Deja Vu

Yeah, there is something to knowing that I’ve been here a year. Thought I might go back and read the entry from a year ago and duplicate the day. Might be worth thinking about. Of course, different things are going on this year but I think I’m going to try to go back and redo some of the days from last year. Can’t redo this one because the evening activities are going to be totally different. I have to fix a bunch of stuff for nachos tonight. This month, instead of doing a coffee cake session for teachers, I’m doing a nacho bar. I’ve got tons of stuff to show them. In fact, I might upload the document I’m going to use to this site because the focus this month is on fun but educational sites. Some of them are fantastic.

About those Butt sistahs, or BUTTS (Bountiful, Underactive Teachers Trying to Slimdown), I’m going to take you up on the invitations, Brandi and Sunnie. Lord knows, I could use some encouragement. DH came in from the store last night and brought me a bunch of Russell Stover Easter candy that was reduced. Those yummy cream filled eggs. (maple, cherry, peanut butter, chocolate) This has been a bad week as far as DH goes. I don’t think he’s deliberately sabotaging me. Sometimes, he just doesn’t think. I do feel very much alone in my efforts. The wonderful friends that I worked out with and met monthly for healthy, delicious dinners out are still friends but they don’t want to be so caught up in healthy living these days. That’s just not where they’re at right now.

More later, gotta hit the shower.

Back from the shower and weighing in.  I’m at 184 this morning.  Crap.  That’s still 6.5 pounds less than this day a year ago and I’d already lost almost 15 pounds at that point so I guess you could say I’m ahead of a year ago.  I ate 950 calories for the day and worked out for an hour.  Going to start posting the comparison to this day last year on my daily menu list.  Maybe reading the blogs from a year ago will help.

I made a couple of good decisions.  I’m taking the filled chocolate eggs to school and giving them to some kids.  I’m also supposed to bake Friendship cake today.  A colleague gave me the starter ten days ago and I’ve been smushing it daily and adding stuff to it in preparation for baking the cake today.  I’m not going to do it.  Believe it or not, this is something I’m having trouble dealing with.  It’s a bag full of yeasty mush.  Why am I resisting throwing it out?  Seems like some kind of betrayal or something.  I know my colleague is going to be really anxious to know how the cake turned out and the one she brought to work was delicious.  I think I’ll lie to her and tell her how much we all loved it.  Question is…do I keep the starter or throw it out?

I’m going to try to blog a lot today.  Help me out, chickies!  When I’m blogging, I’m not eating.  Most days, I start out pretty good and fall by the wayside.  Gonna have a strong, disciplined day.

10:40 – One of the sites I’m sharing with teachers tomorrow is www.wordle.net   Wordle is this wonderful little program that creates word clouds like the one I uploaded at the top of the page.  You can type the words directly into wordle.  The more times you type the word, the bigger it will be.  If you want to create phrases, you must insert one of those squiggly little symbols in-between the words.  Like 3~Fat~chicks, for example.  The cool thing I did this morning is to link it to my current page of blogging and let it create the word cloud shown above.  Interesting, don’t you think?  Evidently, the words I’ve used the most in my blogging for the last few days are ‘going’ and ‘year’.  Interesting if you think about the implications.  I must be “going” to do a lot of things and I must have been “going” to do them for the past year.  Link to your own blog and see what kind of cloud you create.

On a good note, I ate my yogurt and gave away all the chocolate Easter candy.  One sweet kiddo dropped off a Hershey kiss for me and I ate it without even thinking but then I caught myself, looked it up and it only has 23 calories so I guess it won’t kill me.  Still…I’m writing it down.  Thanks for all the support, Butts, it means a lot and is helping me climb back on the wagon.

12:30 – Strange…I ate my lunch (a diet entree) and found my mind wandering and rebelling.  Started thinking that I could start dieting tomorrow.  I have to make nachos this evening and I’m really hungry, etc. etc.  Caught myself enough to sit up and take notice.  Where is this stuff coming from?  I went back to last year’s blog and looked at the menu I used for that week.  Decided to make a wonderful salad for dinner.  I’m making out the list right now so I won’t have to go back out and I can eat all I want!


