The Best Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are an extremely popular addition to many fitness fans’ workout regimes. At many gyms, classes are free with your membership. There are also many options offered through your local community center or adult school. Group fitness offers the camraderie of team sports, without the commitment (or skill) of being on a team (not to mention the plethora of classes to suit any level or interest). There are high energy classes, mindfully relaxing classes, and unique classes that challenge you for the entire time. Choose a class that appeals to you, and you will find that the instructor can tailor it to your fitness level.

These classes burn calories and fat at warp speed, and get you sweating before you even finish the warm up.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing offers a mix of dance, martial arts and bodyweight resistance that keeps your muscles guessing and your heart pumping. This class pushes you to your limit while promising total-body toning and serious fat torching.

Spin / Cycle

Indoor Cycling is extremely popular thanks to the profuse sweating and major fat burn. This challenging class, upbeat music and its motivating instructors break up the monotony of sitting on the bike in the cardio room, while getting members going with a non-existent learning curve. Just get on the bike and get pedaling!


Yoga is offered at gyms everywhere and at studios in every city.  Bikram, Ashtanga, or Vinyasa, there are classes to suit every fitness level and preference, from easy and low impact to sweat-inducing.


Borderline yoga-esque, pilates challenges muscles, while increasing body awareness and toning muscles in a low-intensity workout.  Try mat-based pilates classes or pilates classes that use machines to sculpt your body and tone long and lean ballet-style muscles.


Follow the latin dance craze to the group fitness room at your gym for some Zumba fitness.  Shake your booty to latin rythms while you sizzle calories and have a lot of fun.  Zumba combines Latin and Afro-Caribbean beats to keep the party going for the whole hour.

Lift Classes

These weight training based group fitness classes incorporate weight lifting and short cardio bursts to keep your heart rate high, and your calorie burn at its max. Taking this class is like having a trainer for the group, as the instructor assists with form, pushes your ability, and encourages you to do more.

Boot Camp

Calisthenics, light weights and a motivating attitude are trademarks of boot camp classes. Instructors push you as you work your entire body through these challenging workouts, learning as you go, and tailoring fitness to your ability level. Even the most advanced exerciser will find boot camp tough, so throw your sweat on the floor for this one!

Whatever the group fitness class you choose, expect a challenge, both mentally and physically as you start the new material.  You can also expect quick results, sore muscles and feeling like you belong after just a few classes! Say bye-bye to burnout, and choose a new class every once in a while to change things up and work different muscles.


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