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My plans for March are to lose 13 lbs. YES I set it high. I started with a personal trainer today.

SW 243
GW 230

Hoping to get into my size 16 jeans. Even if not able to wear them out in public yet. Just to be able to get them up and zipped (with or without laying on the bed) LOL
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Hey this is Kate checking in ^_^ I've loved reading everyone's comments, you guys are a major inspiration! I had a slight weight gain this morning but I exercised yesterday a little longer than normal and that made me super sore today so I'm hoping it's just a little water weight.

I've been eating pretty well, I'm on phase 1 of the south beach diet so it's forcing me to make good food choices. I'm struggling with getting enough veggies though, but I'm working on it! I'm planning on cooking up a huge batch of chili tomorrow so that should get me through this week if I alternate it with the leftover chicken I grilled yesterday. I need to hunt down some exciting recipes so I don't get bored.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!
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I totally did not post last month.... I have no idea what happened!!! Work and School maybe Well anyways I am still working on losing weight and reaching my ultimate goal. This month I hope to lose 15lbs! I know it is ambitious but I think I can handle it! Wish me luck!
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OMG, I'm so hungry! Help! I'm run down, can barely exercise, don't want to get out of bed and I'm huuunnngggrrryyy! I don't know if I still have a bit of a bug hanging around in my system or what. My body just hurts, and the energized, strong feeling I had last month is gone. I'm wondering if I'm low on iron or something. I need to start taking vitamins again, I suppose. I try to eat the proper foods to supply my needs, but I don't know if I'm getting enough of everything. Anyone else experience this?

I didn't exercise yesterday, but last night I did do 100 squats in a row after checking out the 200 squat challenge and wanting to see how many I could do. I was kind of amazed; then I thought I was gonna die. When I sat down, my heart was beating hard for a while and then I got a weird cough like I get when I exercise outside in the winter. Today, I've been a little light headed on top of feeling run down and lethargic.

Sorry no personals, it's past bedtime! I was down to 194.4 today, so at least the scale is heading in the right direction.

There's some great energy on this thread so far, and I'm hoping to absorb some and get back to normal soon!
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I love this forum Everywhere I've posted before have been very judging and always wanted to know your EXACT weight and stuff lol.

My goals are: Exercise every day-30min (I'll feel better ), lose 3kg/6.5lbs, and stick to my "diet"/lifestyle change (lots of fresh fruit and veggies...the first month is the hardest!).

Current weight: 77kg
Goal weight: 74kg or lower

Looking forward to working towards it ^__^
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Good morning All!
Louisa- Yes I have felt the way you are describing.... I usually end up taking a good multivitamin, and drinking lots of water! Dehydration is the #1 cause of feeling crappy! On the other hand, 100 squats is pretty impressive! Hope you feel better soon!

Dropkickmurphy-I agree, this forum is AWESOME! So Welcome, and let's have a great month!

Emilia-Good LUck!

KattC-Good luck with SBD, there are a couple of girls doing that on this thread if memory serves. With great results!

MMILLER- Welcome, and good luck!

LTTG- HI Idream's MOM! I am right there with you about being off track too long! but here we are again.... that is a success in my book! Short worthy legs sound good to me! PS here are your rolling pins!

Rhythm- Welcome and Good luck!

MsP- OK we are on Day #3 of 15 in a row..... I am seeing a good trend here!

I know I missed several of you, but ran out of thime today! Be the best you can be today, It is worth it, and it will show up on the scale soon.
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Morning ladies!! Glad to see some familiar peeps coming on back! Let's just call February a blip on the radar and forget it even existed. Sound good? lol

LTTG - So glad you made it back to us! Sounds like you have had a lot going on!! I know you'll have those 5 pounds gone soon enough!

