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ISO my perfect body
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9/1 workout 1A (NROWL)- will walk extra at work tonight.....
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Goodbye Fat!
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9/1/09: 30 minutes, elliptical.
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Since I joined the September Weight Loss challenge I figured I join this one too. My exercise goal for this month is 1400 minutes

9/1- 35 mins of light weight lifting 50 mins of dance cardio
TOTAL: 85/1400
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Hi Guys

Great idea:

My goals are 1280 minutes for the month as follows

10k per week running, so a total of 40k for September or 240 mins for the month

cycle to work twice a week - 560 mins for the month

Circuit training - 1 hour per week 240 mins for the month

Yoga -1 hour per week 240 mins for the month

If i get a swim or a surf in it will be a bonus. Also, this month will be a challenge as I have a friends wedding and a holiday abroad. Not complaining about that though!!

Good luck everyone :-)
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Thought I would just come here on this post and edit in my exercise everyday so I could keep up with it.

September Exercise Challenge!

Sept 1,…cleaning back yard today for 3 hours, done 45 minutes on the stationary bike.
Sept 2..walked 45 minutes
Sept 3…45 minutes dancing, now that is fun!
Sept 4…60 minutes pulling Johnson grass & roots up
Sept 5..60 minutes walking
Sept 6…25 minutes, yoga and weights,
Sept 7…opps day
Sept 8…80 minutes walking with Lee my dog
Sept 9…walked 4 miles 80 minutes
Sept 10…walked 2 miles 45 minutes
Sept 11… danced 45 minutes
Sept 12..45 minutes exercising
Sept 13…oops!
Sept 14…180 minutes walking
Sept 15..60 minutes walking
Sept 16…45 minutes walking
Sept 17…180 minutes walking
Sept 18…60 minutes walking
Sept 19 …60 minutes walking
Sept 20…60 minutes in the garden hoeing and pulling weeds, 100 jumps on the trampoline
Sept 21 tilling garden and planting 120 minutes
Sept 22..did not exercise
Sept 23walked 60 minutes
Sept 24 walked and danced 45 minutes
Sept25 walked 60 minutes
Sept 26exercised 45 min
Sept 27..walked 60min
Sept 28 walked 60min.
Sept 29 danced 60min.
Sept 30 walked 15 minutes

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September Exercise Challenge Members List

We have a sister thread titled "September Weight Loss Challenge" please feel free to join us there as well if you wish. Be sure and let me know if I miss someone or something is incorrect and let me know if/when you meet goal so I can write met goal and change ink to red.....ty

FullSteamAhead: 1200 min.+
crazymomaof4: Strength Training 3X a Week, Cardio 6 Days a Week--HIIT 3 days and C25K 3 days.
Delphi: 2700 minutes
dcapulet: 1200 min.
ShrinkingGirl: continue with the c25k, continue Curves 3x per week, begin doing some real ab work at least 2x per week.
Tummy Girl: to complete P90X, Doubles, Training Block 1. Which just means I'm doing the P90X program with my running M-W-F as well.
nellywnb: Start the C25K plan, Curves 3X a week, Bike at least 2X a week, +
Begin the 100 pushups a day plan.
Bootsie: do 45 minutes of planned exercise per day, walking, exercise video, bike, etc.
AngelD: start C25K, do my 10 minute solution toning DVDs on days I don't run.
MyOwnSaboteur: 600 min.
Krista: 15/20 min. 3x/wk or at least 45 min/wk.
paisleyprincess: My goals will be exercise 1300 minutes, plus 500 push-ups military style on my toes and 1000 crunches.
hugmequick: 1 hr. of exercise per week.
Jessica Rae: 1 hr 6x.wk so 1440 min.
Miss Mallee: walk for an hour 6x/wk.Run for 3 minutes straight
gardenerjoy: 1200 min.
Aclaia4067: run for 3 minutes straight, run at least twice a week, work out at least 4x/wk, + find time for a 2 mile swim sometime before the end of the month.
BlueFruitMomma: 1500 min.
MsPerception: Log 1800 minutes, ST 2x/wk, Run 3x/wk (min. 8 mi/wk)+Bike 2-3x/wk (min. 18 mi/wk).
Bigmid: 1/2 hr. per day or approx. 840 min.
nellonello: complete the first month of P90X.
Sasha: workout 5x a week. Also I want to mix up my workouts and not just do machines.
Matilda: get in 5 hrs. of cardio/wk.
BellaEllaEllAaa: Cardio 30 minutes 5 times a week, Walking 2-3 times a week at least 20 minutes, Weights and toning 60 minutes a week, + stretching and yoga 10 min./day.
JasonsLea: 1400 min.
Jacque999: 2500 min of exercise ,Continue working out 6 days a week.
c laura: 1000 min. and a total of 50 miles.
dollypie: 900 min.
Wifey: complete 1350 mins of exercise and get my butt back to the gym!
LewisEmpire: do my strength training 3 days/wk, plus interval training 3 days/week.
KimL1214: 600 min.
bigsexy: do C25k 3 times a week and exercise a total of 2430 minutes for the month.
ButterflyDiva: 1400 min.
HealthyBunny: My goals are 1280 minutes for the month as follows: 10k per week running, so a total of 40k for September or 240 mins for the month, cycle to work twice a week - 560 mins for the month, Circuit training - 1 hour per week 240 mins for the month, Yoga -1 hour per week 240 mins for the month.

