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I was on travel for work without a laptop so I'm late. I am increasing my minutes by 10% again so the goal is 968 minutes in September. Should be very doable as I'm off for a hiking/active vacation in Glacier Nat'l Park on Monday.

Thanks for running the challenge. It makes a huge difference for me!

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FullSteamAhead - Thanks for the correction in my minutes it looks much better now. We'll I have had a good couple days and have made it to the basement to do the Wii the first day and then Walk off the pounds and the Wii yesterday. Now to get in the basement again today.
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S/C/G: 223/GOAL/140

Height: 5'6"



Sept. 1 - HIIT W8D1 25 minutes; Plyometrics (p90x) 60 minutes
Sept. 2 - Running 44 minutes; Shoulders and Arms (p90x) 60 minutes; Abs 17 minutes
Sept. 8 - HIIT W8D2 25 minutes; Yoga (p90x) 90 minutes - pending.

Sandye - the abs are crazy, I can't do the whole 17 minutes straight, there are some moves that I have to stop for one or two reps then get back it. I think I've done it four or five times now though and it's getting better, not eay but better. It's a love hate thing and he actually says that at the beginning of the dvd too, very true.
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S/C/G: 167/157/140

Height: 5' 6.5"


Week 1

Day 1: 5k run - 30 mins
Day 2: day off
Day 3: 5k run - 30 mins

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September Exercise Challenge Members List

We have a sister thread titled "September Weight Loss Challenge" please feel free to join us there as well if you wish. Be sure and let me know if I miss someone or something is incorrect and let me know if/when you meet goal so I can write met goal and change ink to red.....ty

FullSteamAhead: 1200 min.+
crazymomaof4: Strength Training 3X a Week, Cardio 6 Days a Week--HIIT 3 days and C25K 3 days.
Delphi: 2700 minutes
dcapulet: 1200 min.
ShrinkingGirl: continue with the c25k, continue Curves 3x per week, begin doing some real ab work at least 2x per week.
Tummy Girl: to complete P90X, Doubles, Training Block 1. Which just means I'm doing the P90X program with my running M-W-F as well.
nellywnb: Start the C25K plan, Curves 3X a week, Bike at least 2X a week, +
Begin the 100 pushups a day plan.
Bootsie: do 45 minutes of planned exercise per day, walking, exercise video, bike, etc.
AngelD: start C25K, do my 10 minute solution toning DVDs on days I don't run.
MyOwnSaboteur: 600 min.
Krista: 15/20 min. 3x/wk or at least 45 min/wk.
paisleyprincess: My goals will be exercise 1300 minutes, plus 500 push-ups military style on my toes and 1000 crunches.
hugmequick: 1 hr. of exercise per week.
Jessica Rae: 1 hr 6x.wk so 1440 min.
Miss Mallee: walk for an hour 6x/wk.
gardenerjoy: 1200 min.
Aclaia4067: run for 3 minutes straight, run at least twice a week, Run for 3 minutes straight, work out at least 4x/wk, + find time for a 2 mile swim sometime before the end of the month.
BlueFruitMomma: 1500 min.
MsPerception: Log 1800 minutes, ST 2x/wk, Run 3x/wk (min. 8 mi/wk)+Bike 2-3x/wk (min. 18 mi/wk).
Bigmid: 1/2 hr. per day or approx. 840 min.
nellonello: complete the first month of P90X.
Sasha: workout 5x a week. Also I want to mix up my workouts and not just do machines.
Matilda: get in 5 hrs. of cardio/wk.
BellaEllaEllAaa: Cardio 30 minutes 5 times a week, Walking 2-3 times a week at least 20 minutes, Weights and toning 60 minutes a week, + stretching and yoga 10 min./day.
sotypical: 1200 minutes, aiming for 10,000 steps a day.
JasonsLea: 1400 min.
Jacque999: 2500 min of exercise ,Continue working out 6 days a week.
c laura: 1000 min. and a total of 50 miles.
dollypie: 900 min.
Wifey: complete 1350 mins of exercise and get my butt back to the gym!
LewisEmpire: do my strength training 3 days/wk, plus interval training 3 days/week.
KimL1214: 600 min.
bigsexy: do C25k 3 times a week and exercise a total of 2430 minutes for the month.
ButterflyDiva: 1400 min.
HealthyBunny: My goals are 1280 minutes for the month as follows: 10k per week running, so a total of 40k for September or 240 mins for the month, cycle to work twice a week - 560 mins for the month, Circuit training - 1 hour per week 240 mins for the month, Yoga -1 hour per week 240 mins for the month.
jessicado22: 1500 min.
MeowMix: 1200 min.
paisleyprincess: My goals are to exercise 1300 minutes, plus 500 push-ups military style on my toes and 1000 crunches.
aprilcp12344: 500 min.
Jldsgirl: 1000 min.
Nursie2b: 500 Minutes of Exercise. Walking/Aerobics
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Good afternoon girlssssssssss.....updated the list and made the correction, thanks miss mallee! I was sorry to hear of your fall, I am glad you are okay and hope your elbow is better today.

to all of the girls joining in! Nice to have you aboard. The shedules look great chicks!.