Louisa - I had a day like that yesterday. I just ate and ate. I let the girls at work talk me into Cheesesteaks! Ahhhhh!!! And fries with cheese!!!! What was I thinking???? It didn't stop there I figured, hey I already killed my eating today, why not completely ruin it? So I ate a lot for dinner followed up with a small bowl of ice cream. I did go to the gym, but only did a mile because DH wasn't feeling well. *sigh* today's a new day though.

doh, running out of time to post. Work always gets in the way, lol. Have a great day all!!! And until Sandye gets here - DRINK YOUR WATER!!!!
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My March Goals:
REMAIN smoke free for the month (9 days in so far!)
complete the c25k workouts 3x/week for the month
lose 5 pounds, or get in the 150's! (164 --> 159)
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Morning ladies!
Yesterday was another POP day and I got all my water in too! No exercise though...I'm taking baby steps.

MOM~ HELLO!!! I'm checkin' in!!!!!! Here's some s for ya!!! I hear ya, June is my new motivator!! I MUST not have this extra weight on me when I go home for a visit!! That would just be WRONG!!!

Okay girls, hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday! Sorry for the lack of personals, but it's kind of a necessity right now. Just know I'm cheering you all on and doing a lot of s too!!

Have a fantastic day ladies!!!

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Ms P, Tummy, Jellofer, Nello and Shrinking Girl, Thanks so much for the welcome back! I've missed coming on here and seeing you all too...just have been soo busy and also didn't really feel like posting when I fell off the wagon, lol. And all have been sticking to it while I've been gone--look at how much weight you've all lost!!!!!!!! W2G!

pokeycactus--we are starting out this month with the same weight and going towards the same goal. We'll have to keep eachother on track! We can do this!!!!!

Tummy--that is so awesome! Both about your trip and the fact that you already feel (and are) great, so don't have the need to worry about losing more weight before your trip. I can't wait until I reach that weight and mentality. It must be so freeing! Whenever I have an event coming up, I think "Oh, if I could only lose 5 or 10 pounds by then!"

Eclipse--That is awesome! W2G! Just imagine if your fingers have shrunk that much, how much the rest of you must be getting smaller too!

Are you a fan of the band? Or is your name for other reasons? I love them....although a I prefer Flogging Molly a tad more.

Well, I am not starting out this month at a good rate. I ate a healthy 1800 calories on the 1st (a little higher than I meant too, but still healthy and not crappy foods), and went and worked out a ton (running 3 miles straight and doing 1/2 hour on the rowing machine). Then the 2nd, I knew I had a date that night at Olive Garden, and was up at a training all day, so I ate 2 bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, a large frozen chai for lunch (with a 6 inch veggie delite from Subway, so I guess at least lunch wasn't completely a bomb), and then for dinner I ate Olive Garden pizza.....The scale is up 5 pounds today and I have no one to blame but myself! I will get in the mindset of "Oh, I'm already going to ruin my diet tonight with (whatever), so might as well just have fun the whole day!". Another reason I also splurged, is that I was thinking I was going to be able to start the master cleanse today, and then realized when I woke up that I have my tattoo scheduled tomorrow, and I probably shouldn't be on some intense cleanse while I am getting half my arm I guess I'll wait a little bit to start.

