LaurenA: Stay OP on weekends, Lose 5 lbs
KyAngel1975: Lose 20 lbs
nellonello: Lose 5 lbs
zoochick777: Reach 170 lbs
TeenChamp2010: Lose 15 lbs, Quit drinking soda
helpmelose: Reach 132.4 lbs
tend3rloin: Lose 10 lbs, 8 cups water daily
wannabesomebody: Lose 4 lbs, Eat breakfast (You and Hubby)
JoyinHim: Lose 10 lbs, Cut back the sugar
JackiG: Lose 10 lbs
Dixiemae: Lose 3 lbs
kathrynk: Eat more fruits and veggies
bigmomma: Lose 8 lbs
Taurie: Lose 3 lbs
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Back at it...again!
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Height: 5'3"


Just a reminder all fitness/exercise goals won't be listed on this list since we have a fitness/exercise sister thread here: that keeps track of all that good stuff.

Well, I'm feeling good after a nice outdoor run and a good eating day. I definitely did better today with snacking, so that was an accomplishment. Here's to 2 OP days in a row!!!
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I'd like to lose 10 lbs by the end of March.

Starting Weight.. 224 lbs
Goal Weight....... 214 lbs

Good luck, girls!

I like to weigh in on Saturdays:

March 06:
March 13:
March 20:
March 27:

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Hi chickies. I hang my head in shame I did not even post a goal for February, so I guess I didn't fail . I just can not get back into the groove! I am up to 165.4. I was oh so close to the 150s on January 31st-160.8. The next day (my birthday!) I was up 5 lbsAnd that was before I found out that my son (just turned 20) is going to be a daddy Needless to say, big time stress ensued I'm over the shock and ready to get back to business. Spring comes early to Caifornia, my legs need to be short-worthy. I could use some rolling pins, though Yesterday, after avoiding evil little Girl Scouts and their thin mints for weeks, I caved. I had SEVEN thin mints AND a sliver of cake. Okay, today is a new day. I had just two thin mints. Thwack me, please!

I've been keeping up with all of you young chicks, and you are doing great! Sorry I can't do personals, but a month's worth would keep me up past my bedtime.

SANDYE (IDREAM) I'd best see you checking in every day June will be here before you know it and we'll be a'swimmin' and let's hope cause we're skinny and such

MSP Would you put me down for 5 lbs please?

Okay girls, let's say goodbye to winter and think spring! Shorts! Sundresses! Tank tops!
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