Squeezing in a 15 Minute Workout during Lunch

With the busy schedules everyone faces these days, a large number of people have simply given up on fitness because they do not have a block of 30 to 60 minutes to spend working out. However, with creativity, it is possible to squeeze in a quick but effective 15 minute workout during lunch.

Many people who fit a workout into their workday find that the remainder of their day goes much better. Instead of feeling tired after lunch, they find that they feel more alert and have more energy to face the rest of their workday. There are several easy 15 minute workouts that you can do at your workplace, without special equipment or expense.

Brisk Walking

If you have the advantage of working in an office that has sidewalks or large parking lots outside, use it to your benefit. Get up, go out, and take a nice 15 minute walk. Use the first few minutes to transition up to a brisk pace and get your heart rate up. Remember to use the last few minutes as a cool-down period, so that your heart rate can slowly return to normal.

Stair Workout

If you happen to work in a multi-level office, you can hit the stairs for a 15 minute workout. You could simply go up and down the stairs for 15 minutes, but that could become boring. Instead, try mixing it up a little with some different moves. Do as many sets of each exercise as you can fit into 15 minutes.

You can work the sides of your thighs by moving in a sideways motion up the stairs, such as with side squats. To do this exercise, you simply stand at the bottom of the stairs, with your body turned to the side. You step up with one leg, squat down, then stand up and step up with the other leg. The move can be made a little more challenging by skipping one or more steps with each squat. Repeat the squats to the top of the stairs, and then walk back down.

You can also try doing some stair lunges to work the muscles of your thighs and buttocks. Stand at the bottom of the stairs as if you were going to climb them normally. Put your right leg on the second or third step up, depending on how long your leg is. Before you raise your left leg up, go down into a deep lunge, and then step up onto the step. Repeat the lunges to the top of the stairs, and then walk back down.

Office Workout

If you are confined to the indoors, and you do not have access to stairs, you can still fit in a 15 minute workout. You can do squats, lunges, toe raises, wall pushups, or any other exercises that use your body weight as resistance. This eliminates the need for weights of any kind, but still gives you some strengthening and toning action. Make sure to do some light stretches afterwards to help prevent muscle soreness and to loosen you up to face the rest of the day.


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