I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Saying “no” feels good!

Sunnygee posted about saying “no” to some pretty big temptations & I was thinking about what I said “no” to & felt good about lately.

Here’s what I’ve come up with, but maybe I want to make this a separate page & add to it daily/weekly:

  • I said no to wimping out on the walk home & calling hubby to pick me up.
  • I said no when a friend asked me if I wanted a drink last night & drank 3 pints of water instead.
  • I said no when that same friend asked me if I wanted a bowl of ice cream.

Of course, this blog should be about saying “yes” to good things like healthy food, water, exercise, & emotional support from other bloggers, but I had a good time with my NOs yesterday: they made me feel in control.

Plan today: breakfast of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, salad for lunch, walk into & out of town, write, clean house for our dinner party tonight, try to convince hubby to try making one pizza with a whole wheat crust for the party, eat mostly salad & enjoy (rather than gorge on) one slice of pizza, drink water.

Update & THANKS for all the encouragement ya’ll! Well, since we’re having company for dinner, I’m in the same boat as getupnow, thinking about cleaning. So rather than walk to the coffeeshop (get all sweaty & tired & end up rushing through cleaning & dinner prep), I dragged hubby away from the computer & dog out of his nap & we went for a walk along the canal. My plan was to get us at least 30 minutes away from the car for a full hour long walk (and one gold star), but we managed 45 minutes up & 40 back (quicker cause the rain inspired us to move a bit faster & take the shorter routes).

Got home & read some. Then hubby brought in the mail, including my test results. My TSH is at 3.32, which, according to the newest standards, makes me hypothyroid…not by a huge amount, but enough when combined with my symptoms to suggest I probably need the T3 & T4 tests and some meds. Of course, no news from my doctor who is probably using the outdated norms & assumes I’m just making all this misery up. I’ll call his office tomorrow to see about a follow-up, but I may end up saying “NO!” to this doctor if he doesn’t help! In other news, my cholesterol is up 5 points to 225, HDL is excellent at 64, LDL is “borderline” at 131, and Triglycerides are just a wee bit better than normal at 149. I’d like to get my cholesterol down to about 200, but that would require one of those incredible getupnow acts of super-human will & I’m more inclined to nap at the moment.

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sunnygee Says:

Nuthin’ wrong with celebrating the “no’s”…!!! 🙂 VERY good job at it, I might add! :: thumbs up :: And planning is uber important too; your plans for tonight sound perfect! And guess what, I learned from experience last week that having one slice of pizza makes that one slice sooooooooo delicious!!!! Enjoy!!! 🙂

mango Says:

Way to go! It’s a good idea – I think working on saying no would help us all out, good job!


Mango x

getupnow Says:

No has been my weakness when it comes to food. I am totally on the exercise thing. If I could have said no to snacking for the past month, I would have made soooo much progress. 🙄

Glad you are back! I hope you can find the eating plan that works for you. I imagine it is hard at first, but if it does start making you feel better it will get a lot easier. Good luck!

brseay Says:

By saying “no” to the drink you said “yes” to the water. By saying “no” to the ice cream you said “yes” to lowering those cholesterol numbers. And by saying “no” to the ride home you said “yes” to a stronger heart, more muscular legs and smaller waist.

getupnow Says:

LOL! Acts of super-human. You crack me up. 😀

Getting a dr. to diagnose thyroid is like pullin’ chickens’ teeth. I hope you get accurate results and your doctor gets you all fixed up. 🙂 I know it made a huge difference to my sister. Her main issue was crazy fatigue.

eileen2blean Says:

I *love* the concept of celebrating no’s!!! Like brseay demonstrated, it’s not actually negative at all!

eileen2blean Says:

Oh yeah, and I cracked up when I saw “gold star” LOL!! And thanks for the link!!!


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