I have not much felt like writing these last few days. I have not been cheating. Not exercising either. I don’t seem to be able to get enthusiasm to do anything actually. Even compliments are no longer making much of a difference to me. I am hoping that this is just a short phase. Maybe its the onset of pms. I need to feel the need to lose weight. Or else, I will give up on this whole thing very soon. I didn’t even weigh myself in the last couple of days. Imagine that! Yesterday, a male colleague commented saying ‘Are you wearing jeans or pyjamas’. Ordinarily I would have been thrilled at that backhanded compliment. My tight jeans have become so loose that they look like pyjamas. That should have made me thrilled. Whereas, I was like ‘whatever’. I need to snap out of this indifference soon. Very soon.

I’m not going to add my today’s reason for weight loss, as it would be insincere.