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Hello Sparkle--- we are all starting over again and have done so many times! Come and join us over at We'll look forward to hearing from you.
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Talking Old Body/New Journey for 2014

PERSONAL INFORMATION: My name is Darlene and I will be 57 in April . Don't quite remember getting this old but I'm trying to get my physical strength back. My dear husband of soon to be 40 years has been the love of my life & put up with me (and I him!!) through thick and thin through all these years. He has 6 children (we have 1 daughter together), 11 grandkids, 6 great-grands & 1 more on the way in July. We have a very spoiled 3 yr old basenji that we rescued in 2012. We met on this old lake & then moved back here in 2009 to be closer to his family. I enjoy crafting, fishing and internet surfing. I still work as a Quality Assurance Analyst but enjoy spending time with my family and my church friends. I love dance/singing competitions, DWTS, Idol, Voice, etc.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I am 5'2" tall and have topped out at 259 lbs. I finally got to the point that I could not walk to the mailbox without getting winded and realized it was time to do something. My goal is to lose back down to a comfortable 130-135 within a year. I have not started exercising yet because I was so big, everything was in the way. I am working on diet changes following a 1200 calorie old diet plan/exchange list for diabetics. I used this when I was 28 yrs old and lost 87 lbs that time but 4 yrs after the loss, we had a family member to come and live with us that cooked everything fat and sweet. It has just continued to slide back on over the years. I walk about 3 days a week. I tried hypnosis once but the doc said I was one of those that could not be hypnotized. OH WELL!!

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS / CHALLENGES: I cannot eat certain foods due to allergies and migraine triggers. This has been a challenge for me. If any of you suffer with migraines you know that once you get them under control, you don't mess with what works. I hope to get my center strong again. I have become sedentary but after losing my Mom and my husband's Mom over the last few years, I am ready to get myself back. They have become my inspiration. I started this journey (not diet) on Jan 2nd and my body is finally agreeing with me. I think my biggest challenge is going to be my husband who loves to cook the good old southern comfort foods. So far, I have been able to resist but keep me in your prayers!
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Want to feel better
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Welcome LessMe2014 ~ come join us on the Golden Girls thread ~
A nice bunch of ladies ~ we have lots of fun.
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Drop & gimme another 20
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Arrow I'm MsBootcamp and I LOVE fitness & sports! You?

Hi, all! I'm MsBootcamp. U.S. east coast. Love fitness. We don't (and can't) always DO what we love, eh? But at this stage in life, I'm INSISTING a lot more - with myself, and with others!

Anyone else active on SparkPeople, and use FitBit? I have the same name.

Mostly, I work out at home, though I love competitions, and being outdoors.

Daily workout staples: My mini-trampoline. Kettlebells. Resistance bands. Dumbbells. Rebound boots. Rollerblades.

Love my Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates, regular Pilates machine classes, and yoga, too. And suspension training - RIP60 and TRX.

Fave fitness DVDs: Hip Hop Abs, Focus T25, P90X (original), Kbell workouts, and yoga.

This time of year I love ice skating and skiing, yet never get there as much as I'd like! My husband doesn't ski or skate, but he will go (and stay in a lodge and read, etc.) to keep me company. So far, I still haven't any active women friends to go with me, or for me to go with.

One of my favourite films (comedy!): "JACKIE'S BACK! Portrait of a Diva," starring Jenifer Lewis, Tim Curry, and an all-star, cameo cast.

I'm about 5'7" and want to get back to 130-145 lbs and stay there. Not too worried about how long it takes. I'd rather do this steadily than be in a hurry. By my class reunion in the fall, I'll be back in pretty good shape.

I'm vegetarian and enjoy eating healthy. I do tend to snack and "graze." Two of my downfalls are my favourite trail mix and frozen yogurt.

Thank heaven, my husband's a pretty good influence on my eating. He's a good size. Slender. I think he has a pretty high metabolism since he, too, likes to snack, but also likes walking doggie two, even three, times a day. (Pretty much his only exercise, other than regular walking around.)

