Down and Up

So on Friday, the day of the wedding, I was a shocking 171.4 lbs.  I went to the wedding wearing the outfit I wanted to wear and I looked pretty damn good.  Then in my typical self-sabotage way, I gained back the weight and then some.  I’m delaying my weigh in for a day just […]

Spring Focus – Late Week 2 Report

The final number for week 2 was 173.6, a gain for the week.  I weighed the same thing today too. Food has been challenging, exercise has been challenging.  I’m not motivated or committed to losing weight, and I just can’t find that drive that I used to have. I’m trying at the minimum just to […]

Friday Update

Well this week has been weird.  I saw briefly a 171.0 flash across my scale.  But, unfortunately things have not been as good after that.  Today I weighed in at 173.6.. how? I have no idea, well I do have some idea.. but either way I am determined to get lower than my last weigh […]

Spring Focus – Week 1 Report

Previous weight – 174.6 lbs Sunday’s weight – 172.6 lbs (I forgot to weigh in yesterday) Total Loss – 2 lbs Overall the week went fairly well with respect to food. I limited my portions and for the most part ate healthy, except for the indulgence of chocolate from time to time to help with […]