2dogs1lady says 29th April @ 7:23

Smushing cake??? hmmmm good name of a band girl! Butt Smushing Cakes! Hahah
I too start out good in the am Patty but fall to the wayside after that. Although yesterday wasn’t my worst day and I did go down a bit….Your DH sounds like mine in a way. knows you are dieting, but maybe you would like a treat…sometimes they are just “stooopid” but not in a mean way. Just typical boys.
I understand about friends to help do the hourney with as well. It seems easier to do it when you have that motivation & support doesn’t it? One friend was doing Hm as well, she has been much more successful (much less to lose than I) but..well no but..My fault flat out..but I use some of her determination to get my seat back on that wagon..who took my seat anyways? This one doesn’t feel so comfortable right now! Hahaha…too much padding! *oops*

I hope your day goes better Sistah, I am off today so in and out I will be checking to see how you are doing & if i can offer any extra support…YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! every minute not eating what you know you shouldn’t have is a VICTORY!

tjnorth says 29th April @ 7:23

I say – throw it out! I have found that keeping treats in the house for other people does me no favors, and hey, it is not good for them either. Just because they are skinny and/or young doesn’t mean junk food isn’t junk for them too. (I class anything with sugar in it as junk food, including all baked goods.)

Joy says 29th April @ 8:31

Give the starter to someone else (that does not know the person who gave it to you)???
DH sounds like a guy thinking with his gut. Maybe have a heart to heart and tell him you need his help and support in this?
GOOD job taking the chocolates to work and sharing them with some students. You get rid of them and the kids LOVE chocolate. 🙂
Patty thank you for your advice and for sharing with me about your DGS. This is truly a blessing and helpful. Thank you.
You take care, have a wonderful day and be strong! You can do this.

sunnygee says 29th April @ 8:48

THROW THE DARNED THING/MESS OUT!!!! Tell a Lavendar Lie (that’s the kind that doesn’t hurt anyone), and tell her the family loved it. But that you didn’t eat any of it. (THAT part won’t be a lie.) Tell her that it was very thoughtful of her to give it to you, but you are working so hard on your weight loss that you just couldn’t bring yourself to eat it but you appreciate her kindness. That should prevent her from giving you something like that again. Do NOT feel guilty for not baking it. You are protecting your health like you would protect your child’s if something was in harm’s way!

Funny, I didn’t know what the BUTT stands for, but it applies! (on more than one level, LOL) I’m not a teacher now, but I do have my degree in ECE and was a preschool teacher and then director for a number of years before I burned out and left that particular career. So yay me!!! And thank you for letting me join! I’m leaving tonight for 2 days in Vegas, so I won’t be posting again probably until Sat. morning, but I’ll be thinking of you (well, only a tiny bit, but hey-it’s Vegas! LOL)….and trying to mentally egg you on to make the right decisions! Power to the word “no”…! 🙂

~ Sunnie

sunnygee says 29th April @ 8:50

p.s. good job on taking the chocolates to school! And yes, I think DH is kinda sabotaging you, but from the standpoint of a heart of gold and perhaps a tiny bit of fear of losing the “you” that he knows and loves. Might not need to say anything just yet, but if the pattern continues, definitely have a little talk, couched in the kindest of ways. 😉

2dogs1lady says 29th April @ 13:23

i played with that website for almost an hour! It really shows what you are thinking doesn’t it (when you link to your blog)

brseay says 29th April @ 22:06

I’m so excited to be an honorary Butt Sistah! I won’t let you down.

Throw the cake out and if necessary dump a bunch of salt in the bag so you’re not tempted to dig it out later (after all, it’s in a ziploc). When I throw food out I try to remind myself that I’m saving myself countless hours of exercise by that simple act. You are making healthy choices for YOU which is way more important than reporting to someone how good their cake was.

Is 950 calories too low? Just a question.

I’m totally have the feeling that you’re on your way back. You have made the toughest choice which is deciding to start NOW. There will always be another nacho night, another meeting, another tomorrow. You have to decide if you are going to quit letting those things get in your way.

Definitely keep blogging, the constant reminder of healthy eating is helpful for me, too. I also keep books about people who have been successful in their weightloss around as inspiration, plus I subscribe to several health/exercise magazines. It’s hard to veg out in front of the tv w/a bag of chips when “Fitness” magazine is staring at me.

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