Working out and doing sports DO work for me! Sitting while worrying and eating do not. It's that simple.

So, I love women's rec sports and fitness. Also, riding horses and playing recreational polo - not 'killer polo.' I'd like to certify as a fitness and lifestyle coach. If you or your group are looking for someone, I'm a darned good public speaker!

Look forward to my 3rd MORE Magazine/Fitness Mag Women's Half-Marathon, Sunday, April 13, 2014, three times around Central Park, NYC; and, in June, the annual Skate of the Union in Washington, DC! Guess I'll scale back my distance goal from the 10K to the 5K!

Cheers, everyone! Good luck and thanks for reading!

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Greetings MSBootcamp! I love to workout too and I admire your wide range of work out choices. I need to drop another 5 lbs before I can start revving up my work out schedule/regime. Fro now I am doing spin bike at home. It is great for endorphin release.
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New today!

Hello Everyone! My name is CariJo. So grateful for this site and anxious to keep
in touch as I begin my weight loss journey! What an encouragement you all are.

I live in Eastern Washington with my husband. We have three adult children and 8 grandchildren. I am 54 years old...for another 2 months and look forward to celebrating my 55th birthday in Spring clothes that fit!

I'd lost 50 lbs in 2012 with IP. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and throughout the year of caring for her and then the depression that followed after her death, I've gained back 40 of the lbs I'd lost.

I am once again on track and very determined! Looking forward to a lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and being better able to keep up with my motorcycle riding husband and those precious grandkids!

Here's to a healthier lifestyle and to sharing this weight loss journey.

Thank you, Cari
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Hi I am soon to be 50 on May 4th and happy to have found my way here. I have 3 children and two grandsons who I love to spoil rotten when they come visit! I have 2 black cats (Kitty and Birdie) and I am an LPN. I have been trying to motivate myself to go back to school for my RN. I lost 50 pounds in 2007 but have gained back 30 and want to get back down to 150 or even 135 would be ideal. I am 5 foot 3 inches tall so it shows up quick when I gain. If only I could stretch myself out a little! My hobbies include reading, listening to music (love music!) and recently took an interest in restoring furniture and gardening. This is my first post here and I look forward to getting to know everyone and learn some healthy tips to lose weight and get fit in my fifties!
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Want to feel better
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Hi Spookycat ~ welcome ~ this is a great place with helpful people ~ very kind and supportive. Come join us if you want on the April Golden Girls thread.

Look forward to getting to know you.
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Question Millie – Golden Girl

PERSONAL: I will turn 58 next month, newly-wed just celebrated our first anniversary married to an old flame (we reconnected after a 30 year friendship), 2 sons (1 passed away in 2009), 1 step-daughter, 7 grandchildren (ages 17 – 3) 4 dogs the two big outdoors ones are my husbands, my ekie (6 months old) and cocker/dauschand mix (14 yrs old) are my fur-kids. We live in a suburb of Sacramento, California.
Hobbies – love to square dance, volunteer blanketeer for Project Linus, crocheting and reading. We are TV watchers and love General Hospital and Grey’s Anatomy.
Career – Accounting and I love it - currently working as a payroll administrator for a sub-contractor.

