Kashi GoLEAN

The Kashi GoLEAN plan is based on Kashi brand products. Kashi makes cereals and snacks that are whole grained, all natural, low in fat and high in fiber. We consider this as a Commercial Diet Program because the plan requires continuous purchase of their products for the duration of your diet.


* Breakfast: Have one serving Kashi GoLEAN or GoLEAN Crunch! cereal.
* Lunch: Have either a GoLEAN Powdered Shake or a GoLEAN Ready-to-Drink Shake.
* Snack: Have a GoLEAN Bar. (available in a variety of delicious flavors)
* Dinner: Have a healthy and nutritious meal of your choice.

Kashi GoLEAN products are available on their website but are also available at most supermarkets.

From their website:
High Fiber: Fills you up so you stay satisfied throughout the day. May reduce absorption of some types of fat. Contributes to regularity and a healthy digestive tract. High Protein: Whey and soy are low fat protein source to preserve lean muscle. Taste: The GoLEAN products taste so great, you’ll be more likely to stick with the plan. Variety: With 2 different GoLEAN Cereals, 4 GoLEAN Shakes (2 powder, 2 ready-to- drink), and 6 flavors of GoLEAN Bars, you?ll never get bored. Flexibility: All the GoLEAN Products are interchangeable, allowing you maximum flexibility to make the system fit into your busy schedule. Safety: The GoLEAN System does not promise unbelievable or overnight success. The System is designed to help you safely and naturally take off your excess weight – and keep it off for good. (Weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is considered safe weight loss) Natural: The GoLEAN System is free of white sugar, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and artificial ingredients found in traditional weight loss systems.


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