The Importance Of Physical Fitness In Your Life

As J.F. Kennedy rightly said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” This statement clearly shows us the importance of physical fitness. However, if in the past you have been maintaining a sedentary lifestyle (and maintain unhealthy eating habits), you are doing injustice to yourself. Therefore, to keep yourself physically fit, you not only need to have a proper diet, but follow a proper exercise regimen too.   

What is Physical Fitness?

So what is physical fitness?  Well, it is a state or condition in which both your body and your mind are healthy and physically sound (by taking in proper nutrition and maintaining a good workout schedule). It is not necessary for a person who is physically fit to have a lean body, that can be achieved by maximum calories burned. Rather, they should have strong body endurance, along with good muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It is also important to remember that a physically fit body is generally accompanied with a happy and satisfied state of mind.

Importance of Physical Fitness

Gone are the days when physical exercises were meant for people serving in the armed forces (or those having physically demanding jobs). These days, a physically fit body, free from aliments of any kind, is believed to be one of the most important assets that a human being can possess. The importance of physical fitness and exercise, customized to the specific requirements of both young and old, has led to the popularity and use of exercise equipment. The easy access to gyms and fitness centers further highlights the importance of physical fitness. This has resulted in people leading longer and healthier lives, that their predecessors could not have dreamed of. 

Advantages of Being Physically Fit

Physical fitness not only improves our quality of life, but also helps us in the long run. It increases cardiovascular fitness and body endurance. Regular exercise can also help increase the strength of your heart.

What’s more, being physically fit also increases blood circulation and helps it to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues. This not only helps the muscles increase your overall body strength, but increases its ability to exert force and sustain contractions.

Physical fitness makes your joints and body more flexible, and regular exercise results in a decrease of body fat. It increases lean body mass, resulting in a balanced and healthy body composition.

Never negate the importance of physical fitness, and work towards achieving a healthy disease-free body!


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  • Dr OLAITAN, O. ‘Lanre

    Fitness is no doubt the only way out from illness, sickness, stress, and problems affecting one’s health. It improves the agility, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, etc.
    Fitness even improves reproductive health status of people, so keep fit, trim and healthy now and always.
    Dr O. ‘Lanre OLAITAN

  • exerciseab

    Can anyone else suggest other related topics that can I can search for to find out more information?

  • cody

    being healthy means physical fitness has to be involved in your daily life, it just keeps on giving 🙂