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Default Hello :)

Today has been great! It's sooo much easier to exercise with a friend! We burned rubber today and tomorrow she's coming back. She wants to make it a habit so woohoo!

Brittany- being sick sucks, but I guess it's helping the weight angle... just watch out for the cravings when you feel better, I know I get em when I'm well after a sickness!

FitGirlyGirl- Woot!! on the drop in weight! "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"

Jessicado- Glad your date went well! Honey you're gorgeous, you'll have no problem going out! And hey, dancing burns crazy calories too!

WannabeNurse- You're doing great on the no smoking thing... they say that if you can make it two weeks it feels better and gets easier....

Kattc- maybe your extra weight is muscle gain? That's always good.

LouisaH- 100 squats is awesome!! I don't do em my knees are terrible about that...but they're so good for you! The hungry bit... I think it happens from time to time...and often before TOM ...ugh... maybe load up on something low cal to fill ya? Hope it passes for you.
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Back at it...again!
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March Weight Loss Challenge Goal List
If there are any mistakes or updates, please let me know!
Red=Goal Met!

VickieLou: Lose 12 lbs, 80 oz water/day, 1400-2000 calories/day
eclipse: Reach 238 lbs
Brittany1988: Give up soda, Reach 179 lbs
cherbear: Lose 7 lbs, No fast food breakfasts
Ms_Perception: Weigh under 134, Track my food
NightAngel26: Lose 15 lbs
Bigmid: Onederland
startiff68: Lose 15 lbs
Nella: Drink 6 cups of water each day
jessicado22: Onederland
Rashomon: Reach 209 lbs
nurse2be: Lose 15 lbs, No drive-thru
mystical: Lose 5 lbs
FitGirlyGirl: Reach 165 lbs
Pinkberrry: Reach 150 lbs
Summer2010: Be below 225 lbs
Shrinking Girl: Lose 3 lbs
iDream: Drink water everyday, Get back OP with food
knobhdy: Lose 8 lbs
LouisaH: Reach 183 lbs
Lewisempire: Eat 1800-2200 calories/day
Tummy Girl: Maintain under 140 lbs
pokeycactus: Onederland
aluxa: Control binge eating, Lose 10-12 lbs
jellofer2: Reach 220 lbs
Matilda08: Lose 10 lbs
KattC: Lose 5 lbs
LaurenA: Stay OP on weekends, Lose 5 lbs
KyAngel1975: Lose 20 lbs
nellonello: Lose 5 lbs
zoochick777: Reach 170 lbs
TeenChamp2010: Lose 15 lbs, Quit drinking soda
helpmelose: Reach 132.4 lbs
tend3rloin: Lose 10 lbs, 8 cups water daily
wannabesomebody: Lose 4 lbs, Eat breakfast (You and Hubby)
JoyinHim: Lose 10 lbs, Cut back the sugar
JackiG: Lose 10 lbs
Dixiemae: Lose 3 lbs
kathrynk: Eat more fruits and veggies
bigmomma: Lose 8 lbs
Taurie: Lose 3 lbs
Rythm: Lose 10 lbs
Late to the game: Lose 5 lbs
mmiller2829: Lose 13 lbs
Emilia LaCasuela: Lose 15 lbs
dropkickmurphy: Lose 3 kg, Stick to diet/lifestyle change
WannabeNurse: Remain smoke-free, Lose 5 lbs/Reach 150's
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Back at it...again!
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Welcome all newbies!! I hope you love all the support, humor, and encouragement on this thread. We're so glad to share the victories and challenges with all who join!

LTTG: SO good to have you back on here! Ya know, you're right shorts are a great motivator to stay on track. I actually will have to go buy a bunch at Goodwill or something, so it's an added bonus to firm up and look super hot in some new (to me) shorts!

LE-Let me tell ya, I would've eaten something naughty if I'd had it in the house tonight, but I didn't so thank heavens I can say I made it through day #3 OP!!!! Yay!! You're right it's getting to be a good habit again. I think I'm having pre-TOM hunger issues because the appetite is downright crazy on and off right now. Like I said, I'm SUPER glad I don't have any junk in the house. The worst thing I can do right now is have a bowl of Raisin Bran for a snack! LOL

eclipse-That is so cool about your ring!! I know mine was super tight for a long while, now I think I need to get it sized down before I lose it (from falling off).

Gotta get some stuff done here. You chickies have a great night!
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Never ending story
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Night Angel: Hooray on a workout buddy! There is no better way to stay accountable and have someone with a rolling pin at the ready when you are feeling lazy. I just wondered last night if this might be PMS. It would be early, but I don't really keep close track because, um, I would have to keep track. I'm only 43, I can't really be expected to have that kind of self awareness yet, can I?

