What Ingredients Are in Frozen Yogurt?

For many dieters, frozen yogurt is a healthy way to treat themselves to a cooling and refreshing dessert, while keeping away the sugar and calories of regular ice cream. Frozen yogurt was introduced by Nero, when he was treated to the exotic juices of fruits and wines mixed with mountain snow. In the thirteenth century, it was brought to Italy by Marco Polo. After many centuries of improvement, the frozen yogurt that’s known today came into existence, which was put on shelves in 1970. It is widely enjoyed for many different reasons, including its lower fat rate than regular ice cream.

The Production of Frozen Yogurt

Every brand that sells frozen yogurt makes their product differently, but the most common frozen yogurt blend is yogurt cultures, sweetener, corn syrup, milk solids, gelatin, flavoring and coloring to finish it off. The one-of-a-kind flavor found in frozen yogurt comes from the strains of lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilous, though the bacteria only makes up about one percent of the ingredients in the tasty dessert. Ice cream is made from the same kindred ingredients as frozen yogurt, though ice cream does not contain the same bacteria cultures.


The main ingredient in frozen yogurt is milk, as well as milk bi-products. Milk solids (MSNF) make up anywhere between 8-14% of the ingredients in frozen yogurt. Around 55% of MSNF is made of milk sugar, otherwise known as lactose. 8% are various minerals, and the last 37% are proteins.

The proteins in frozen yogurt heighten the desserts’ viscosity, smoothness and the compactness of the frozen dessert, as well as make it less likely to melt. Between 0.5-6% of the ingredients in frozen yogurt are milk fat, though it depends on whether the frozen yogurt is non-fat, low-fat or regular. This ingredient has the role of giving the dessert added richness, and it enhances the other flavors of the other ingredients.

Sugars and Frozen Yogurt

When looking at the ingredient list of your favorite average brand of frozen yogurt, you will find that it carries 15-17% of its bulk in sugar. Usually the top sweetener is sucrose, which comes in a few different forms depending on the brand. You can usually find it in the form of beet or cane sugars. Often times, the companies that create the frozen treat prefer to mix and combine different sweeteners to give their brand a more unique and sweet flavor. Not only does this sweet substance add to the flavor of the dessert, but it also does more to improve the treat. It adds body and thickness, as well as adding to the convergence of total solids.

If you are looking for an exact copy of what is in your favorite frozen dessert, then the only real way to find out exactly what is in it is to check the container. Every company that produces this sweet treat makes their own recipe, making it different from all the rest.


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