I have a doctor’s appointment at 1:00 and I’ve procrastinated in filling out the three page medical history until now.  I hate these things.  Do you really need to know my husband’s date of birth and social security number?  Really?  And my father’s medical history and every surgery I’ve had since the day I was born?  And then, you want me there fifteen minutes before my appointed time so you can have me wait an hour before I get called back?

Can you tell I don’t want to go?

I’d rather stay here and clean out more cabinets or closets or something.

I cleaned out the kitchen pantry yesterday.  A cramped and crowded area with the water heater taking up half the space and four shelves full of food that tower three feet over my head and extend back three feet.  It’s so frustrating trying to do anything in there.  I had a brainstorm!  I moved a cabinet full of pots and pans into the pantry with all the stuff I rarely use onto the top shelf and way in the back.  All that special stuff like springform pans and bundt pans and muffin tins.  Then I moved a bunch of canned goods into the cabinet that used to house the pots and pans.  Hope that works better.  At least I can see everything now.  It was pretty bad.  Dusty cans of stuff in the very back of the pantry that I couldn’t see or reach without a step ladder.  You don’t even want to know about the expiration dates….

Okay, I’ve procrastinated enough.  Let me finish filling out these forms.



laura705 says 25th June @ 11:33

Hope the appointment goes well today and waiting is minimal.

I recently reshifted a bunch of items in my kitchen to make room in the pantry. Several seldom-used appliances went to a shelf in the basement, and other infrequently used items moved to upper cabinet shelves, and a few items even got selected for sale or donation. It was a satisfying project!

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