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Default Newbie Here

My name is Jean and I am 61 years old, will be 62 in April. Needing to lose 50+ pounds. I figured the beginning of the year was the best time to start this so here I am. Menopause sure has not helped at all with losing weight either. It's amazing how the weight creeps up on you and you don't even realize it. Hoping to make some new friends and get some help along the way.

Good luck on the journey everyone is about to take. Take Care.

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Hello! I turned 50 this month. It's starting to feel less scary to say that, especially among this vibrant group. I live in the central US (for now) and I'm the divorced mother of 3 grown kids. I'm going through all the typical physical joys of being a 50-year-old female (hah!) with the added challenges of being overweight and having diabetes and arthritis.

My main focus at this time is lowering my blood sugar instead of worrying so much about the scale. This is the motivation I've needed and I'm seeing success in both areas where I've failed before. My chosen method is a low-carb diet, and as the weather improves here I will be adding a walking regimen. It can only help, right? I also track all my food intake to keep me accountable and so I have a good picture of what changes I need to make.

Happy losing!

Who sometimes wishes wine and cheese were the only things that aged.
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Default Hello

I just turned 57 and am 100 pounds overweight. I have struggled all my adult life and although I lose, I also gain and I rarely have gotten under 200 pounds. I like to work out, I know what to eat. My downfall is depression and feeling overwhelmed. I am an emotional eater and I cannot seem to break that for any real time.

I did lose weight twice in my life, getting down to 140 range. Each time I was in an active support group. I hope to find that here.

Good Luck Everyone!
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New Ideal Protein
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Default Trying Again -

Hello Everyone! I am 64, single woman with two grown children and one granddaughter, who is the love of my life. I have thyroid disease and at the last check up, was told my cholesterol/triglycerides and liver were not in good shape. One goal is to take my granddaughter to Europe for her high school graduation but I have to be alive to do that, I go again, back on IP. I lost 40 lbs about a year ago and looked and felt great. In fact, so great I went off the diet and sabotaged myself. I'm now hitting it again with the help of my IP counselor, Candy, and my eating disorder (BED) therapist Michelle and much prayer and determination. I've been single for 30 years - I can't believe it when I see that written out! - but think I might like to try a relationship again. We all know how visual men are so before I start looking, I want to get myself into better shape. I look forward to learning more about you and sharing our journeys! K
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New Ideal Protein
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Annahdreams -- I think we're all emotional eaters. I know I'm a food addict. I don't use illegal drugs but those carbs sure give me warm, soothing feelings when I'm lonely or stressed. Sounds like an addiction to me! You should be very proud of yourself for starting to make your life healthier. Have you decided on an eating plan yet? We have similar weight and goals, even though you are taller than I am - Lucky you! Let me know how you're doing - we'll keep in touch if you want to - K
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I'm 51 and manage a bunch of young people at a consulting firm. I gained my weight about 5 years ago while dating a heavy guy, but have always struggled to some extent. At my highest i was 250, but now at 208 and excited to get below 200. I started Ideal Protein a week and a half ago. Eating my veggies!

I work long hours, battle depression successfully, own a 14 year old, blind retriever mix, and have two girls - one in high school the other in college. I am single but in a long term relationship.

I hope to find some support and friends here!
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Originally Posted by purplecow View Post
I'm 51 and manage a bunch of young people at a consulting firm. I gained my weight about 5 years ago while dating a heavy guy, but have always struggled to some extent. At my highest i was 250, but now at 208 and excited to get below 200. I started Ideal Protein a week and a half ago. Eating my veggies!

I work long hours, battle depression successfully, own a 14 year old, blind retriever mix, and have two girls - one in high school the other in college. I am single but in a long term relationship.

I hope to find some support and friends here!
Hi purplecow! Good for you for making changes! Veggies are SUCH an important part of a healthy lifestyle. I find adding at least two cups of veggies to my protein keeps me really full. You are so close to 200 - you got this
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Hi! I am turning 50 next month so hopefully it's ok if I join this group even though technically I'm not in the club yet! ;-) My name is Rene (husband calls me Gabby - hence my username) and I've done SB before but it's been a few years. Recently I've been following a juicing regimen and it's allowed me to lose almost 50 pounds but I know that I can't live like that forever. I think it's time to move back into the SB world and find a way to eat that is a sustainable adventure. I'm going to do phase 1 for a couple weeks and then see how I'm doing. I'm currently in a DietBet and need to meet a goal of 199.2 by May 8th. I think a combo of phase 1 and increasing my activity will get me there. I'm so excited to get back to One-derland that I can't even find the words! I haven't been there in well over 16 years!!
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Real name: RHONDA

Geographical location: CANADA

Age: 54

Marital Status: Happy (MARRIED)

Children/Ages: 4 - 1 male - 34, # females, 1 -30, 1 -29, 1 -27

Occupation: RETIRED

Pets: NONE


Height: 5'6 & 1/4"

Eye/Hair Color: Blonde/BLUE

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: 9/9/2012

Starting Weight: 356.8

Present Weight: 300.6

Goal Weight: 130-135

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss: Drinking the water.

Following any specific plan: WLS, HAVING THE SLEEVE DONE ON JUNE 6TH

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past: I have tried all the rest, hope this one is the best!
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Default Hello from Zelda

I am Zelda, 67 years old, retired from educational administration, seven grandchildren, married 47 years.

I like reading and quilting. I particularly enjoy historical books and mysteries. I participate in Project Linus, making blankets with fleece and crocheted edges.

Since my retirement, I have trained and become a professional genealogist. I do work on a client basis and find that every family has a fascinating background.

I am a member of Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the War of 1812, and United Daughters of the Confederacy.

