Food diary days 3 & 4

July 16th – 1,660 calories

Breakfast – iced white chocolate mocha coffee

Lunch – chicken salad mixed with shredded lettuce and homemade dressing

Dinner – chicken nuggets, 2 slices bread, mayo

Snacks – laughing cow cheese, starbursts, a few dark chocolate dove pieces

July 17th – 1,500 calories minus around 200 kcal for running/walking for 30 minutes

Breakfast – Protein shake

Lunch – Chicken wrap, green beans

Dinner – Small salad, 2 slices pizza

Snacks – Lemon ice chiller

I think I did better on July 17th as far as snacking goes. One bad thing about my in laws being in town is that we keep having candy in the house. Other than that, I think we’ve done a little better since they have been here. We haven’t eaten out or bought any fast food like we did in the past when they would visit. With the exception of ordering a take home and bake pizza last night. Also, me & the hubby were able to go for a run last night. That was much needed! I feel a little sore this morning since I am completely out of shape, but nothing too bad. We did the C25K week 3.

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