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Default March weight loss challenge

Hi all ,

I was fortunate enough to find this site about 1 month ago. The feb. weight loss thread is coming to a close shortly and decided to start a new thread for march. I'm one of those types of people that works best taking it step by step, or at least month by month. I just focus on that month, week by week, and then well, next month we start again! but let's take it one step at a time for now!

March is a nice month! A time of growth and a time of rebirth, so let's all start a fresh month. MY last weigh in was today so I decided to just keep following through with a monday weigh in. Everyone has their own way of doing things, regardless of your weigh in day or how often, it doesn't matter. We are here for the common goal of support. There are those who may prefer to measure their success by inches lost or go by clothing or just generally feeliiiiiiing good! that's okay also, if someone is just starting out and not quite aiming at losing weight yet but focusing more on changing habits right now, i.e, late night eating, etc....please feel free to join in! As I mentioned before, I love the company and I feel that our uniting is paramount.

Seeing as I last weighed in today, my shedule will be as follows:


This gives me 5 weeks until 3/2 and my goal is to lose between 10-12 lbs, and I'm shooting for the 12. I think that within this phase of my plan it's within reason for me, but I will have to be very good, lol

I was very fortunate to meet the 2 lovely people who joined me in last months thread and who kept me company and were oh so supportive! ty ladies Let's continue our journey together and I look forward and am eager to meet you all, so do join us on this journey
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I'm in! My goal for March is to get to 278. I hope to achieve that by exercising 3X a week and staying on program throughout March.
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hi booklover, and wecome aboard nice nick by the way! : )
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I'm in even though I am going on a cruise on 3/11 for a week. So, my goal for March is to resist the temptation while on cruise and and stay away from bread. I don't have a specific lbs. in mind but as long I stick to my plan I will be happy.
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hi kat, welcome we all have our unique and special goals geared to us, and wow, that is quite an endeavor! sounds good to me! : ) before i started losing, I stopped the late night eating and oh god, the bread! (or at least reduced it significantly) lol I'm a carb addict, or at least I was! ( I still crave it of course but am trying to fool myslef into not craving them ). welcome aboard, we are here with you and you still have time before cruise date to lessen the cravings.
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I'd like to join as well. I weigh on Sundays so my schedule will be as follows:


I would like to lose 10 pounds.
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Hi bobsgal and welcome I am excited though I must get to bed and get some rest, lol so glad you joined in and we will trek through our endeavors together! keep it coming and lets remember, new month! rebirth and growth! we can and we will do it! the time is ours now ladies, all ours!!!!!!!! lets put oursleves first!
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Count me in! I have almost read my St. Patty's Day goal I am going to shoot for 240 by the end of march!
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ok, i am in !!!
by goal is to loose the 15 lbs by the end of march!!!

...and fit in to those tight jeans and top...just in time for spring !!!
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Mind if an old guy joins in with you on this March challenge? I'm new here and this is my very first post. I'm on my way back down the scale after having hit the 325 lbs mark, developing Type II diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. So, enjoying life the way I do, I decided I'd better get things back under control. Am an Atkin's advocate/devotee, and have lost 30 lbs in the past 3 months sticking to a low carb regimen. It's easier for me, and seemingly more effective for me, than the low-fat approach. Being a meat, eggs, and cheese afficianado makes the diet very easy for me to stick to. That, and the fact that the weight has come off so quickly. Look forward to comparing notes throughout the month.


Worthey (Yes, that really is my name!)
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My weight loss goal for March is to reach 244 (10 lbs.) by the end of the month. My weigh in days are:
3/6: 255.8
3/8: 254
So my goal is to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks. Here's goes my waist line!!!

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I'm in

I w/i on Wednesdays usually so:


I recently had a "light bulb" moment about exercise and decided that exercise is something my body needs just like air and I am doing it every day. I started last Thursday and have continued. My "rule" is, minimum 20 minutes of something.

As for food, I'm a Lifetime WW'er but I'm really into superfoods at the moment so I've been tracking cals over at ***********. So I'm sort of all over the place at the moment with my food program.

In March I WILL lose 2KG minimum. That's almost 5lbs I believe.
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hi everyone

we have a nice size crew here . It's going to be great sharing support, ideas, stories, etc.

velveteen, glad you came over I think your ex. rule is great and you have been sticking with it, way to go. Welcome also to mama-angel, 2muchame, butterfly22, and doingItForSkyler.

muchame, of course you may join in It sounds like the atkins diet is working out great for you, congrats on your loss thus far...that's super : ) and congrats to all for weight lost thus far or even just starting out.

As for my plan, I am following my own plan. One that has worked for me in the past and has been working well for me. My dinners consist mainly of low fat proteins such as fish and chicken (w salad and/or veggies) I have been eating fish about 3x a week (alternating nights between other dinners). I also typically have beef 1x a week, and omelettes another night. Depending on how my week is going, I allow myself something off plan in moderation. Sunday I overdid it though and having had fish last night, am feeling much better today.

I am also limiting my carbs, I just don't lose weight if I eat them too much but I do have some for energy. I usually have rice with my dinner (chile's guiltless grill menu) 1 or 2x a week and limit my bread to 1 or 2x a week. I have been staying away from potatoes (my fav. veggie ) and have brocolli, carrots, etc.

One of the things that is really helping me is pre-planning my dinners 3 nights in advance. It really is working out , somehow by knowing already what I am having for dinner I think about and focus on that, so this way my mind does not wander or think of other foods. Plus this way, Im sure to have the ingredients on hand that I need for my meals. Nothing like starting to get a little hungry and and not having the stuff on hand for dinner!

I dont know what I would do without my little bunny luv carrots and t margetti's f.f ranch veggie dip! I snack on them whenever if i feel a bit hungry ( havn't been letting myself get too hungry) or inbetween meals (plus other things but those baby carrots really take the edge for me).

I went grocery shopping the other day to get the things i need and make sure i don't run out of my snacks but I'll need to go back again in a couple of days.

Well, I best be moving my tail. hope you all have a great day
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Hi there,

Im new here, well, im a returning newbie. I joined about 3 years ago right after my daughter was born, I went down to 175, which was a 50# loss, and then i got off track and now im back up to where i started again. So I've recently joined a gym, and I've come back to you chicks!! I am 235 (roughly, getting weighed at they gym tonight to be 100% sure), and my goal for march is to lose 15#, so to be 220 by march 31. I will update that to reflect correct weights tonight. I also need to be realistic as I did just have a baby on Jan 20 and I dont want to push myself too hard, BUT, I dont want to use it as an excuse to not lose. I need support from all of you desperately. My blood pressure is high, i am on medications. My self esteem is dropping, and Im not happy. PLEASE be my encouragement. Since it says we cant put our emails here, please feel fee to send me PMs for encouragement..actually, Im begging you to if you dont see me post for a while.
thanks chickens

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My biggest goal for march is to really watch what I eat. I recently had my gallbladder removed and this should have been the perfect opportunity for me to watch what I was eating, and I did for 2 weeks. But as soon as food settled well in my stomach I just started eating anything I wanted again. I had lost 10 pounds from my surgery and was feeling good...I knew I would put some of that back on (mainly because I wasn't really eating anything of substance for a few weeks) but I never imagined I would gain it all back. Unfortunatly this is what happened.

So my goal for march is to really be careful what I eat. I need to really think about the food before I eat it.

I would love to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month, I know I am fully capable of this.
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