Jessicado: Brava on the work you're doing to figure out those underlying motivations that made you want to be fat. Fear is a dangerous thing, and facing it will make it go away. Hopefully you will come to love that which has made you uncomfortable in the past. Perhaps being older and wiser will make you more confident in uncomfortable situations. I've always been in awe of women who deal so naturally with guys coming on to them. It's always made me uncomfortable unless it was someone I liked back. Maybe that's why I've always been overweight. Dancing is the most fun way to get exercise, in my opinion. Dancing in heels would be the most exquisite form of torture for me! I can generally wear heels from my bedroom upstairs to the front door, where I then take them off and carry them back upstairs.

Brittany: Sorry you're sick. Hope you feel better and can get on track quickly. You should still be able to lose a bit (and get yourself healthy sooner) if you keep eating right.

FGG: Thanks for that confirmation on lack of iron. I took an iron pill and multi-vitamin today, and do feel better. I exercised this morning and am sore from that, but it's feeling more like the "hurts so good" pain, than the "I never want to move again" pain. I agree with the water thing. I have consumed between 80 and 112 ounces of water every single day since January 1st, and it floors me how thirsty I still get. I had someone today tell me that it's way more water than I need to drink. I refrained from saying "Thanks for the unsolicited opinon." Proud moment.

WannabeNurse: June 1st will be 12 years non-smoking for me, and not a day goes by that I am not thankful for it. I gained 40 pounds after quitting smoking, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Have confidence and know that you are doing something so good for yourself!

Way to go! I was wondering what's up with the weight tracker too.

Nella: Thankfully I played the martyr and just went hungry! Thanks for taking one for the team and doing my overeating for me!

Lewisempire: The vitamins are helping; I am starting to feel more like myself again. No shortage on water. I've been the poster child for drinking my water since I started this. I can tell I'm drinking enough water because my TBS (Tiny Bladder Syndrome) is acting up quite a bit. I've been threatening to move my office to the bathroom, but I guess having to run there several times an hour is good exercise.

I just ate a piece of pizza for dinner. One serving. That's the thing these days. I stick to it. Since I started participating on this forum, I am completely dedicated to making this happen. When I know I'm going to have a big dinner out, I save up calories during the week and eat very little during the day so that if I am going over my cals, I'm keeping it as small as possible. I'm so inspired by all of you who have stuck with it and reached your goals (final and mini), and doggone it, I want that too! I don't want to undo any of the hard work I've done so far. My secret goals are the total vanity moments when I will see people I haven't in a long time. I just want people to talk behind my back! lol.

I'm happy to see that March is looking like a much more motivated and upbeat month for so many of us! Go us!

Oh, I was down another .8 pounds this morning to 193.6, and I'm hoping to keep this momentum up!
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Currently, I am weighing 148 lbs, au naturel. LOL I just turned 30 on 2/19. By 3/19 I would like to have toned up a good deal & lost 5 lbs. My ultimate goal, for April 1st, is to have gotten a full 8 lbs off & to be able to hold steady at 140 lbs. I just really need to focus on working out & toning/firming up. Thus, my decision to look into purchasing a Wii Fit.

**Good luck to everyone with their March goals!!!**
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My goal is to be in the 220s, that is, exactly 229.9lbs or less, by April first. In other words, I want to lose 10 lbs in March. I'm doing this not by obsessively weighing myself or counting calories, but by increasing exercise. I'm using a training regimen I found in a magazine that helps you get ready for a 5K in twelve weeks; it increases my minutes exercised per week by quite a bit.

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Good morning ladies! It's almost Friday! Oh I can't wait! It's been a crazy week!
Down a few pounds this week (all water) and still losing despite TOM showing up and bringing his lovely friend Cramptina with him (she's a hag!). I haven't had cramps in a loooooooooooooong time so I'm pretty grumpy about it and irritated that my lower back is joining the party as well. Hmph!

However, I've stayed POP all week. Only one workout in so far, but that'll change tonight when hubby comes home on time (he's been getting home after 10:00 all week).

Well ladies, I need to get the boys off to school. Sorry about the lack of personals, it doesn't feel right posting and not chatting with you all, but unfortunately I just don't have time. I miss chatting with you all though and know that I'm proud of each and every one of you!

Have a wonderful day!!!
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ISO my perfect body
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Good morning ladies!
It has been a perfect week for me so far. I am a little worried about the weekend, It is always harder then. I think I will focus on the 15 day perfect that someone talked about earlier in the thread. That just sounded doable to me.
Ladies no time for personals today though, just know that I am thinking about you ladies throughout the day, and it helps me stay on plan! Thanks so much for being here.
Have a great day everyone.
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Hey guys! Hope you're having a great Thursday ^_^

LouisaH - 100 squats is amazing! I used to hate squats so much but once I figured out how to do them the right way I was hooked. And I definitely know what you mean about the forum keeping you on track. I'm doing so much better than I would have if I didn't have anyone to be accountable to.

Lewisempire - Thanks for the support! The weekends are pretty rough for me too because my family always wants to eat out. Good luck with staying on track!