I am a little offbeat in some ways. My favorite movies used to be those by Woody Allen, but less so because of his alleged personal problems. My favorite movie has been "Play It Again, Sam." However, I am a conservative in many other ways.

I am doing WW on their website. I do not enjoy the new Connect and wish they would bring back message boards. I like the SmartPoints system and have lost 15.5 pounds since May. I am taking it slowly.

I have recently hired a personal trainer at the gym----just 30 minutes a week. I have some physical challenges----replaced hip from a freak fall in 1993, recent leg fracture and torn knee components, some nerve damage down one leg from the hip fall, partial sight loss in one eye. I am pre-diabetic, just barely, and that is improving from my change in eating habits and weight loss. I had back surgery in 2015 because of a pinched nerve. Have osteoporosis and stenosis. These conditions have interrupted my exercise activities, but I plan on getting back to it.

I do not attend WW meetings., finding that the online calculator and message boards fill my needs. I appreciate the availability of this message forum.

My goal is increased health, including exercises for the osteoporosis and balance.
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Hi! My name is Patti, I'm 55 years old and I need to lose 50 lbs. I retired six years ago from a 30 year desk job in relatively good health. I jumped right into taking my hobby of cake decorating into a full time job. As a result I've gained a good deal of weight (couldn't handle throwing away those cake tops!!). I also managed to tear up my left knee pretty good. Constant back and forth, up and down and around my work table really did a number and as a result I had to have a full knee replacement a year ago. Im back at it now but I've got to get this weight off!

I've done Ideal Protien in the past and had success but I got to where I just couldn't handle one more meal from an envelope so I quit. I quickly gained the weight back. A lot of my problem is that I just snack all day long. M plan is to just cut out all grazing and eat three healthy meals. I've also bought a Fitbit and have increased my activity level. Good luck to you all in your journeys and hopefully this will continue to be a place to go for support. I have a feeling I'm going to need it!
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Jesus, I trust in You
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Hello to all! My name is Joyce, age 65, and currently using the WonderSlim program and products - Day 16, yes!

I have about 35 pounds to lose and love the support of these boards. I don't just want to be a lurker. I find the participation of all greatly enhances our results!
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Height: 5'2"


First name: Patti

Geographical location: Southwestern Michigan

Age: 50

Marital Status: Married

Children/Ages: 29 / 25 / 21

Occupation: IT Service Desk Specialist

Pets: Two Dogs / Two Cats

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Walking the Dogs, Blogging

Height: 5'2"

Eye/Hair Color: Blue / Brown

Starting Date of Weight Loss Journey: 11 January 2016 (This time.)

Starting Weight: 227

Present Weight: 211

Goal Weight: 126

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weight loss: Finding a sustainable food/meal plan. I refuse to say "diet" because that equates to deprivation to me. If I cannot have something, it makes me want it all that much more.

Following any specific plan: Just Joined Weight Watchers today.

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past: I am putting myself out there (in my blog). I am actually making a much more concerted effort - not just going through the motions. I have hit the half century mark. I would like to make it to the Century mark.
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Hi, new here. It's nice to read about all you lovely over 50 ladies. I am 53, currently weigh 230 (I keep writing it down to get it through my head it's real). A year ago I was at 210, recently put on weight but have been in denial! Then disgusted! Now determined! Counting calories right now, adding a little exercise to each day. Found this site doing calorie count searches. Trying to stay positive and not beat myself up while facing up to the facts.
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Height: 5/5


Hi Everyone!
When I titled this "I don't know what I'm doing", I meant as far as navigating the site! I'm at best 'intermediate' level technically advance. So, plz all, bear with me!

I do know WHAT I'm doing by coming here. I'm in big trouble. I lost 52 lb. and hit a brick wall. Yes, that's right I plateaued!! While I realize that weight loss plateaus are inevitable. When I say I plateaued I mean I REALLY PLATEAUED. A year of plateauing!! After an initial 50 lb loss, which literally felt like it fell off. I have been stuck for several months. Bouncing back and forth with a 5 lb loss/gain here and there. But, I cannot get past the 190 mark and stay there. I've joined 3FC in an effort to gain some kind of perspective. To gain insight from others who have faced the same struggle. For me it's ALL about getting rid of my last 25 lb. and maintaining. I don't' need to be super skinny. I'm 65 years young, very happy, stable and content! The only thing making me miserable( and it is destroying my peace, that's why I'm here) is the last 25 lb.
It's not only destroying my peace, it's scaring me. After a round of steroids for my sinuses, I can't gain any semblance of control. AND, I'm binging. I feel as though I'm almost trying to sabotage my own weight loss! So, there you have it that's my with weight loss/gain/ story.

Okay,more about me on a more personal level. I'm 65 years young,very active.I power walk at least 6 days a week for 2 hours a day. Have 2 grown children, have 7 grands, and 3 great grand. I'm in a long-term committed relationship, 23 years, with my soul mate and favorite man in the whole world (why of course ). I'm a Chrisitan, born 2005. I'm a devoted to world peace activist (of sorts)I say 'of sorts' as I'm not really a protester of any kind. So, activist may be a 'stretch'. More of a promoter of peace and love. I'm an admin of a 20,000 members plus Facebook group devoted to promoting peace on every level. World peace, inner peace.

I struggle with some health issues mostly joint issues, arthritis, diabetes Type 2 and I am hypothyroid. I had my thyroid removed in 2009. There is hope of losing weight with hypothyroidism. I have lost 50 lbs. So, for those out there who think there is no hope there is always HOPE! So there you have it! I'm happy to be here. I wish you all well, peace and love, successful weight loss and many happy days! Health and well being!
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