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Hi girls gtsy all! to our returning chicks and those of you joining in! HOpe everyone had a good first day.

9/1-30 min. walk
Total min:
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Starting Fresh
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FullSteamAhead - I'm missing from your list!

1200 min
aiming for 10,000 steps a day
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Green Tomatoes
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9/1: 25 min cardio hula, 10 min arm toning, 7 min Qi Gong so 42/1200
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Alright, my goal for Sept is 1500 minutes.

I took everyone's advice, and tried week 2 of C25K. I think I could have totally done it if I hadn't moved to the new house. Everything surrounding where I live is either up or down hill. I wasn't familiar with any of the little roads around here, and started to walk down it, only for it to turn into a dead end, so turned around and then my first run came. Almost died running uphill, lol. Tried another road--also a culdesac so I had to turn around, and yep, my 2nd run also ended up being on a HUGE hill, which this time I did not finish running. Third run was downhill (so easy, lol) and 4th run was on flat ground. 5th run uphill again and I just gave up. 6th run wasn't even on a hill and I said scr*w it--I'm done! Walking back to the house was so uphill that I was pooped just from that pushing DD in her stroller. So, I think I am going to put C25K on hold for a bit and just go walking up the hills around here for now. I am planning on getting a membership to the Y though, so I'll try starting up the program again on the treadmill. Nervous about running in front of people on a treadmill as I will probably slip and hurt myself or go crashing into another machine and hurt somebody else along with me and my pride....but I've decided to try this whole working out on public thing a try! So I guess that will be another Sept goal--to go workout in the gym!
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Queen of Rationalization
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Well I started REALLY really slow for this but at least I did something I suppose, I'm glad that I have something to report to.

Week 1
1. 10 min
2. 0 (grumble grumble)
3. 20 min and 1mile
4. 10 min and the stairs
5. 0 (I don't like putting that down )
6. 35 min 5 miles (on the bike, but it still counts in my mind)
7. 30 min 4.75 miles

summary week 1: 105 min 10.75 mi

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I luv my curves
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Got two hours in today took a step sculpt class and a low impact class
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So I was all stressed out today and couldn't wait to get to the gym to work it out. But by the time I got there I had reached the point of stress-induced nausea. I hoped I could push through but I just kept feeling worse. So I left, telling myself "I'm going to go home, do what I have to do, and come back to do my cardio."
So I went home, cried, screamed, vented to a friend, and ate a banana. My nausea went away but I didn't feel like working out anymore. I felt like moping! The good ol' fatty stand-by that helped me gain so much weight: sit on my *** and feel sorry for myself.
Somehow, I managed to make myself go back to the gym. 30 treadmill, 30 min elliptical. I feel so much better now!
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Whoo, I'll join this one too!! My goal is 1200 mins this month. That's elliptical and yoga and doesn't include walks since I throw those in randomly when I've got time and don't really track em. So yes, 1200 mins is my goal!
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Default sorry girl You should be in the list right after bellaella and I will do it first thing upon my return tomorrow. welcome to all. talk soon
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