What Makeup Products are Worth a Higher Price Tag?

Women spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on makeup every year. And while a lot of this money goes to high-end products, just as much seems to go to “drug store” brands. How do you know where (and on what) you should spend your money? This guide will tell you what types of makeup you should splurge on, and what products you can get for a steal.


Most women use foundation as a regular part of their makeup routine, and for good reason. When the right type of foundation is used (and applied properly) foundation can be effective in hiding worry lines, age spots, and other skin blemishes. Since foundations do create the, well, foundation for the rest of your makeup, it is essential that you choose an effective, high quality product. While good foundations can be pricey, they are also the best at doing what they are supposed to do–and last the longest. Lower quality, cheaper foundations not only will provide less wear, but they often sink into lines and wrinkles, emphasizing these trouble spots and making you look older than you actually are. Ditch the cheap foundation and splurge on an effective product. It is guaranteed to make the rest of your makeup look even better!

Under Eye Concealer

Under eye concealer is another product that you can spend a little more money on. When used properly, under eye concealer can be extremely effective at masking puffiness, dark under eye circles, and even yellow skin around the eyes. Higher quality concealers contain compounds that will last all day, and are also better at holding the makeup that is applied on top of the concealer. Cheap concealers can cause eyeshadow, bronzer, and other make up to flake and sink into the fine lines and wrinkles that you are trying to hide.


Lipstick is in a way similar to foundation–in most cases it is the first layer of makeup to touch your skin. Like foundation, you must, therefore, have a type of lipstick that contains the right properties that will allow it to stick to your lips during a variety of conditions–including through eating meals, drinking liquids, or other activities of the day. Choose a higher quality lipstick in order to get all-day color. Lower quality lip shades can disappear from your lips as you eat and drink throughout the day, which means that they need to be constantly reapplied. So, in the long-run, cheaper lipsticks can cost you even more money!


The effectiveness of mascara depends more on the user than on the actual makeup itself. In order to achieve optimal results, apply a light coat of mascara and hold the wand at the end of the lash while at the same time pressing the lash slightly back towards the eyelid. Mascara is in a way like hairspray, and by doing this you’ll make a bit of a curl in the lash. Hold the wand for a few seconds and apply another light coat. Voila!


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