The Plan.

August 7th, 2011

I recently started intermittent fasting (IF). From what I understand there are basics to follow but there is really no right or wrong way to IF. I researched it a little and decided what was best for me.

I fast for 16 hours (8pm – noon) and have an eating window for 8 hours (noon – 8pm). During the fast, I drink lots of water and have a few cups of coffee. Since I’m used to eating something before noon, I’ll drink an Atkins shake (160 cal, 15g protein, 2g carb) at about 10 am until my body and mind get used to the new way of eating. Even though this goes against true IF “rules” of having 50 calories or less during fasting time, I feel it’s necessary for my success. During the eating window I try to eat high protein low carb food while also watching calories. Since carbs are my true downfall, I track them carefully and just keep an eye on the calories, keeping them somewhere between 2000-2500 since I’m nursing. But if I want something like cake I’ll eat a small piece. That way I do not set myself up for failure and inevitably binge on junk food just because I’m not supposed to eat it. So far it seems to be fairly easy for me, which is a nice change. I find myself eating less and feeling full for longer.

This is the beginning of a long journey for me. I’m trying to change 34 years of really bad habits.

So here we go.


August 4th, 2011

So the only weight loss goal I’ve ever set for myself was 175 lbs. It’s nowhere near what I’m “supposed” to weigh (128 lbs) but it was reasonable to me. Reachable. Then I could move onto the next goal. I’m definitely having trouble reaching that first goal, so I set mini goals for myself.

Starting weight – 219 lbs, Current weight – 209 lbs (I had reached 203 then gained back 6 lbs!)

Goal #1 – Reach 210 lbs – completed in June 2011 (after giving birth to baby #2 in May 2011)

Goal #2 – Reach 199 lbs – target date 10/31/2011 (to be out of the 200’s would be amazing)

Goal #3 – Reach 189 lbs – target date 12/31/2011

So at roughly 5 lbs a month, I feel this is reasonable goals. Since the recommended loss is 2 lbs per month, I will work on it in August and see how my body reacts and adjust accordinly. I feel my best results will be after my 5 year old returns to school in the middle of the month, as I will have more time and plan to start walking every morning!

Talk, talk, talk. That’s all this is until I put it into action.

Wish me luck!


Beginning again.

August 2nd, 2011

Hello there and thank you for stopping by.

I just recently had my second child. With that, I only gained 10 lbs as opposed to the 28 lb gain with my first child. After #2, the pounds seemed to melt away (thank you, breastfeeding). Then came the plateau. I got down to 203 lbs…the lowest I’ve weighed in 7 years (I weighed 195ish). The weight loss stopped for weeks then the pounds slowly started creeping back on..which certainly had nothing to do with my pastry craving! Red velvet donuts are evil. Sweet, sweet evil.

Anywho, I decided that I did not want to let those creeping pounds take over my life. Again. So I’m doing something about it! I am very hopeful that with Zumba, Weight Watchers and 3FC support will give me the strength to do it this time!