The 4 Healthiest Alcohol Drinks

When you are watching your weight, there will be times when a special occasion might call for alcohol. It might be a wedding, birthday party, or just girls’ night out on the town. But no matter what, you will be tempted to indulge in some high-calorie beverages. Take for example a classic glass of rum and Coke.  When made with Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Coca Cola Classic, this drink features an average of 215 calories. Just three of these pack enough calories for an entire meal. If you think that’s bad, a Long Island Ice Tea can have as much as 780 calories. 

It’s clear that one little drink can upset that careful diet plan you have worked so hard to maintain. An obvious choice for a night out on the town would be one of several ultra light beers available on the market. Typically these low calorie beers feature the caloric intake in the name, making it very simple for you to assess and track consumption.  Some popular favorites include Miller Genuine Draft 64, Budweiser Select 55 and Michelob Ultra Light with 95 calories. These are obviously some excellent low calorie options on the drink menu, but what is a girl to do if she wants something with a little more sass and class than ultra light beer? Here are 4 of the healthiest alcoholic drinks you can select to maximize fun and minimize calories:

Straight Liquor

One of the dangers of consuming alcoholic drinks is the sweet mixers that are used to make them palatable. Whether you choose drinks mixed with sodas, fruit juices or wacky combinations of the two, the mixers make the calorie count skyrocket. Go back to basics and try drinking your favorite liquors straight, on the rocks or with a splash of water. 

Gin and Vodka Tonics  

Clear hard alcohols have the fewest calories in them. Good examples include gin and vodka. Try mixing these clear hard alcohols with other clear liquids such as plain soda water or any diet lemon lime soda. Depending on the type of gin or vodka, you are looking at 65-80 calories per drink.

Bloody Mary 

A Bloody Mary packs a lot of punch. It’s full of rich tomato juice, featuring a variety of health benefits. The tasty celery stick that comes along with it can help with vegetable intake and helps to curb the snacking temptation.  Ask the bartender to hold the salt if you are watching your sodium intake too. Depending on the type of mix, expect to take in about 125-140 calories. 

Wine Spritzer 

If you are looking for a classier low calorie drink, then a white wine spritzer is the way to go. This classy drink is a combination of your favorite white wine topped off with a dash of club soda. At approximately 80 calories, it looks good in a glass and satisfies your taste buds. 



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