DIET/EXERCISE: 4’11” currently weigh 205.2 have been a yo-yo for the last 5 years down 33 lbs then up 24 lbs down 17 lbs and then up again 17lbs. Was at 169 for about a minute in October 2010. Have tried everything out there been overweight since I before I joined the army in 1976 was a skinny kid but always rode my bike everywhere back then. My husband says he loves me as I am so doesn’t want me to diet but I know I feel better when I am under 200 lbs. and I want to get healthier for me.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS / CHALLENGES: Mini-goals are under 200, then 175, then 169 haven’t seen my goal weight of 140 since I was in the army. Don’t have an eating plan yet so need to figure out what to do with that. Currently have a problem with my hip (going to the PM&R clinic in May) so can’t do much walking. For now even a 5 minute walk during my lunch hour and in the evening is a start. Want to get off high blood pressure meds and reduce my triglycerides.
Need support since my husband doesn’t think I need to lose weight and suggestions for a food plan that I can live with.
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Want to feel better
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Welcome Millie ~ you are the same age, weight and height as me. We can do this!!! Come join us on the Golden Girls thread ~ it is a great group of ladies ~ so kind and caring and encouraging. Look forward to getting to know you.
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Finally found a group of people my age: I am jmh6251. I am 62 years old. I have about 50 pounds to lose. I currently weigh 180 pounds. When you consider that I am only 5 ft 3.5 inches. That is way too much. I recently retired from being a Careprovider for the Elderly and disabled. I wasn't able to navigate anymore since my joints are not in good shape. It doesn't look good when you have as much trouble as your clients getting around LOL. I love to craft, and read, and make quilts. Garden, cook, and spend time with my Grandchildren. I have 11 of them. I have 4 grown children. My goal is to be able to walk without pain. I'm hoping if I take off the weight my joints will be better. It's worth it to try. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
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Want to feel better
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Welcome jmh ~ 3 Fat Chicks is a nice place with nice people who care about and help each other. Maybe come check out the Golden Girls group ~ here is the link

We have fun, share encouragement and ideas. Look forward to getting to know you too.
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Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. So this time I'm going to do something different to change my eating habits and lose this weight once and for all! I've been lurking here a few days and enjoying the comraderie and support among members and it feels like a safe place to be so here I am!

My name is Ellen, I'm a retired RN in Tennessee, married to DH 36 mostly happy years, no children, 4 dogs and a cat! I love travelling, gardening, volunteering for animal rescue groups, reading, movies, and TV especially Investigation Discovery (I think I was a homicide detective in another life).

I'm 5'2" tall and weigh 238 pounds. So there it is. I want to lose 90 pounds over the next year. I've struggled my entire life with my eating and weight but recently regained 90 pounds due to anxious overeating following a traumatic event 2 years ago. That's a lot of anxiety and overeating!

I'm unable to exercise at this point because I'm short of breath just walking around in my house. It's ridiculous. My plan is to follow a 1500 cal low carb diet. DH is diabetic but otherwise healthy and normal weight and he's very supportive of my weight loss efforts and will eat anything I prepare so that makes things easier.

I'm very happy to be here and look forward to being part of this group. Ellen
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Default 60+

New member here. Just turned 61 yr old last weekend. Need a group of like-minded women who are trying like me to lose some pounds successfully. My goal is to lose 20 pounds within the year. Have a 7 year old daughter, so my incentive is strong, but my will is weak! Hence, the need to do something now before I am too old to care anymore! Wanna look good again in photos so that my daughter can look at them over the years and be proud that I took care of myself while I aged through her childhood and teen years. At my age, who knows how many years I have left with my DD. Ageing is a gradual thing, and yet it seems to sneak up behind you when you are not looking. Ten years ago I looked so different. Today, I am not happy with the way I look. My husband eats so differently from me. He could lose about 40 lbs, but I know I need to do something about myself first. I want my daughter to grow up eating healthy and being healthy like I was. But she needs to have a mother and father who role model that for her. My parents were healthy eaters and fit. So can I. Walk the talk so they say.
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Default New Member

I'm also a new member and hope I can find my way back to this thread the next time I'm online.
I turned 60 this year. I was down for the past few years, then gained twenty pounds in about 18 months - and then some more.
Eventually found a thyroid issue, which is now taken care of and am able to lose again. Have lost seven so far and have about 16 to go.
I've been losing and gaining twenty-five pounds for most of my life and just want to stay the same!
Also - I may be making my first trip out of the country this winter to visit Thailand! That just came up so gives me even more incentive to work hard at food changes and exercise.
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