Is Mat or Equipment Pilates Core Training Best?

Pilates core training is a popular fitness exercise system that was created by Joseph Pilates in Germany in the early twentieth century. Today, the training is very popular. The program incorporates proper alignment, breathing, centering, concentration and flowing movements into an overall training that really gets the body into proper shape. Many classes encourage students to develop mind and body awareness through the exercise program.

Which Pilates Training Is Best?

Pilates basically breaks down into two parts, mat training and equipment training.  Both types are integrated into the main program and compliment each other.  The mat training focuses on strengthening the core muscles.  The equipment training focuses on an overall body workout.

Mat training is¬†a routine of exercises¬†that¬†are completed on the floor.¬† This system uses gravity and body weight to create resistance. The exercises target the core muscles of the stomach and back. This type of Pilate’s helps the core become stronger, which in turns improves posture, balance and a person’s coordination. These classes are inexpensive and the only piece of equipment the person will need is a mat for the floor.

Equipment training is completing an exercise routine with the assistance of exercise equipment. There is specific equipment a user will exercise with. Some of the equipment is more advanced than others. The Reformer is a popular and multipurpose piece that many beginners use. A person can achieve a total body workout with this one piece of equipment. Many exercises can be completed on it. This piece of equipment uses arm and leg pulleys, as well as a sliding carriage. Equipment training provides the user with an overall total body workout. A person can find many gyms and fitness centers that offer use of this equipment.

Which Program Is Best?

The best Pilates workout needs to be decided by the individual.¬† The individual needs to set fitness goals. They can decide on these by themselves or with the help of a trainer. Once goals are determined, then the person can decide which type of Pilates training is best for them. Mat training is versatile in that a person can do the exercises at home or at the gym. It is also inexpensive. However, this training is typically¬†more for a¬†person’s core¬†muscles.¬†¬†Equipment training is more of a total body workout. A person can work their arms and legs, as well as their core.¬† A drawback to this type of training is the expense of the equipment. Typically, a person will need to join a fitness center or gym to have access to the equipment so they can exercise.

Whether a person chooses a mat or equipment, Pilates is a great way to get into shape, and it will strengthen a person’s mind, as well as their body.


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