Feed Your Tiger: Asian Diet By Letha Hadady

Author: Letha Hadady
Publisher: Rodale Books (December 12, 2006)

“Feed Your Tiger: The Asian Diet Secret for Permanent Weight Loss and Vibrant Health” by Letha Hadady is a diet book that plans to unlock the secrets of Asian cuisine. The author does not only come up with a diet that will help you to lose weight and maintain it afterwards, but she also makes diet suggestions according to your energy type (so the best results are obtained). In fact, this is the first book ever that connects energy types and weight loss. The natural remedies and techniques presented in this diet book may be inspired from traditional Chinese medicine, but they are also sustained by contemporary scientific research. 

Before getting started with the diet, you need to find out what your energy type is:

  • Tiger
  • Dragon
  • Bear
  • Crane

This can be easily determined by completing a short questionnaire that is available at the beginning of the book. Weight loss is targeted directly by linking the diet to your energy type, so restrictive dietary plans are no longer necessary. Once you find this out, you are able to select the foods that suit you best, along with herbal and nutritional supplements, stretches and massage techniques. 

Contents of the Book

“Feed Your Tiger” contains four parts that stretch over 352 pages. After reading the first part, which also contains the aforementioned questionnaire, you will know what your energy type is. Besides that, Letha Hadady helps you understand the connection between your particular cravings and the most adequate foods, while also emphasizing that saturated fates are unhealthy regardless of your energy type. 

The second part of the book reveals the characteristics of each energy type. By making parallels between the dietary needs of the bear, tiger, dragon and crane, and your cravings, the author manages to create an effective way to lose weight.

Part 3 focuses on losing weight and keeping it off. Besides that, Letha Hadady shows you how to approach weight loss after 40. After this age, getting rid of the extra pounds is more difficult, so any advice is appreciated. 

Part 4 describes the changes that need to occur in your lifestyle so that excessive weight is eliminated and kept away. Eating out is another problem that is analyzed by the author. When confronted with a menu in a restaurant, you should make safe choices as miso soup or other healthy foods of Asian origin. Holiday fitness exercises have their own place in this book. According to the author, physical exercises represent another secret that explains why Asian people are so healthy. 

The Verdict

Since the book describes a new way of approaching weight loss, many of the concepts need to be detailed thoroughly. Letha Hadady does this admirably and leaves few questions unanswered, if any. As a person who oscillates between buying and not buying a certain diet book, you should check the effectiveness of the described weight loss method. In addition, the fact that a certain dietary plan is backed up by scientific proof and by controlled observational studies should also represent a convincing factor. Letha Hadady’s book has all these qualities and in consequence, is recommended to all the people who wish to lose weight in an effective, healthy and innovative way. 


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