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Back at it...again!
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Default March Weight Loss Challenge

Happy March!!

I'm SO glad to be coming out of the winter months and working towards a healthier 2010! So, I hope to see many returning from the January or February Challenge and any newcomers. All are welcome.

Here's how it works: Just state your weight-related or health goal, whether it be a loss in pounds, inches, size, or even an intangible feeling! You need not state your weight if you feel uncomfortable, just your goal, even if that goal is to maintain or whatever the case may be. Though the thread is titled "weight loss" please bear in mind that the overall goal is toward a healthier us and so your goal may not revolve around weight loss, it may be maintenance, eating healthier, and/or kicking a soda habit...whatever the case may be. Fitness and Exercise goals can be listed in our sister thread: March Exercise Challenge.

Note: We try to keep a members list with our goals and if/when those goals are met, we put red print and goal met next to our goals. Please don't feel bad if/when you may not reach a specific number, goal, etc. Always remember that making positive changes along the way (the journey) are wonderful accomplishments in and of themselves!

Monthly weight loss challenge FAQ's:

Do we weigh in on a certain day and how frequently? No, we don't have a specific WI day and WI on the day we choose. When and how frequently we weigh in is a personal matter and specific to each of our own indivual needs.

Do we need to post personals? Absolutely not. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't . We are a large group and it is difficult to post personals sometimes. If you don't have time for personals it's anyway.

Is everyone on a specific plan? We all have various plans. Some of us are on WW, South Beach, our own plans, etc. Though we do believe in and follow the guideline of not going below 1,200 cals a day and along these lines also strive to follow the site guidelines.

What day do we count our loss, the last day of the month or the first of the following month? Either way. Most people report their loss the last day of the month and if they have another loss that following morning (on the first) they either add it to the current months total loss or roll it over to the new month. Think of it as a bonus day.

You can join at any point in the month, so let the challenge begin!
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My March into March weight loss goal is to lose 12 LBS. I want to exercise a minimum of 3x a week. Drink 10-8 oz glasses of water a day. Calorie range 1400 - 2000 for the day. My SW 235.6 on March 1st. GW 223.6.

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I'm going to aim for 238 by the end of March. That's 7.4 lbs for the month.
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Oh, my goal is 11 pounds for the month of March. Why 11? Because increments of five can be so boring. lol. I'll post my starting weight in the morning.

Also, to give up soda for an ENTIRE month. Tough one that is!
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My goal is: Lose 7 pounds and be at or below 190 and
No fast food breakfast for the entire month!!

SW: 197
GW: 190

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Back at it...again!
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I keep forgettting to post my goals when I post the thread! LOL
So, I'm going to reign myself in this month. I've really let things get out of hand and I'm not content with that. My goals are a matter of practicality.
1. Weigh under 134
2. Track my food!

I wasn't going to have a (specific) weight goal, but I need to remind myself that I do need to maintain under a certain weight for WW. It is absolutely necessary for me to be accountable for at least that number! The tracking is a matter of keeping my food on track. I've noticed my quantities getting larger and my appetite being allowed to run crazy. It's not doing me any favors! So, it's time to plan more and eat healthier.
I'll need you ladies to keep me on track. I can't believe how badly I've handled food since I moved. I really expected it to be WAY better. Now, I have 10 boxes of girl scout cookies coming this week (I know...what was I thinking?!) and I need to convince myself they're for the children! After that I should be able to move through the month more easily. This month is DH and DD2's birthdays, but if I can get my everyday eating on track, the special occassions shouldn't kill me.
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Smile Ok... and Now into March!

Hello, coming in from the February thread. Din make goal on that, so I'll add it on to this one! Today I am 235lbs. I am shooting for 15lbs this month putting me at 220lbs. It might be a little more reasonable than what I was after before. Wish me luck yall!

Good luck on your challenges.

Ms Perception: Boy oh boy... testing yourself huh? girl scout cookies are THE cookies of all time. I love the thin mints... however I have not bought any just yet. The craze hasn't hit my kids yet, none are quite old enough to join things like that.

cherbear: That sounds like a reasonable goal, and I know how hard it is not to hit the fast food stand!!
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Hi it seems I've been trying for this goal forever now and just missed it for Feb. so once again it is to be in onderland. I hope that I am clearly safe in the 190's by end of March not just at the top end. Let's hope I can do it this time.
SW 201.6
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S/C/G: Starting Weight 223

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I like this forum.. I am soo In.. Ill post my stats in the morning. My goal is 15lbs

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Well, I think I finished out February the same way I 158. So in the spirit of my new focus my goal will be to work out 5 days per week and drink at least 6 cups of water a day.
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Okay, well I haven't been in one of these monthly threads in a while due to life, but I am really intent on committing myself this month, so am recommitting myself here too. I have been kinda stalling lately, so my goal is to stick with it and to see ONEDERLAND!!!!!!
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I want to get into the 00s: I'm 217-218 now and I would like to be 209 at most by the end of March.

SW: 217
GW: 203-209 (I'm in the 15lb. weight loss challenge as well, hence the range)
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I think this will be my first post on this forum. I will weigh myself in the morning and edit, my goal is to lose 15 lbs, exercise 5 x per week, and not go thru any drive-thru....this is basically my starting point, I am awaiting my medifast food and am trying to stay strong and not pig out this week knowing I will be restricted very soon. Hope I can make some friends on here cuz I need the support!
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Didn't quite make the feb goal but I am determined to keep on going. Lets see for March I am going to stick with the 5lbs (208) I am at 212.8 today so I will just call taht 213 and ladies I need you all to kick my bootie and keep me on track this month. Good luck to you all
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My March goal:

SW = 175
GW = 165
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