Hello world.  I am starting diet number 393.  Not really.  Maybe.  I have never counted, but unfortuantanly my guess is probably closer than I want it to be.   As a first time blogger, I am motivated by motivation.  I like many people hope that by communicating my journey that I will achieve my goal of losing 50 pounds and keeping it off.  New me – new day!

On June 1, I visited the Sadkhin Complex center in Dallas.  I weighed 193 lbs. I scheduled my follow-up appt for June 11.  I was told that if I follow the diet I can expect to see a weight loss of 9-19 lbs.

Today, June 2, I started the program.  My first day has been a challenge.  Especially since I am a snacker.  I also had to ask my husband to leave the room since he was eating left over ribs, chicken and hot dogs from our Memorial Day BBQ. I ate cherries, oranges and carrots and drank about 5 glasses of tea with honey.  As for circulating my spheres, I keep missing the time by 20-30 mins, but I do it any way.

All  feedback is welcome.