263.4 Re Re Again + Fitbit and Lose It: Never Give Gonna Give [me] Up

I’m baaaaack!  It is official.  I am done with WW.  It does not work for me.  I just haven’t followed through on the online version and I am tired of paying for something I don’t use.  I have been good about weighing myself but tracking points… not so good.

Still I refuse to give up.  I must “health” (not going to use that D word) or die trying… literally.  I started using the Lose It app on my iPad last week and just got a Fitbit.  Using the Lose It app was very easy especially scanning the foods I ate.  Restaurant meals are trickier and I think there is more chance to fudge on calories.  Speaking of calories.  I really like the way it uses calories and not “points” which WW seems to change the calculation formula of periodically.  Calories are calories.

I am going to try using the Fitbit to try to increase my mobility.  Bottom line:  6 months of WW vs price of Fitbit.  I am willing to try it since exercise is such a challenge for me and I know that that is my downfall.  I was going to the gym until various life changes threw me off track (or I let them throw me off track).  Bottom line:  not going to stop trying. : D