FitGirlyGirl - That hummus idea is great, I can't believe that I didn't think about it because I love hummus! I'm definitely going to whip up a batch this weekend.

NightAngel26 - Yeah, I try not to weigh myself the day after a hard workout because I always either maintain or gain. That's great that you found someone to exercise with! I love running and hiking outside in the summer, but I'm limited a lot of times from going where I want to because I don't feel comfortable going alone. I need to start looking for a workout buddy!

Nikkie219 - I love my Wii Fit so much. I actually do the Shaun White snowboarding game on it, and I can definitely feel the burn in the muscles in my leg. I really like the boxing too!

freshmanweightorbust - I've done a program like that to get ready for a 5k, and it was one of the best things I've ever done. I used to hate running but I absolutely love it now.

iDream - I am feeling your pain right now. Just a few more days and the cramps will be gone *crosses fingers*.

I am super excited today because I'm down one pound! I've been eating really well, still trying to get more veggies in my diet though. Today is going to be really busy but I'm going to have a lot of time tomorrow to cook some yummy phase 1 recipes!
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Originally Posted by freshmanweightorbust View Post
I'm using a training regimen I found in a magazine that helps you get ready for a 5K in twelve weeks; it increases my minutes exercised per week by quite a bit.
Is this the couch to 5k thing? Because that's what I'm doing too! Though as I said, I've been way to sick to do it this week. But hopefully back on the wagon Monday. I have my BFF coming up from out of state tomorrow for the weekend, so wish me luck on staying on track for the weekend! I know she wants to eat Japanese food. I'm thinking sticking with the Hibachi grill and just not eating the fried rice. What do you guys think?
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Ugh. I'm feeling icky today. I haven't lost any weight all week, and I'm actually up about a half a lb. I know the reasons for it - time of the month is hanging on for dear life and refusing to be DONE, I'm retaining water like MAD (you know how I could easily slip my ring on 2 days ago? Yesterday my finger suddenly swelled up so bad that I couldn't get it off. It's down a bit today, so i put it back in the jewelry box for now), and (TMI) I'm horribly constipated. But, I've been drinking my water, and eating in my calorie range, and I know it will resolve itself. I'm just going to keep on moving ahead in this.
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SW: 197
CW: 196
GW: 190

It's my favorite time of the month, the week after my period and the weight FALLS off, so I'm excited. I'm ready for the weekend though!!

My dog and I have started doing the c25k also and we like it a lot. I was a runner back when I was in the Army, but lost the taste for it as I started having to haul around 75 extra pounds... This has really helped and I'm really excited about being able to get my endurance back! Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Strong is the new Pretty!
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Brittany - You aren’t alone. I have a cold (dang boyfriend) and TOM (dang mother nature). I have been able to exercise the last couple days, but not up to my full me yet and there were a couple days I only got out of bed to go potty or get food or water. I hope you are feeling better soon. The Japanese place I go to does lots of veggies on the hibachi too, so if you stick to the leaner meat choices and load up on veggies that should be good.

NightAngel- I’m glad the working out with your friend is going well

Louisa - I’m glad you are feeling better. Low iron sucks! Yay for dedication and for good scale movement.

Sandye - I am sorry about Cramptina (I like it!), she’s buggin me too.

Eclipse - I’m sorry for the ickies, I hope they are gone soon.

Cherbear - that’s cute that you and the dog are doing C25K, I’m glad you are both enjoying it.

Well I managed to wash away another .4 pounds of cold/TOM water weight. I’m feeling really stressed today though since my father is going into surgery today 11 hours away from me. I’m seriously on edge waiting for my brother to call me to tell me he made it through ok. My father is 78 years old and he does have to go fully under for this surgery, so it is very nervous making. To add to it my boyfriend has to give the eulogy at his uncle’s funeral today and I know he is still not up to 100% from being so sick, so I’m also very worried about him. Stress usually makes me eat, so I am going to have a hard time with that today. I’m about to start working on cleaning the house. With my having had the anemia issues and then this darn cold, it needs it and hopefully it will help keep me busy enough to not worry too much and not attack hubby’s cookies.
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Hi Everyone!

Doing great in the challenge so far, lost 3 of the 5lbs I wanted to lose this month! YAY!

Now, I just have to kick the weekends butt, stay OP and hope for another drop!

Looks like everyone is doing well! Congrats on all the loses, NSV's
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In it for the long run
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Hey everyone. Just got home from the spa, the massage was AWESOME and I love the way they did my hair! I will definitely be going back to them for haircuts, massages, and mani- & pedicures. I'm feeling a lot better now and can finally talk again (although my voice is still really rough), but I'm coughing a lot more now. Then I had chinese food for dinner last night, so my weight was up to 177.6 today. Have to bring my cat into the vet today, he got either bit or scratched by another cat and it formed an abcess (which has ruptured and is very digusting). So hopefully he won't have to stay overnight, he's already very upset that he's had to stay inside the past 2 days.
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