The date was my first one in over 5 years....I finally decided to sign up with an eHarmony account a a few weeks ago. I've been split from my ex for over 8 months now and haven't really met anyone. I've been out to the bar a few times with friends, but just haven't been meeting the caliber of guys that I would actually date. Also, in my line of work, I don't really interact with any adults, just kids, so again not meeting anyone. I was really nervous, but signed up for the account on a whim. I waited for people to contact me, instead of making the first move myself, lol. Conversation with this one guy went really fast and we have been writing these really long intense messages back and forth and finally decided it was time to meet. I was already in his town (He lives 2 hours away) for the training, so we arranged for dinner. I was nervous as heck, not only because it's my first date in ages, but also because it was my first date with a "stranger". It went nice though. He was nice, sweet, funny, nice to look at, etc. Although I am not to the state Tummy is at with not caring if I lose weight, I still felt pretty comfortable when I went. I told him up front in the messages I wasn't a size 2, and even when I did get to my comfortable weight, I didn't plan on being a size 2! I like curves (just not as many as I have now, lmao). I was still kinda nervous though if I would be too big, but he was very appreciative of my appearance and made a few comments of how nice I looked, and then texted me later to say I was more beautiful in person than in pictures (on my account).
Getting attention from the opposite sex is all kinda new to me after 5 years of being a 300+ housewife who never went anywhere besides the grocery store. I went out dancing at the club this weekend with friends, and I really had fun shaking my booty out on the dance floor, in high heels none the less! I got hit on and just generally had fun. I know part of the reason I stayed overweight was I'm uncomfortable with getting hit on and dealing with awkward situations, so I have been trying to address that head on lately. I made a point to flirt back with guys at the club and not just be shy and giggle. I pushed myself if that made sense. It wasn't as hard as I thought, and I actually had some fun with it as I got more comfortable. Still going to try to figure out the internal reasons and see what I can do to make those parts of me who like being large feel comfortable with losing weight, if that makes sense.

Okay ladies, well I should probably go be productive for the day. My word of advice for the day is to learn from me and to stick with it! No reason for your scale to be up 5 pounds too

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I am hungry. I got stuck in one of our buildings today and I haven't been able to get lunch yet. My lunch time was over 1.5 hours ago.

The only think holding me together is that I get to eat artichokes when I finally get this project done.
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hI~My weighin for this morning was 159.4 So that being said

SW 159.4
GW 156 Loss of 3.4 for this challenge

By goodness Im going to stay in the 150's this time all the way to goal by cracky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Feeling better and ready to get some more weight off. I just wish my weight tracker would come back.
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Eclipse - congrats on being able to wear your ring. I was at my high weight when we got married, so I didn’t have to go through not being able to wear mine. I have to put one of those snuggy things on it these days.

LTTG - February is gone. Welcome to March! Glad to see you.

KattC - I’ve done south beach before. Hummus was my friend during phase 1. I always tossed all kinds of extra veggies in with the chickpeas in the food processor. Then I used the hummus on just about everything. I put it on my chicken, dipped my cheese sticks in it, ate it with my eggs. I made all kinds of flavors by changing which veggies and herbs I put in it.

Louisa - I’m anemic and what you are describing reminds me of how I feel when my iron is low. I think a vitamin is a good idea. Also, make sure you’re getting enough water. I have found that the healthier I get and the more I do, the more water my body wants.

Dropkick - 3FC is awesome. I haven’t been judged yet (or at least they haven’t said it even if they were thinkin it, lol). Your goals sound great.

WannabeNurse - Congrats on not smoking, keep it up. I am 16.5 months quit, trust me it really is worth the **** it feels like right now. The first 3 days are supposed to be the hardest and you’ve already gotten past those, you can do it.

Jessica - congrats on the date and on putting yourself out there more. I wish I were brave enough to dance in heels

I’m feeling a bit better. I was able to exercise yesterday and I have gotten some of those darn 4 pounds back off of me. I was down to 176.8 this morning. Now my tummy wants some lunch and my house wants a cleaning.
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Man guys, my March is not starting out good!! This cold has kept me planted on the couch so no exercise for me

BUT I am at least not GAINING weight. As a matter of fact, the scale was down .5 lbs this morning. Probably from not eating much.

Hopefully tomorrow I can hit the gym again!!!
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Rhythm- Welcome and Good luck!
Wow. Your post just made me realise that I've spelled rhythm wrong. Haha... That really sucks. Oh well, at least it's unique now. ;P

Man guys, my March is not starting out good!! This cold has kept me planted on the couch so no exercise for me
I just ate brownies, pie, and cookies. So I think you'll be alright. ;P But I hope you start feeling better soon. Colds are so annoying. I tell ya.

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