MsPerception, I've been meaning to congratulateeeeeeeeeee you on that run! (re: sat.) I hope the kids had a great first day at school and that your moms surgery went well (havn't gone back to our sister thread yet). Wishing her a speedy recovery. Keep on shining

As for me girls, real busy here. Even more busy with DH away (extra chores) and I still feel way behind schedule. He is due to arrive tomorrow morning. Glad I did my hair this morning. Had mom over yesterday and spent the day together. My pool is out of comission girls and boy do I miss my swimming! Somehting funky going on with the water, I put algicide...after shocked it! Nada! after those rains it happened (first time ever). We'll see what happens. I better get a move on.....big hug. I hope your all having an awesome day.

9/1-30 min. walk
9/2-35 min. walk
9/3-none yet
Total min:
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S/C/G: 140/127/115

Height: 5'4"


9/1- 35 mins of light weight lifting 50 mins of dance cardio
9/2- 20 mins of ab exercise 20 mins of light weight lifting 20 mins of cardio and 15 mins yoga stretching
9/3- 35 min light weight lifting 40 minutes cardio
TOTAL: 235/1400
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Green Tomatoes
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Height: 5'9"


9/1: 25 min cardio hula, 10 min arm toning, 7 min Qi Gong; Total 42/1200
9/2: 25 min mall walk, 10 min glute toning, 7 min Qi Gong; Total 84/1200
9/3: 30 min Trinity Lake walk, 10 min ab toning; Total 124/1200
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S/C/G: 247.1/233.2/145

Height: 5'5"


My goals are to exercise 1300 minutes, plus 500 push-ups military style on my toes and 1000 crunches.

9/1~ 25 min~ walk
9/2~ 0 min
9/3~ 70 min~ Cardio, 30 push-ups, 50 crunches

95/1300 min ~ 30/500 push-ups ~ 50/1000 crunches
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S/C/G: 230/195.2/164

Height: 5'9"


So far 3/3 for my P90X workouts. They are a bit much for me as I am pretty out of shape so I may switch to the P90 for the first 2 months and then try the P90X when I have a bit more core muscle development. I am going to try it through the weekend and then decide.
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S/C/G: 230/228/145

Height: 5'6


I got 45 minutes in dancing today to bluegrass music , now that was fun! I remember that guy who lost all that weight dancing on the American Bandstand, do any of y'all remember that ?
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One day at a time.
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S/C/G: 255/see ticker/135-120

Height: 5'6"


Hey Ladies,

September 1-Walk (about 60 mins.)
September 2-Ice skating (few hours,) Walk (about 50 mins.)
September 3- Walk (50-60 mins.)

<3 'Night Ladies.
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S/C/G: 259/ticker/140

Height: 5'5"


Good morning and Happy Friday to you all!!!

Bootsie~ American Bandstand--now does that ever bring back memories!!! Can't say I remember that guy though.

Nello~ Tummy told me someone else was doing the P90X and I had forgotten who! WTG on being 3/3!!! I'm finally going to order mine today and I can't wait to get started!!

Okay girls, I'm uber happy this morning because I got in all my exercise before the kids were up!!! Now that make me one happy mama!!!

Sept 1st ~ C25K W5D1 (41:47)
Sept 2nd ~ HIIT , Upper Body ST'ing , 8 Min Abs (79:58)
Sept 3rd ~ C25K W5D2 (40:41)
Sept 4th ~ HIIT, Lower Body ST'ing, 8 Min Abs (58:50)

Just started keeping track of my minutes and I'm liking seeing those numbers there--really makes me feel good to see the actual time I'm dedicating to taking care of myself ya know?

Have a great day ladies! First weekend of the month is coming up and it's a Holiday to boot! Here's lots of for everyone and let's not get off track this weekend k?
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S/C/G: 265/ticker/160

Height: 5/9


Daily Progress

Week 1

Sept. 01 ~ 60 minutes on treadmill [60 minutes Cardio w/MFC][60 minutes RB]
Sept. 02 ~ 60 minutes ST w/MFC [60 minutes Cardio w/MFC][120 minutes RB]
Sept. 03 ~ 120 minutes RB [30 minutes w/MFC][60 minutes on treadmill]
Sept. 04 ~ 60 minutes cardio w/MFC [60 minutes ST w/MFC][120 minutes RB]
Sept. 05 ~ Scheduled Day Off

Last edited by Delphi; 09-05-2009 at 09:38 AM.
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Height: 6'1


9/1- 1 hour kickboxing
9/2- 45 min strenght training
9/3- 45 min step aerobics
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