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i don’t even know how to title this one, people January 30, 2011

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song of the day: Bruises – Chairlift

I had my neonatal resuscitation (I can spell resuscitation correctly on the first try, but am constantly rechecking each time I write or type “judgment”… and yeah, I spelled it “judgement” back there and had to go fix it- hahahaha) class today, and it was very fun and interesting.  I really like the hands on learning, because I’m great at the application of things.  Give me an oxygen tank and self inflating bags to play with, and I am content.  On the other hand, stick me in a three hour lecture and I begin to fantasize about the gumdrop forest in Candyland about halfway through.  When it rains does all that candy just melt into one big glop?  Does new candy sprout up in the gloppy wake once the storm is over?  Who would ever willingly travel to molasses swamp?  No.  Seriously.  Molasses tastes like butt.  Am I trying to slack the heck off?  Is it my intention upon sitting down in microbiology to fantasize about making out with that hot dude who plays Dexter in the peanut brittle house?  Nah, not so much.

I’ve been taking awesome notes, but sheesh, my poor hand starts to cramp up and spasm two hours in.  It curls up uselessly like a dead spider, and as soon as my pen drops to the desk I enter space cadet land.  Oh, ladies and gentlemen, it is a beautiful place.  And, let me tell you, I don’t even like peanut brittle all that much, but it improves greatly if you make a house out of it in your mind and then make out with good looking fictional characters within the sugar sweet and sickening walls.  Ahhhhhh.

plus equals naughty time!

WHOA!  Wasn’t I saying something about neonatal resuscitation back there?  Do you see what all this schooling is doing to me?  I got just under two hours of sleep last night and my brain is about as useful as a bowl of tapioca.

I liked the woman who taught the class.  She is a superb teacher, and her knowledge extensive.  Her nursing and midwifery background have given her so much experience that she is able to teach a variety of different classes.  I myself intend to teach one day, because I have a knack for it once I have mastered the subject.  I also loved that she addressed some common midwifery related struggles, and was able to commiserate.  One issue that nobody gets is the fact that we have to work long hours at the clinic for no pay, be on call for no pay, and still go to school and do well.  And then people have the cajones to ask why you can’t make more money or try to work more!  BAH!!!!!  And then other people think we are inexperienced and have no training, and all births should be at the hospital.  Le sigh.

Weigh in day is tomorrow, gang, so don’t make me hunt you down.  I’ll send Lord Licorice after your chunky ass, and he’ll learn you good.

“Send Didi your weigh-in or i’ll make you eat black licorice until you fucking puke!”


8 Responses to “i don’t even know how to title this one, people”

  1. angela Says:

    oops forgot to tell you my goal…it’s 142!

  2. jitterfish Says:

    I’m excited for you becoming a midwife, I thought about it after I had my first child. I figure if I ever wanted a career change that is probably what I would do.

    My weigh in is: 106 (and I’m praising the the weight loss gods 😉 )

  3. garnetrising Says:

    Um. Yeah. So considering how much I DON’T like black licorice, that wouldn’t take long, Lord. Which kind of makes it an empty threat, given the ‘until you puke’ part. SO THERE.

    But I will still giveth M’Lady Didi my weigh-in tomorrow morning. As in after I go to bed and wake back up again morning.

  4. pepagirl Says:

    I’m going to go ahead and weigh in tonight b/c I have so much to do tomorrow I DK if I’ll be online or not. CW: 171.2

  5. garnetrising Says:

    238.6. Sigh. Not as low as I would like but it’s down from where I was and that’s better than staying the same, or worse gaining. Here’s to hoping next week looks better.

  6. aniitamargarita Says:

    Hi Didi – my current weight is 255 last sunday it was 259. My goal this week is 5 lbs.

  7. jelbelle Says:

    My weigh in magically appeared on the page :3 gosh I love it when that happens!

  8. goodnuff Says:

    I love peanut brittle, Dexter, and black licorice and my weigh-in was 299.4.
    I’m excited that you know exactly what you want to do.that’s a pretty precious gift to give yourself…a career that you really dig!

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