2 Risks of the British Heart Foundation Diet

The British Heart Foundation diet, also known as the Greenlane diet, is a 3 day fad diet that makes outrageous claims of losing 10 pounds in just 3 days. It is neither sponsored nor recommended by the British Heart Foundation. Diets such as this that makes restrictions on what you can and can’t eat always comes with certain risks or side effects. The following are just a few of the risks associated with the British Heart Foundation diet.

Risk #1: Weight Loss Is Misleading

The claims that you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days may actually be true. However, this can be misleading to uniformed dieters. Truth be told, it is quite impossible to lose 10 pounds of fat in that short a time. Most weight loss on the British Heart Foundation diet is loss of water, not fat. However, when a dieter loses weight successfully on this plan, it can make her think that it is an effective weight loss method. This could lead to a number of different results.

First, a dieter may remain on this diet for longer than 3 days. This diet contains too few calories and nutrients that the body needs, and long term use of it will lead to numerous health problems down the road. Furthermore, remaining on this diet can actually lead to weight gain over time and slowing down of the metabolism. See further risks for more information about these conditions.

Secondly, a dieter who successfully loses the weight from this diet will not learn proper long term weight loss strategies that will help her be successful at losing weight and keeping it off. She will learn quickly that once she is off the diet, she will most likely regain the weight. This leads to discouragement and giving up or causing the dieter to seek even more extreme weight loss programs.

Risk #2: Damage to Metabolism

The British Heart Foundation is a very low calorie diet that consists of around 700 calories each day. Whenever the body is subjected to a diet of less then 1200 calories a day, it enters starvation mode and does whatever it needs to do to survive. This involves slowing down the metabolism and hording extra fat. By doing so, the body cannibalizes muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat and hordes any calories it can as fat cells. It will hold onto those fat cells for as long as it can.

By slowing down the dieter’s metabolism, the body will end up gaining extra weight from the fat it has stored. This causes further health problems related to obesity, including heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, the damage to the metabolism makes it harder for the dieter to lose weight in the future! This slow down of the metabolism continues even after the dieter is no longer on the diet. It will take months or years of training to teach the body to increase its metabolism.

Fad diets such as the British Heart Foundation diet are dangerous. It is important to educate yourself before beginning any weight loss program. Successful long term weight loss can only be achieved through balanced dieting and plenty of physical activity and exercise.


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